As Lynas share price sinks, 16 activists arrested in bid to shut down controversial plant


Among those arrested were Himpunan Hijau chairman Wong Tack, ‘Superman’ Hew Kuan Yau and Australian activist Natalie Lowrey representing Friends of the Earth. They were among a crowd of about a 1000 who had gathered near the Lynas rare earth refinery in Gebeng in an effort to shut down the controversial plant, which they say will leave behind a toxic legacy.

Meanwhile, the Lynas Corp share price continues to sink.

Check out the statement by the Stop Lynas campaign group.

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Don Anamalai
Don Anamalai
30 Jun 2014 11.19am

Watch this video to understand why Lynas operation must be stopped:

27 Jun 2014 12.26pm

Watch this latest documentary on Al Jazeera:

Is Malaysia risking it all for rare earths?
Why environmental activists in Malaysia are fighting against the world’s largest rare earths refinery.

3 Jul 2014 1.07pm
Reply to  OWC

Good video indeed with proper assessment of the risks involved.
We do not get such reporting on local TV.

Don Anamalai
Don Anamalai
25 Jun 2014 11.40am

Meanwhile Perkasa Information Chief Ruslan Kassim has echoed PM Najib Abdul Razak’s call for Umno to be brave like the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) fighters in Iraq, who have been accused of mass killings of Shiites there.

Some malays could be influenced by PM’s words to go Iraq for jihad war?

23 Jun 2014 2.10pm

Himpunan Hijay will gain more prominence with the arrest of Wong Tack and Superman Hew, with lynas and BN getting all the bad publicity.

Phua Kai Lit
Phua Kai Lit
23 Jun 2014 2.09pm

Kuantan, which used to be a BN stronghold, is now
under Pakatan Rakyat mainly because of opposition to the
Lynas project.

Yet the UMNO Baru-MCA-BN regime refuses to listen to the people.

MP for Kuantan: Fuziah Salleh (PKR)
ADUN for Teruntum: Sim Chon Siang (PKR)
ADUN for Beserah: Andansura Rabu (PAS)
ADUN for Tanjung Lumpur: Rosli Abdul Jabar (PAS)
ADUN for Semambu: Lee Chean Chung (PKR)

ADUN for Inderapura: Shafik Fauzan Sharif (UMNO)

23 Jun 2014 1.27pm

Why do you think Australia is spending so many millions in the search of MH370 when they are trimming down their spending in their latest budget ? What have Australia got to do with MAS ? Protest all you like Lynas is here to stay and many more projects that Australia does not want in their own backyard will come to Malaysia, period. Just you wait and see the refugees seeking asylum in will be sent to Malaysia especially now that there is no where else these refugees can go to, Australia is now offering up to A$10,000 per refugee… Read more »