Sarawak: Give them back their ancestral lands


Here is another proposal from blog reader Sean, which broadens the discussion and might be worth considering.

Your correspondent is still suggesting that PR beat BN at their own game: giving beads.

I’d like to see a Green Party campaign in rural Malaysia on a ‘give them back their ancestral lands’ agenda. I think such a party should seek to gazette large tracts of rural Malaysia as ‘heritage forest’ (possibly even using ‘Malay reserve’ legislation, but reserving it as a national treasure) and prohibit land ownership and industrial agriculture within, creating a large number of paid ‘stewardship’ positions so that the resident communities can perform simple ecological monitoring and agency in return for reasonable pay. Such an arrangement would economically reward the people of the forests for performing meaningful heritage/preservation/environmental monitoring roles that would employ their specific talents.

Of course, such a scheme would take away ‘development’ land from current or prospective urban Pakatan Rakyat voters. Sooner or later the urban voter has to accept that if they want the rural vote to assist in the ‘oust BN’ project, they’re going to have to concede something substantial to rural Malaysians. They’re just not going to beg to be allowed to vote for PR in return for sewing machines. In my view the biggest hurdle to changing the Federal government is naked urban avarice. That’s not an easy political message for the three major Pakatan Rakyat members to give to their urban constituencies. What’s needed is a committed coalition prospect like PSM (no socialist-minded voter is ever going to vote for DAP, PAS or PKR), but with an agenda that’s exactly right for the rural/heritage voter.

I think we have to look forward to a coalition government to replace BN, but we need more parties to reflect the diversity in the Malaysian voting population. The three Pakatan Rakyat parties’ accent on expediency is just not sufficient to attract people with genuine and vital needs. What is DAP offering the forest voter – a low-cost house in a shoddily-built development with a condescending suggestion to ‘learn economic activity’? What is Pas offering the forest voter – mosques? What is PKR offering the forest voter – a handful of lawyers who offer patronage in the form of cheap/free assistance with land quarrels? It’s never going to be enough *and* be compatible with the demands of the ‘work smart’ urbanite.

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Soon the native Sarawak will learn from their Form 4 Sejarah textbook that their land is actually leased to them by (BN-linked entities).


Hendrawan : Yes


Is it vote buying or not. Just read this. If it is not true, then Taib must deny or sue otherwise it will be considered as true.

Gerakan K

Another brutally honest analysis for post-Sarawak election:

Incompetent PKR: Bungling Pakatan

Andrew I

How come you’re not brutally honest with the honest minister? His party has lost the support of his people and it still has seats in the cabinet and he’s telling SUPP not to accept a cabinet position.

A case of do as I say, but don’t do as I do?


To my friends, whichever side you’re on;
Most of the rural Sarawakian are simple and honest people. Befriend them, sincerely, and try to understand what are their needs. Walk with them, share their problems while helping them.. Give them what they need, rather than what we think they should have…EARN their trust.. and you will never walk alone. ….Just my 2 cents.


Anil, I’m from Sarawak. I do think Gerakan K has a point there. Talk to the rural Sarawakian will give you a clear picture. Your call.

Noreezan Sherif

BN is now wasting RM50 million to extend its ‘1 Malaysia’ brand name to give us email account.

RM50 million should be spent on giving us free fast internet access, like what Singapore is doing with the free [email protected] for its citizens.

Email account can be obtained free (hotmail, yahoo, gmail…).
It shows BN is really out of touch of technology, unless it is another ‘projet BN’ to benefit the cronies.

Local IT player Tricubes Bhd will gain from this RM50 million 1Malaysia Email Project to provide an account each for ‘official purposes’, to all Malaysians aged 18 and above.

Andrew I

And then they say we can’t afford this and we can’t afford that.


RM50 million is no small sum!
Didn’t Idris Jala – Minister in PM Dept warn Malaysia will go bankrupt by 2019?

And they asked us Rakyat/tax-payers to tighten our belts while they clear the nation’s coffer, before GE-13, spend and steal while they still can?

Gerakan K

Actually, unique email for every citizen is good idea. Imagine all government agencies can communicate with us via email, for example, income tax matters, all types of samans, ROB/ROC renewal, application for anything eg: scholarships, permit, etc.

Email can replace over-the-counter services and convenient for anyone. Think for the old/disable people. Another best point is that, we can have a record for everything we have done.

Be positive lah. Don’t always think the crony crony crony things.

Andrew I

How do you arrive at 50 million? No tender? If DAP suggested, you’d be jumping up and down. And the last time you did was for 10 million.

How high can you jump for 50?


Any thing that is for the rakyat, they cannot afford. Anything that benefit their cronies they can afford


How often do you apply for scholarships? What percentage of Msians apply for ROB/ ROC, permits etc? The gov’t is bringing white elephant projects to a whole new level – virtual white elephants.


And they can have a record of what you have done !!!!

