Why should villagers in Balai Ringin live in fear of gangsters?


Why are 800 residents in eight villages in Balai Ringin, about 100 km from Kuching, living in fear of thugs?


The villagers around Melikin and Karangan Melikin believe the thugs are linked to illegal logging outfits that have encroached into the villagers’ water catchment area.

The map above (click to enlarge) suggests that logging or land clearing has been carried out in the area. Look at what appears to be the muddy sedimentation in the brown waters downstream.

The illegal logging has reportedly polluted the villagers’ water supply area even though the Kampung Melikin water catchment ine area was gazetted in 2013. See this Borneo Post report.

But why should any villager anywhere in the country live in fear of gangsters? Presumably, the police should be stepping up patrols in the area and maintaining a strong presence to deter the thugs as a matter of urgency? This problem appears to have been going on for some time.

See an earlier Sarawak Report article that casts a spotlight on the murky world of politics, business and gangsterism in the area.

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Don Anamalai
Don Anamalai
27 Feb 2014 12.42pm

3% atau lebih 66 ribu rakyat Sarawak hidup dalam kemiskinan atau kemiskinan tegar.
Sarawak mempunyai rezab sebanyak RM22 billion, tetapi wang itu tidak digunakan untuk membangunkan negeri Sarawak dan ramai rakyat yang mengganggur!

9 Nov 2013 5.13pm

Should be renamed Anal Retentive blog.

Batu Ferringhian
Batu Ferringhian
6 Nov 2013 4.10pm

If everyone leaves Malaysia then who will stay to fight for justice? There are still a lot of Malaysians who can’t afford to migrate..tak kesian ke? The fact is..there’s a lot of BS going on at the moment and there is a lot we can do to change it. Being a keyboard warrior is not one of them 😉 On a serious note, yes, the illegal logging industry in East Malaysia is getting way out of hand. I’ve only been to Kuching once and I can’t comment on how things are there But..it really does seem like the Mahmud empire… Read more »

6 Nov 2013 11.09am

In the 50s, 60s and 70s when we talk of criminality or dangerous place it will mostly likely be referred to the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand. Now we are ahead of them in this case. For FDI previously we are ahead of them. Now we are behind them. What has become of the country.???? We have few choices left to choose from the many political parties and aduns that are out to profit for themselves not for the rakyat. Just only a few months after GE, you have frogs that start leaping out and briber continuing with their corruptible activities.… Read more »

6 Nov 2013 10.30am

This is the consequences of allowing KL Gangster 2 movie in the cinema to glamourise gangsterism.