The most beautiful sound in the world – is in Malaysia


And it comes from a swamp in Sarawak. Another reason to treasure and preserve our natural habitat, instead of building all those artificial ‘tourist attractions’ while destroying our forests and hills and seas.

“Dusk by the Frog Pond” by “Wild Ambience” is the winner of the Most Beautiful Sound in the World competition.

An interview with the winner, Julian Treasure, who recorded the sounds:

See the rest of the entries here.

The rich sounds of paradise, the abundance of nature bursting with life, is so close to us.

Thanks to blog contributor tunglang for the heads up.

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Well lets hope there wont be another dam built like the Bakun Dam. While malaysia borrowed the legsilation (NEPA) from the USA regarding the environment in practice there is defacto no environmental protection -Malaysia EIA is of no effect. Still very backward malaysian legslation and the courts approach to the enviromnet as a huamn right.


When you are alone in the pristine rainforest, nothing artificial or man-made intrudes into your immediate biosphere & spiritual awareness (if you have an acute 6th sense). Nature tends to ‘communicate’ in many ways, some awesome like this sound of rainforest. (I have on rare occasions flashed with mental pictures of environmental messages while walking the quiet trails). The sight, smell, sound, taste & touch is not duplicable, not even in billion ringgit rainforest recreations like the one in SingLand. We have a gem here. Don’t ever destroy it. Malaysian Rainforest, one must visit before one dies out of regrets… Read more »

johan KhunPana

Truly at peace without any man made noisy pollution.


That is why i love hiking!


Such nature sound in Sarawak may soon be disrupted by the croaking noise of peninsular kodok species should Perkasa set foot there.


tunglang may not be able to “migrate & settle down” at Belum Forest as he has a family who may be too fond of cosmopolitan Penang. So tunglang can simulate the nature in his home by creating indoor mini park with potted plants and play such music in the background. No wild boars never mind can be foster parent to many wandering meow-meow principled CATs then a true natural pardadise !


Once you have ‘tasted’ the mysterious & awesome rainforest, you are ‘hooked’.
I will get the occasional ‘itch’ to trek (on foot or 4WD) if not too long a respite.

And I love big game cats, not the sneaky, unpredictable cosmopolitan kucing. Tigress (Panthera tigris) is good companion as it can provide a gentle back scratch for instant relief of mosquito bites. And fill up your empty 4WD tank if run out of diesel deep in the dark jungle.
Still, nothing beats being in the surprising wild, wild world of Malaysian rainforest.


That wet, wild world theme park in the sea is so-called ‘wild’ for fun water sports & extreme? water sports. But one has to pay to get ‘wild’ in a controlled / artificial & ‘time-sensitive’ environment. The same (pay to enjoy) for the adventure? theme park in Teluk Bahang. But to enjoy pristine rainforest, one need not pay a cent – just visit our many Forest Reserves to enjoy the best Nature has to give just as we Tham Chiah Kuis enjoy Penang Ori-Maestros’ original, heavenly street hawker cuisine by the roadside (not found in XXX-overt-slippery cleanliness food court that… Read more »


Wow! Thank you Anil for posting the beauty of nature

One day you will see and hear the orchestra in another swamp….closer to you
The orchestra of nature in paradise has many different sounds all over Malaysia
As long if we want to listen
The frogs here find a soul mate but the cascadas are waking up now…..!
The birds are singing in the morning, the hornbill laughs where the eagles fly and the squirl and me are watching all together in love and harmony.