Penang: No. 1 street food haven


Apart from the state’s heritage, street food is where Penang’s real comparative advantage lies.

Take a pinch of political will and a small cup of money (to spruce up our act) – and you could rustle up a little stimulus that would really spread the multiplier effect across a wide base of people.

Think of the number of people you know – both local and foreign – who come to Penang to check out its food. Penang is already recognised globally as a street food haven. In fact, the first thing most seasoned visitors to Penang want to do as soon as they arrive is to sample its many culinary delights – from char koay teow and laksa to satay and cendul.

In the same way, can you think of the number of Malaysians who may have emigrated but still pine for the street food ‘back home’ especially in Penang?

Penang street food could be an even greater revenue earner for Penang than it already is now if we clean up our act in terms of upholding basic hygiene standards and some organisation without compromising on its authentic street identity. Cleaner surroundings – but not sterilised, sanitised or gentrified – while maintaining a sense of culture, identity, community and place (along the streets as opposed to inside a shopping mall) would go a long way.

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Sammy Boy

No more new posting on this matter for 3 months already?

We should talk about food to steer our mind away from those political woes!


Anil should organize a makan-makan at his house for his Tham Chiak Kui fans. What you say, Anil?


Debate over the origins of CNN’s chicken rice – Spore or truly Malaysia still heat up :

“GEORGE TOWN: Hainanese chicken rice belongs to the Chinese community in Hainan Province in China.
However, locals preparing it say Malaysians do it better and the chicken rice dish does not belong only to Singapore.”


I have been eating Chicken Rice, Hainanese or otherwise since my teens in the 70’s when Singapore was just an odd island without the me-too shouts of Sing or Merlion Chicken Rice.
So what’s the grand standing of original Singapore Chicken Rice?
My Penang Hainanese friends at Rifle Range will not be too pleased with me if I say otherwise!
FYI, Hainanese anger explicits are hard to bear for the ears and terrible to understand for the minds!

Syiok Syiok

ask your rifle range maestro to contribute you one of the master tools (not the rifle from rifle shooting range 🙂 ) to cook chicken rice for display at your street museum to create awareness that the true origin is not Hainan nor Singapore but right in Penang.
syiok syiok lah like that !


This is one of the Hainanese explicits:
“Nang Pu Ti Nang, Kui Pu Ti Kui!”
(“Behaving neither like decent human nor evil ghost” – meaning unbecoming of one’s behavior)

Hainanese is a ‘mixed’ up of Teochew and Vietnamese, I guess.


Penang Assam Laksa is ranked no. 7 out of World’s 50 most delicious food by CNN Go (World’s 50 most delicious foods)

Can tunglang (not the bogus one, please) suggest where can we get the best Assam Laksa in Penang?


It’s been more than 15 years since I walloped 2 bowls on each must-visit to the Best of the Best Assam Laksa (in Asia) at Lebuh Keng Kwee off Penang Road. Before, I was just an innocent Tham Chiak Kui going around / crawling for the best STREET hawker food (not the overt slippery cleanliness obsessed of plastic food courts) but without my (now) TCK signature “Good Morning” mini China towel. This Assam Laksa is soooo-goood and spicy-hot with the cabai-burung swimming on top, inside and hiding among the noodles, one wrong TCK bite (when you thought it’s the… Read more »

Aliah Foong

You can try to cook your Penang hawker food at home with the recipe found on this website:


You can try but you cannot never replicate the taste from the maestros. Maybe the droplets of sweats have added additional ingredients to the secret recipe?


Ha ha, you got it, Benji!
But be careful with such comment here, as some overt cleanliness obsessed may not like it (which is an undeniable fact of street food for thought anywhere in the world!)


Customers speak the loudest, besides eating the loudest at their own preferred choice of food outlets. So if you want their (Penangites) profitable long-term business, better ‘behave extra-nicely’ in Penang.
Haven’t you already learnt from that extinct Kah-Yu business @ Penang Road?

In Penang, food business and politics don’t really (advisably) mix that well! Not even blackberry cake bakery.

Time for my afternoon Kopi-O kau kau at my favorite kopitiam, not at the narrowest of small lanes off Macalister Road.


Yesterday & today in honor of UNESCO heritage day, wonder what shall be the response of Penangites towards long table buffet at Queen Street to promote “that” food ?


It shows that the Pakatan government is fair to all despite the continuos threats and antics by the vendors of ‘that food’ (e.g. sending black cakes and coffin to CM).

