Najib’s disastrous legacy: Suffocating federal government debt


Of late, former Prime Minister Najib Razak has been trying hard to re-invent himself – singing on social media, riding pillion on a superbike, being seen eating out in public places – especially in the run-up to the Cameron Highlands by-election on 26 January 2019.

But Malaysians should not forget the legacy of his administration so easily. Take a look at these latest figures:

Federal government debts and liabilities

RM and (% of GDP)

725bn (51%) – Official debt

118bn (8%) – Committed government guarantees


843bn (59%) – Subtotal

185bn (13%) – Other liabilities

38bn (3%) – 1MDB debt


1,066bn (75%) – Total debt and liabilities

Source: 2019 Economic Outlook Report, as cited by The Edge 21 January 2019

Full article on the Aliran website

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Many B40 folks are still fond of MO1 because of easy hand outs and freebies, illegal or not, morally wrong or not, without questioning the source of money and how it affects our national debt situation. MO1 is capitalising on this to comeback as BOSSKU.


Cameron Highlands by election told us that rural people still have high regards for that Tak Mali Najib, likely because they cannot appreciate the scandal of 1MDB, only have affinity for freebies from BM.


Najib self proclaimed to be ‘Tak Malu’, want to be Boss again. PH must expedite court proceedings for early check in and permanent stay at Sungai Buluh Resort for Mr and Mrs MO1!

Ah Keong

RTM being state owned has failed so far to convince rural folks that government is in great debt due to Najib and cannot afford to give freebies lije before else country can go bankrupt.


Ambiga: Growing support for Najib ‘very worrying’, wouldn’t happen in other countries


The sooner this … of Malaysia is put behind bars in Sg Buloh, the better for the future of Tanah Air Cinta Ku. For the time being, he’s still walking & scooting around to he-he-he in our faces.


Future? He is not part of the government. What I see is only empty promises by the government, destruction of palm oil industry, sidelining Chinese-Indian voters, increasing cost of living and failing ringgit.


You don’t have a future. We Malaysians have. And it’s getting better.


Under BN’s race based policies the well to do Malays are enjoying (Discount for housing, great returns from ASB etc). Poor and deprived Malays are left out of the money which should rightly be spent on them. Poor and deprived Chinese and Indians are also left out at the expense of rich Malays. It is all contrary to Islam. Don’t you get it?


Malaysian politics is a joke.


We are on par with Burma. Talk on racing and religion. All other nations in the world are moving well ahead on better go men, technology and trading. We are struck with racing and religion which about 2k years ago. Other nations are more united. We are divided by dummo and tak pas


hehe…MO1 still loved by the Tuans , he will return as prime minister and all charges will be dropped….I think you will be mightily happy as long as it is not DAP in government…hehe


MO1 trying a comeback as BO55KU in Cameron Hoghlands campaign. Must deny BN to ensure kleptocracy is dead and buried.


It was heartening to see some exposure of the blood-sucking arch-fiends in 2018. It was only justice when the Goldman Sachs share price dropped steeply, and their precious stock market index followed. Now, they tell us that only specific employees acted criminally, i.e. the major banks, the benevolent IMF, etc. were all above-board. This is the same IMF that ignored its own economists before the Great Recession impoverished the masses in USA and EU. A generation ago, ecomomic warfare was mainly through attacks on currency, e.g. in South America. Now, it is a lot simpler to persuade subverted leaders to… Read more »


Under him, debt doubled!


Unfortunately the Orang Asli community in Cameron Highlands cannot understand the severity of our national debt, they will hand BN-Umno victory in tomorrow’s by-election, sadly.

PH folks must tell them that Umno fellows themselves leaving their party to jump into Pakatan, so why vote for the sinking ship of Umno/BN?? The Umno leaders making beeline to see Tun to be absorbed into Bersatu.


By the rate the PH government is going, would love to see Najib comeback as PM again. If you analyse last election properly, if UMNO and PAS work together, there will be no PH government.


You foot the 1MDB debt bill lah! And Rosie’s Rm1k hairdo! Oh yes, buy back that yacht with Rakyat’s money. And welcome back FatLow with your wide open arms!!!


No only Rosie but orso cronies bills like him. See they getting 80k per month in the GLC like the general flyer and contracts which gorek but never like pipelines or over due and roti prata road. See how susu bodek hoping to get contracts if bn back in power.


It is almost a year PH Administrators have helmed the nation. It is obvious for all to see PH lacks political will to tackle tough decisions. Both these parties PKR and Bersatu in PH coalition were riding on the same wave with the racist extremists and the munafik religious bigots. Those Malaysians still hoping for a miracle to happen… pray harder!