The other side of Malaysia


This is a side of Malaysia you don’t often see, a world hidden from us. Here, we get a peek at the sad conditions inside an immigration detention centre.

Great journalism by the Aljazeera team.

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5 Dec 2009 3.53pm

How low can people go? What do u get by treating them less than humans? One day they will taste their own bitter medicine. Its so obvious the deputy minister is lying through his teeth, just look at his facial expression. How convenient, immediately transfer the blame to his subordinates. The whole system … almost all are crooked and evil!

1 Dec 2009 5.58am

Malaysia Boleh………….

people power
people power
30 Nov 2009 12.36pm

So much in words in despair, very little in action in hope. Viva Malaysians, as we continue to be the Nostradamus in our own rights without any action on our own part. Such plesantry for our own needs as oppose to the society have paved the path in Malaysia and until and when we individually without fear or favor participate in action nothing is going to change. Unless and until we are ready to chart our course for a collective action on a humanity need irrespective of race, religion, or creed, it will be same … just another day in… Read more »

30 Nov 2009 11.24am

Listen to the kind of terminology used by the immigration officers when talking about the detainees. The way they describe the frustration of the detainees, as if they were animals in a zoo. Even animals are known to go mad when they are caged up in a small space. When they let the two Sri Lankan detainees out of the caged area to speak to the journalist, it seems so devoid of humanity, like letting cattle out to graze. Is this how we treat human beings? The food trays are more than disgusting and the food is certainly unpalatable. Is… Read more »

29 Nov 2009 4.05pm

This has been going on forever. The Minister must have passed the interview to his deputy to avoid it altogether. Everyone wants to just close their eyes. The refugees have their UNHCR cards confiscated. The RELA people put them all in a plastic bag. At that point they are considered as illegals. So yes their official record will show only illegals are caught. The cards are probably destroyed? These people are utterly shameless to lie and not have any sense of compassion to these people. Well I supposed your family and your tummy is well fed who gives a damn… Read more »

28 Nov 2009 5.23pm

as Malaysia slips further behind other countries in the region, it will deteriorate to a point where its citizens start to find better life abroad illegally.

Malaysia is barely managing now because the oil wells haven’t dried up yet. but it will very soon.

With the UMNO/BN (emptying) the nation’s coffers, the country will be left with nothing.

So the day we see Msians locked up in cages like that is not very far away.

28 Nov 2009 5.18pm

one day, Malaysians will be subjected to the same treatment when caught overseas as illegals.

that day is not very far away.