Karisma Daud

A certain group of people in Penang is so incompetent and leceh to the core that they cannot bake blackberry cake but only black cake. Ha Ha!

Their heart is eqaully as black and vicious.
We should boycott their stalls!

Amir Tahir

When the heart is as black as that Mohd Ghani guy, we should all boycott (certain food) to express our unhappiness of his stupid antics.

Ti Lung

Cannot agree more with you !
Somehow boycott certain food has positive impact in the long run !!!


We all know ‘that food’ that we should boycott to teach those thugs a lesson!

‘that food’ is one that Anil dare not publish but we all know what it is.


We will boycott ‘that’ unhealthy food in order to teach those vendor a lesson!


the fact that nasi kandar did not make it to the CNN top food list is a punishment in a way.


The day Penang kopitiams can fetch high values is when more people choose the convenience of eating out (less stingy in spending) more often to justify higher cost of operation.
Also no such “zalim” demonstrations that polarizes the harmonious multi-cultural streets especially from pitt st to komtar !


I think we should have more variety of food to counter the mushrooming of the unhealthy nasi kandar in Penang.


You are right.

The 24-hour nasi kandar is detrimental to our health with its high oil and cholesterol content. Penang has other better choice food that is more nutritional in value for a lower price.


Thank you for your support.

I hope more people will cut down their consumption of nasi kandar.

David Chiang Da Wei

Because of Mohd Ghani (master of ceremony of last Fri’s Zalim protest at Komtar), many Mamak stalls in Penang are starting to distance themselves from Mohd Ghani.

My regular Mamak stall owner today becomes extra attentive to my order, to the extent that extra portion served; so as not to lose customers like me who are sick of Ghani’s antics.


Yes, I guess (some food stall) vendors will bear the brunt of Penangites just because of the silly antics of that crazy Mohd Ghani who is out to create havoc in our peaceful George Town.


Six coffeeshops in Singapore sold for nearly S$60m.

In the not too distant future, I hope and believe Penang’s famed kopitiams can also do it. Upgrading to cater to highly mobile execs (not only old timers) yet maintaining its heritage look is the way to go.

Time for my favorite Kopi-O kau-kau at my favorite kopitiam.


While on night STREET food prowling with my Aussie (Orr Si) friend in New Lane last week, I chanced upon a heavenly soup stall at the far end of this street food haven (turn in from Macalister Road, watch out or smell on the right side). Called the Hong Kong Peanut Cream Soup (it’s all in Chinese words), this is the thickest peanut cream soup I ever tasted in Penang. Served in a medium sized bowl, one spoonful of rich and creamy thick peanut soup is equivalent to more than 2 ordinary spoonful of average servings by other hawkers. Kah… Read more »


Handsome sifu macam muka Edison Chen ? itu i betul betul takut sebab dia itu banya skandal.
Lebih minat Wu Chun dari Farenheit (khabar beliau berasal dari Brunei dan boleh cakap melayu).


If you like Wu Chun (the ‘soft pillow type’), then this sifu is not your taste lah!
This sifu is more like Fu Sheng, the action-kung fu-swordsman type. The 70’s were full of them action brawn stars, but not as close as Bruce Lee, my ‘living’ mentor.

I am wondering: why many girls like ‘soft pillow type’ guys ala Korean guy stars with lip sticks.


saya semak internet dan tahu Fu Sheng dah lama meninggal (tahun1983) bila kemalangan kereta panduan beliau (Porche). Isteri beliau ialah Jenny Tseng seorang penyayi yang agak hebat juga dan seringkali berada di pentas Genting.

Abang tunglang bukanlah idaman saya (sorry). Saya minat Farenheit dan drama Korea semata mata untuk hiburan sahaja. Idola saya ialah Aaron Aziz (tapi dia sudah beristeri) yang agak hebat dalam gambar KL Gangster.

tunglang kalau boleh recommend sikit masakan melayu (bukan mamak) di tanjung ?


Pakcik tunglang

u betul betul old fesyhen. Citarasa anda 60-70-an sampai happening punya food pun tak sedar. You macam zaman Chen Chen + Lin Fong Chiau (bini Jackie Chan).

Masakan thai+peranakan+seafood paling best dekat mana ? Pantai Bayan Mutiara cukup enak !


