Can we make a difference?


Can we reverse the damage that is being done to our society, to the environment and to the social fabric?

Is there hope for the future in this era of climate chaos, dwindling resources and social problems?

Yes, provided we work for change. It has to begin within us.

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Anthony Tan

Did you people watch TV3 Midnight English News? I am surprise they showed a clip on the PM and his UmNO buddies going for the Umrah (I wonder for what?), with Hishamuddin, Tok Pah, Pahang MB, Melaka CM etc etc. Are they there to ask for forgiveness for their wrong doing at this time? Latest crisis expected to be brewing, US travel advisory on Sabah possible attack by terrorists by Abu Sayeb muslim group which is going to keep the police busy. Last week Friday, it was the ALLAH thing, this week Friday, terrorist threat, so what is coming up… Read more »


Good one, Anil. We’re going through the birth pangs of a new heaven and a new earth!


Earth will take the heat The way it is done and more The World leaders talk and talk In the end it is just talking……… The ravages of our greeds The taking more than giving Everything as in Nature Man will grieve of his folly The changing through walking with God It is here the reversal could be achieved God words had spoken thousands of years The way it should be; the way it will be done We feel the heat; we will feel the burning Sun Until we realize that then changes will come We don’t have the power… Read more »


Picked by the American Association for Retired Persons as a runner-up in a recent video competition. I don’t think a difference can be made by anyone who conflates climate change with social change. In the future we’re going to stop destroying rainforests and never get divorced? o_O


The root of the problem is just a few corrupt (people) who started all this Allah issue. Do you think that (they) give a damn whether the non-Muslims will be allowed to utter the word Allah or be printed in some religious newspapers? This issue arises because (there are people who) want to divert their scandals into this Allah issue thus we can forget about all their scandals which are online. Now we are falling into their trick involving mainly on this Allah issue. The petrol bombing of churches made sure that this is sue is being kept alive and… Read more »


Sunshine, (Some of the ones) who supposedly championed the cause of (their religion) are the biggest culprits, breaking every rules of the religion. From gambling, womanizing, consumption of alcohol, everything, you name it, they are there. They are the biggest crooks in every sense of the word. Look at the gaming outlets today, the majority of gamblers are supposedly Chinese, but just visit and observe and conduct a census (and see who makes up the majority). If they are … strict followers… ban gambling like what Tok Guru did in Kelantan. It will do every household good, it will pour… Read more »


Regarding the running of social fabric to mend , Anil, read this article:–no-more-compromises–ronnie-klassen

Sabahans are fed up.

Yes, the selalu chin chai brothers and sisters from Sabah are also fed up liao.


What about our future generations? Not forgetting our current ones too….

They “ARE” watching us , you know! It’s all over the media, world wide…
What’s the point of having Moral studies in schools when it’s not being “practiced”?????

U tell me…


Moral studies are only for the non – Muslims.


Can we reverse the damage that is being done to our society, to the environment and to the social fabric? [Anil] The reversing part sounded so absolute. For the first part i.e. society, the bad will continue to exist but it is a necessary evil to be the catalyst of a desired change. The environment? We can but we will never. “We” is too collective and whenever it is collective, there are compromises and without the other, there will be no changes. Agree? That is why there’s no consensus for the Climate Change Forum in Copenhagen and what’s worse, the… Read more »


In nomine patri et filli et spiritus sancti.

All bad things must come to an end.

Keep fighting the good fight brother.

Gerakan K


I wonder how long can you write like this. I predict at most you can maintain like that no longer than 1 month–A repetitive parrot that always bad mouthing BN regardless of any issue.


Hey! Now, the East Malaysian Christians can now use Allah! What a joke? Is there really an issue in the first place? They are creating something out of nothing and it smacked right back to their face and just watch the tune they are going to harp on next. Do we really have a future with these so called, “leaders” Dumped by the Malays who could see the real motive for the Allah issue, they are now doing everything possible in damage control mode. And oh yes, now there is 1 place in every three for enrolment in the RMC.… Read more »


Yes. We can. We start by not turning the cheek. Together, like the bundle of sticks, we are strong.
Together, we can defend our rights.


Couple of kids play in a big sandbox. They carefully built a beautiful sandcastle. Just when they were enjoying that beautiful sandcastle, a spoilt brat stormed in and kicked and stepped and spat on the sandcastle, completely destroyed it. As the other kids were watching in horror how their wonderful creation was destroyed, that brat went off, but without leaving a threat — “I will be back.” Not giving in by fear, the kids went back to rebuild. Again, they built another sandcastle. Just as beautiful as the one that was destroyed. But just before they get to congratulate each… Read more »