Gerakan K

What is the problem ??? We are talking about all official dealing with government agencies.

Got something to hide huh ???


Yes there is. They can put you onto the internet or through their UMNO cronies or media. Thats what they have been doing.


Another 50 millions project to his cronies which may well cost very very less. If Najib is sincere, he should have given us a free streamyx or reduce the fee.

Ask yourself, do you really need this E-Mail. Just compare the efficiency of the streamyx email to hotmail, yahoo and gmail and you will know why you do not need this email.

Gerakan K

How do you know that 1Malaysia email is no better than streamyx,hotmail, yahoo or gmail ???

RPK told you ??? Opps, sorry to mention your ex-hero. Seriously, how do you know ???


Only a fool like you would say that.

Can you sent an email more than 2MB with streamyx. Yahoo, GMail and Hotmail can send 20G and free spamming control. Streamyx, you have to pay for it.

Another ignorant comment. RPK is not my hero and to me just a … He is a turncoat, trojan horse….


Although the Dayak formed the majority, yet they could not form the government. The reason is they are willing to go for that pittance. The Melanau are categorize into Malay/Melanau and they are muslim. Why they vote 100% Taib is because they fear the lost of power.

Gerakan K

Oh, what a racist comment !!! Avoid such generalization please.


Before you call me a racist, tell that to Mahathir, Perkasa and UMNO and not forgetting Utusan. Yes you can tell that to Najib 1Malaysia, why I was not given a 8% discount on buying a new house or why I need more A to go into university or why (the NEP) which was supposed to finish in 1990 has been continue indefinitely….

But I would not want to be a WANNABE like you …….. I work hard for it.


Please stop berating the locals as though you know more than them. You are not a Dayak. You do not live in Sarawak. You do not know how they think, and you do not know why they think the way they think. This is a democracy. A democracy really means one thing – respect each voter’s vote, even if the voters voted for the candidate that you don’t like. Be humble when you win, and be gracious when you lose. If I am the chief honcho of the PR I want PR to be something that people can relate to,… Read more »


I am not berating the local. I have made these comment long before the Sarawak election not just of the local but in general the people of rural and interior in Peninsula, Sabah and Sarawak. In Peninsula and Penang, I specify more on the Indian because I have seen more Indian in down trodden conditions than the other. Current statistic shows more crimes are now been done by the Indian than the other race. Good jobs are not given to Indian because of their attitude. The truth is that Chinese firm are reluctant to hire Indian. Why ?? Find out.… Read more »

Gerakan K

To local people of Sarawak, pr is a temporary “hit and run pact”. Show to local people first that pr is a permanent pact before using any election manifesto, whether “give land back”, “1 billion fund”, etc. Anil, you need to talk to rural Sarawakians next time in Sarawak. Urban and pro kakis will give you wrong ideas. Avoid Kuching next time. Pick other rural areas, possibly PBB strong-holds and learn why they support Mr Taib. More importantly don’t ask pr supporters’ opinions. They only provide you sweet talks and their hopes. Talk to PBB supporters instead. They will give… Read more »


LOL!!! What to ask rural folks, huh? The decades of social ‘conditioning’ by Sarawak BN government had kept the local natives in the interior backward, poor and many still in their native cawats – in poverty and illiteracy while the Muslims/Muslim-converts being kept religiously busy – … with no interest whatsoever in politics of the day – that’s for easy manipulation while balak, tanah, minyak semua kena curi! So whatever small development thrown at them, seems like a giant leap in their livelihood, they’d jump in joy and eternally grateful to the sitting government – PBB/BN, unaware where all those… Read more »


ooops, correct last sentence –

“Its lack of information from the outside world and illiteracy, the main causes of most problems facing them”


Gerakan K

Oh boy, your comment perfectly matched the statement by Truth (

“You are stupid, I am smart. You must listen to me because you stupid people may learn something from me. If you do not listen to me you will regret it”

rural folks = stupid ??? OMG !!! What a city commentator !!!


PR is here to stay. DAP has been there for more than 15 years and has made steady progress. PKR though enter Sarawak only recently has made significant inroad. SUPP and SNAP will go into oblivion just as Gerakan in Penang. The only alternative is PR.

Gerakan K

I dare to say that Dap had reached the max of their capability in Sarawak. They have won the max possible in Sarawak and that is all. No more chinese majority areas.

Not a big deal.

As for PKR, what ??? A significant inroad ??? Please lah. In fact PKR is no better than TKO Pas. Only got 3 seats.

0 seat Pas = nobody
3 seats PKR = mosquito party


35 seats PBB = big brother in Sarawak

Andrew I

big bully.

sang kancil

Gerakan K, I believe you must be dense or blind. Whichever, Bn’s days are numbered.

Andrew I

Different strokes for different folks in the real sense? A lot better than a coalition based on racial differences in theory but on common greed in reality, and when it comes to the crunch, there being no honor among thieves.

At the very least, real needs can be met.