Sorry, my speciality is mostly in inner city George Town. Food crawling beyond that the farthest is Genting Hill on the way to Balik Pulau. Even Balik Pulau is not that often nowadays. Sekarang Barang Naik Shiok-Shiok Gila-Gila, pergi jauh petrol juga mahal dik, pahamkah? You want the best STREET food of Ori-Maestros, go crawling in inner city. Leave your MyVi at Pantai Bayan Mutiara. But I can’t guarantee you will find that many Ori Malay food at your disposal in Tanjung. The best seafood goes to Paya Terubong, not Pantai Bayan Mutiara! (Tak Halal). As for 60’s and 70’s,… Read more »


On second thoughts, please recommend really good authentic Malay cuisine in Penang. I am looking for Malay Ori-Meastros for our future Food Museum if it truly materialize.
Out of Tanjung boleh juga. Got story to tell better still.
Who says food sifus must come from inner city George Town?


Hi Siti, Finding authentic Malay Cuisine in Tanjung is like searching gold needle in golden hay stack! If you love Curry Fish Head, head on to Jalan Kelawei/Jalan Jones junction. When you are so hungry, it’s always no parking space. Take a beca there! As for great slippery Sotong joget in Malay rice, crawl to Larut Cafe @ Jalan Larut /Jalan Bawasah junction. The Pedas Boleh Tahan Hingga Menangis Sambal chili is ‘Mou Tak Theng’. Someone recommended/swear Hammer Bay Ikan Bakar Special next to Gold Coast Condo. But it’s out of Tanjung. With Jelutong Highway, going there is a breeze… Read more »

Fu Sheng

The chapati gravy at Tanjung Pagar (Dalca) cannot match authentic kuah served at Queen Street Penang.
For those with bigger pocket, no harm try out GEMS restaurant.


Of course, Penang’s cuisine is no match (only for now). What I am trying to ‘scream’ is our go slow (like the proverbial tortoise shape of Penang Island) in promoting STREET food the more creative, experiential marketing ways, one of which is a food museum. Lack of funds? Forget about subsidy / grant “Sui” from the SLP Feds. Well, go on waiting till the imaginary ca$h cows and chickens come home. And go on (affordably) building fleeting pride of concrete and steel monuments of fleeting images of foreign essence of progress. The Little Red Dot is more aggressive than us… Read more »


Abang tunglang
Siti cukup tertarik kerana kau boleh minat lagu lagu oleh Sweet Charity (jangan lupa pergi tengok konset diapa sama Blues Gang).
Cuba baca Bulletin Mutiara edisi khas (3 tahun lepas 308) dan moga moga bang dapat sokongan kerajaan Pulau Pinang untuk menubuhkan museum street food.
Sebelum itu, haruslah bang minat barangan buatan Malaysia dulu dan jangan asyik dengan bruce lee sahaja. Pernah abang sedat bahwa kita di Msia ada Karen Kong yang pandai lagu Melayu dan Cina ???
Semoga impian museum abang berjaya !

Jalil Din

Wah, pandai betui cakap si Siti!

Abang Ramli punya konsert memang best.
Tambah lagi Blues Gang’s Apo Nak DiKato!!!


Sekarang detik 12 malam, saya sahaja yang membina struktur untuk pameran arkib di Food Museum samping menikmati lagu Sweet Charity – “Berbagai Mimpi” dari You Tube (suasana seperti dulu di WingsBBDO, KL). Tidak dijangka, lampu sorot tunggal bergoyang-goyang ditiup angin sejuk. Tiba-tiba, saya dikelilingi ketat oleh sekumpulan Tham Chiak Kui berbagai bangsa yang menjerit seolah-olah Langsuir di hutan rimba Belum, Perak. Mereka menjerit: “Mana warisan makanan penjaja Pulau Pinang yang anda sering janji di Sudah mungkir janji lalu telan semua makanan lazat shiok-shiok?” Leher saya dicekik kuat-kuat oleh Tham Chiak Kui itu sehingga saya bangun berpeluh dari mimpi buruk… Read more »


Heritage Ambience, Cultural Food & Creativity at Tanjung Pagar KTM station in Singapore.
The rail-y good chapati joint:

Jalil Din

Do you know that one of the nasi stall is owned by ex-Singapore footballer Rafi Ali? It is frequently visited by Brother Rock Ramli Sarip of Sweet Charity fame.

Sadly, that Tanjung Pagar KTM station is history come 1 July!


News Headline: Bruce Lee museum proposal shelved in Hong Kong.
When selfish private interest overrides social and cultural interest, a noble cause is lost. It may go to Seattle, as Ang Moh’s pride of a foreign legacy (as their own) to the world. What a shame to the Chinese HK gomen for unable to fulfill the building of a prominent Chinese legacy when they can force evict others for massive development for fleeting profits of zero legacy.

