While they talk about removing subsidies…


Life could get harder for more people once subsidies are removed.

Spotted this comment posted on the Aliran website. Mahasiswa marhaen reflects on the tough life faced by some university students as they struggle to make ends meet:

Saya baru sahaja menamatkan pengajian di kampus … dan akan bergraduasi tidak lama lagi. Baru saja tadi saya ingin menyemak keputusan peperiksaan, keputusan peperiksaan digantung. Alasan? Saya masih berhutang dengan universiti sebanyak RM360.90. Padahal saya telah menjelaskan pembayaran pada awal sesi pengajian.

Apa yang saya tulis ini bukanlah untuk meraih simpati, tetapi inilah yang perlu dilalui oleh anak muda seperti saya. Kami menghadapi masalah dengan pentadbiran universiti … (banyak caj tersembunyi dalam yuran), sudahlah kos sara hidup di KL tinggi, dengan tambang bas yang sudah meningkat dua kali ganda, harga makanan yang mahal.

Bagaimana untuk hidup dalam keadaan begini? Untuk menampung sara hidup selain PTPTN, saya bekerja sambilan setiap kali cuti semester, dan hujung minggu ketika kuliah tapi itu pun belum mencukupi…

Bayangkan jika gaji RM30 sehari dan berkerja Sabtu dan Ahad, apabila ditolak tambang bas RM4 dan makanan RM7 yang tinggal hanya RM19x2=38… apa yang boleh dibuat dengan RM38 di KL?

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I feel sorry for this kid. I know several JPA students in the States who didn’t return to the country after their studies. When asked whether they have to pay back the government, their reply was “our GPA was more than 3.5, so no need to pay back”. When asked about their bond to the government, their reply was something to this effect “oh the government wasn’t able to find us a job, so our bonds are broken”. See how the government has wasted money on these type of people only to have them working in a different country? These… Read more »


check out these article, good analysis where the subsidy should be cut!

Jacqueline F

The government is talking about removing subsidies to reduce the budget defecit. The budget defecit can also be reduced if the government has a more effective system of ensuring that people pay their income tax. There are people who earn a lot of money but somehow manage to evade income tax or pay less than what they should be paying.


Jacqueline F,
Don`t worry about evasion of tax by these rich people. On this matter the tax people are the most efficient. They have 7 years record to dig you out. A small businessman like me got dig out of 30K. A few big associates of mine got dig out of several millions each. Don`t worry, they are very kind to you on this matter. You can write out your check in 30 or more installment.


But many people object GST blindly which itself is more effective than current tax paying system to arrest those tax evading rakyat.


While Rome burns Nero fiddled


The Malays should look at Singapore Malays who get anywhere from 70%-100% of their university fees paid for depending on income. Still don’t trust DAP?


That is a typical racial policy (in Singapore) to provide subsidy based on race and colour skin.


But majority of Malaysians don’t see it and still voting Barisan Nasional…

That’s the problem…


Kerajaan Malaysia amat kaya raya.
Kita sudah subsidi kan pelajar dari luar negara yang datang untuk belajar di negeri kita.
Source from: http://www.mmail.com.my/content/38161-no-more-subsidy-foreign-students-july-khaled

Ho Ho Ho

Ho 😳 Ho 😳 Ho 😳
😳 KESIANYA n those rich peoples in our Gomen enjoy life as we can see how their ‘katak-katak’ so rich now to fly overseas anytime they like for p&c meeting ❓ REMEMBER to come out and make your changes in the ballot box comes 13th GE 😳
Ho 😳 Ho 😳 Ho 😳