Sammo Hung

Foreign Bruce Lee is long gone. Let’s look forward and cheers our own Malaysia’s martial arts, PLS.

Loh Lieh

Try out the Eng Seong biscuits at 84 Madras Lane off McCalister Road.
Also check out fried noodles at Red Chilli Wok restaurant.

They go down well with some ice cool beer at Tau Hwa Chiang pub nearby. Otherwise can opt for Old Mill Home Coffee nearby.

Feel like singing, Momiji Karaoke is a must try.

Chen Kwan Tai

Good recommendation, I have tried it.

Residents at McCalister Road need to keep the place clean as there are lots of rubbish on the roadside.


The Mesmerizing Experience of Lin Dai’s Winking from the Side Lane of Wembley Theatre. It is a hot Sunday afternoon at Noordin Street, the place where the theatre of happenings is famously located – The Wembley Theatre (of Choon Man Hooi). I have just finished my morning Hokkien Mee street hawker ‘call of duty’ for my Ori-Maestro brother-in-law at Ayer Itam. As I stroll leisurely towards the left side lane of Wembley Theatre, something catches my wandering artistic eyes. Squatting in low profile is this ‘Ah Khoh’ painting realistic art on hard canvass laid against the cinema wall alongside this… Read more »


Since street food generates a lot of readership, why not a spin-off for vegetarian street food to encourage more to be concerned for depleting earth resources and go green for a start ?
Anil, do you buy that ?


Thank you.
This is truly letting justice flowing like a river 🙂


This can tie in with organic farming, forest gardening and greening the urban landscape. It definitely is a good way to go to overcome food scarcity in the near future. Life need not be Speedy Gonzales which has no time to smell the plants. Being a slave to materialism is no excuse not to plant something for the future food security. All it takes is an initiative to plant a seed. Just look at the Indonesians who use every available space in the outskirts to plant their own vege and fruit trees. With depleting seafood, we still have the soil… Read more »

Vegan lover

Those living or working in Bayan Baru or Bayan Lepas can order healthy vegetarian food to be delivered to you (weekday lunch & dinner) at affordable price, by 1013 Vege Gardens.

Brown rice + 3 dishes = RM4.50.


tunglang : My Food Museum strategic proposal for the sake of Penang’s Ori-Maestros and its famed heavenly STREET hawker cuisine is already out for the taking

So PDC or whoever, the balls are in your court now ……. any delay potentially we could have lost some momentos of ori-maestros to some serious antique collectors in the region !


My worst fear of all nightmarish fears in the aroma filled streets (not Elm Street) of inner city George Town is the slow but sure emigration or losing out of our Ori-Maestros to other similar Little Red Dots. To lose these food sifus is like losing Bruce Lee of Jeet Kune Do. There will never be another unique Ori-Maestro to recreate in the original vein. The HongKees are smart food assimilator of others’ famed cuisines as they no longer have that living heritage factor to continue producing their own ori-maestros. This is one friendly market penetration to gather competitor’s plus… Read more »

Ting Pei

When you enter 1st Avenue from the back, you shall see the attractive neon light poster of Kim Gary.
It brings to mind why our local government not able to put up such electronic posters showiing off street food at strategic tourist spot ?


The neon light thing brings me back to the early 60’s in Macalister Road. There was this Chuan Lok Hooi Chinese Restaurant with its iconic Standing-On-Tail Fish Chef in moving neon lights inviting Cham Chiak Kui towkays for the best of Cantonese and Teow Chew cuisine. And of course the Philip’s giant iconic Robot in neon lights saluting on the roof top of prewar shop houses opposite Gama (then just an empty field with giant movie billboards). I would love to have Bruce Lee moving neon lights showing his 3-leg-kicks at Japanese King with sound effects:Woooeeeeeh…Aaaaarrrhhh! opposite Gurney Plaza @… Read more »

Ting Pei

Bruce Lee’s signboard is visible at a shophouse at Burmah Road right below the “Penang Rd Octopus Overhead Bridge”. Check it out : In Mandarin it’s called “Really Kung Fu”. I am surpprised tunglang being a fan could have missed that out. If Penang ori-maestosstreet food vendors are creative and less selfish (i.e care to make own money and not work with fellow maestros for common long term goals), then they can use share the cost putting up electronic “slide-show” billboards just like the one used by GSC cinemas now. It’s more economical than neon-light firstly power consumption is not… Read more »


Remember Ghee Hiang’s wooden ancient sign board was stolen (then recovered, after payment ?) and this showed heritage momentos are highly sought after !

If tunglang still has the possession of Bruce Lee’s souvenirs (even movie tickets bearing Bruce Lee) then he can trade them at high prices, not bnecessarily at Lorong Kulit or Lorong Armenian open spaces BUT at e-bay.


In my proposal, these are some of the possibilities: 1) The Penang Ori-Maestros Wall of Fame (to give due recognition). 2) Museum collection of artifacts, historical kitchen utensils, hawker signages, street stall utensils, food posters, typical dresses of hawkers (on realistic wax dummies), 3-wheel carts, stalls, bicycles, MPPP hawker license plates and old photos. 3) Recreation of hawker stalls of famous street cuisines. 4) Recreation of inner city George Town kopitiam. 5) Inner city George Town architectural ambience. 6) Audio effects of street hawker’s call. 7) Secret recipes of Ori-Maestros. 8) Annexed real Kopitiam serving real heavenly food dining. The… Read more »

Mambo 308

I think 阿鴻 must be reading this food forum because he mentioned Penang as “Invisible Food Paradise Museum” of “隐形美食博物馆”.

read n see pics :

Looks like tunglang’s catch phrase of living museum has be taken noticed by the authority and hence being quoted by 阿鴻 ?

If the food museum is deemed “invisible”, then tunglang has more reasons to put the extra effort to turn it into a reality museum. What say you ?


My Food Museum strategic proposal for the sake of Penang’s Ori-Maestros and its famed heavenly STREET hawker cuisine is already out for the taking. I am wishing for more private initiatives to come forward to help make this branding strategy comes true. But I must hint first: it is not a cheap undertaking. But it will definitely add a new dimension to Penang STREET food experience of a memorable brand sense. Imagine having 5 sense experiences in ONE place, in ONE visit, in ONE salivating back to the 50’s and 60’s of hawker food. Even an invisible ethereal Tham Chiak… Read more »

YL Woo

Good suggestion. I noticed that tunglang need to be ‘stirred up’ once a while when he has gone off tangent to syiok sendiri with his fantasy and reminiscence, so that he could make constructive suggestion. Good points by tunglang on the ori-maestro street food museum, which should be set up to enhance the heritage status, and to make ‘visible’ this competitive advantageof Penang. Another point to add is how to create the food aroma in the museum? I suggest Anil brought this excellent idea to the Penang Forum to make it a reality, in order to do justice to the… Read more »


Be prepared to be asked by ‘a’ State Gomen representative: Q:Where is the food museum location. Q:How much will it cost. Anybody has the answer? FYI, at this early stage of conceptualizing without any show of firm commitment from interested ‘party’, any place can be choiced location, any figure can be guesswork (cos’ it depends on the exact location and space availability). It has to be a joint gomen-private 1st step initiative to assess its feasibility of realisation and contribute further input for the sake of Penang Street Food Heritage and Penang Tourism. Only then the 2nd step of nitty… Read more »


Realistic pointers tunglang need to be aware of before he’s embarking on his solo project or with PDC or with any Corporate sponsor or with Ah Nui in filmaking or setting up living street food museum : a) there are many clans & associations (hence many dialects) – each clamouring their distinct & unique heritage values. so to merge eg chinese food culture into one single entity is not easy though possible with perseverance. b) Penang State Government now champions Malaysians and not race specifics. So while tunglang may be expert in local chinese street food, he needs to collaborate… Read more »


Good pointers, Observer. To be like Gurmit (PCK) is still a long way. Writing and acting are 2 different things altogether. I am more to the visual arts and creative expressions like still photography. The ‘silent’ but incisive art of expression. Art directing in period photo shoots is my forte. Did once for Visit Penang Year ’99 campaign and my own wedding shoot in authentic Baba Nyonya style in inner city George Town, shot by a Taiwanese photographer from a bridal house in Macalister Road. In fact it gotten into a fashion craze for Nyonya wedding style in Penang’s beach… Read more »

kid from chulia st

CK Lam of NST in above link says :
CHULIA Street in Penang is not only known for its many budget hotels but also for inexpensive meals. It’s a popular dining destination with locals and tourists alike.At night, a section of the road is lined with stalls selling a good mix of street food.Do not make your choice immediately. Take your time and have a closer look at what’s on offer.


tunglang, enough talk (writing) and get in action before “Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah”

You can contact PDC tourism division or YB Ng Wei Aik (Komtar Assembly Man)

Penang Development Corporation
No. 1 Pesiaran Mahsuri, Bandar Bayan Baru
11909 Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia
Tel : (604)-6340111 | Fax : (604)-6432405
Email : [email protected]


Talking about things Taiwan, have you seen the popular Legend of Taiwan folk stories on Astro? How about our own version of Legend of Penang? Or Legend of Penang Lang? As we have a long history of culture, custom and belief, I am sure there are a plenty of folk legends to share on films with the wider world. It can be in the prewar times, 50’s and 60’s. Food alone has its fair share of legends of Ori-Maestros in the inner city of George Town. Remember my kitchen gods? Romance of Sun Yat Sen in … Armenian Street? And… Read more »


Taiwanese hokkien drama series are now a hit in Malaysia – just watch the afternoon shows on NTV7 or Astro Hua Hee Dai. I am not sure about Taiwan legend, but there is ‘Taiwan Tornado’ (NTV7 4pm-5pm on weekdays). Taiwanese will come to Penang if we can also promote our unique Penang Hokkien there besides the food. Ah Niu the director of ‘Ice Kacang Puppy Love’ movie can now make Penang Hokkien movie now that Finas has relaxed its guidelines on local movie for non-malay local movies to be tax-exempted. tunglang can be the consultant to provide insights on Penang… Read more »


Penang has such diverse and authentic Asian heritage food, culture, festivals and architectural ambience at its colorful disposal, it would be a slow tortoise act indeed for the Pg Gomen to wait for miracles and not to quickly capitalize on them since the Taiwanese and Chinese will be the next wave of deep-pocket tourists to visit Penang. Lest we are comfortably waiting to see the Little Red Dot do the fast move of John Travolta / John Woo wooing to sweep away the impressionable Taiwanese and Chinese to their less authentic glitzy displays of plastic experience. Are we ready to… Read more »

阿鴻 Fan

AirAsia Penang Operations manager DO take note.

Now you have direct Chennai-Penang (vice vera) flight, do start direct flight of Penang-Taipei & Taipei-Penang because many Taiwanese will be coming to Penang to taste local food.

It’s already a proven market so pls make thier travel easiar instead of making a transit at KL.

YB Danny Law (Penang Tourism) DO take note as well.

tunglang, prepare now to have another career as foodie tour guide for these Taiwanese.


Just when tunglang is planning to peddle old medicine on roadside, her comes an opportunity for tunglang to serve as street food tour guide for the taiwanese. A talented mouth like his can talk and eat at the same time!


How about eat to one’s hearty content, then have a tunglang’s medicine man’s gentle shoulder massage by the roadside. Then proceed to Penang’s 1st Food Museum?
Tunglang will be too happy to guide some (reputed) beautiful Taiwanese tourists in town!…


This is more memorable to the classy romantic Taiwanese:
How about eat slowly to one’s hearty content, then have a tunglang’s gentle shoulder rub massage in meditative sunset ambience of Spice Garden. Then proceed to Penang’s 1st Food Museum and finally to Cha-Cha/Tango dancing at Penang Times Square.
Penang Times Square should wake up and take note: Food Museum and Cha-Cha Dance Hall, a 2-in-1 Heritage Experience for Taiwanese tourists.

阿鴻 Fan

阿鴻 looks like a sound investment by state government with so much publicity generated. Major target audience are Taiwanese; while the bonus is to reignite local aunties’ interests in local street food. Way to go !!!

Yesterday 阿鴻 was at Pulau Tikus to recommend food there to tyhe world ! See the link below for the article and yummy pictures ….

Quote from link above : 值得一提的是,为期3天的美食拍摄节目将在中国播出,此外,英国广播电台(BBC)也同时加入拍摄行列,壮大拍摄队伍。

Translate : Worth to mention that his 3-days of Penang food program will be shown on China TV. Britain’s BBC also joined in the shooting to make it such a big entourage.


Chef Chen Hong should serenade this Wang Chieh’s top hit while strolling the moody, emotional streets and introducing Penang ‘s heavenly food to falling-in-love-with-Penang-street-food housewives and autie-auntie of both Penang and Taiwan. After all, food is also Passion:


Possible new tourism product:
Romancing The Streets of Heavenly Cuisine.
Good for newly wedded couples and still in puppy love elderly couples from Taiwan, HK and China.
Romantic looking heritage buildings in inner city can be improvised for passions and romance ala Italiano or British Titanic.
Tunglang can be the Van Gogh artist (without an ear) for romantic portrait painting by day and erratic artist by starry-starry night.