Kg Buah Pala: No deal struck yet


2219: Contrary to reports that a deal has been struck with all the villagers, half the remaining households have not yet accepted the developer’s vaguely worded compensation offer.

This is the current position:

  • Those who had left much earlier and signed – 9 households
  • Those who have now accepted and signed – 12 households
  • Those who have not signed – 12 households

The above information was provided to me by Sugumaran, the village committee chairman, when I contacted him a moment ago.

“The 12 (who have not signed) are with us now.”

I asked him what they were looking for.

“We want a concrete proposal and not the vaguely worded offer that was given to us earlier. We want an assurance that if, for whatever reason, Nusmetro is unable to continue the project, whoever takes over the project will continue to honour the offer. The state or any other party must be willing to provide such a guarantee.”

Sugumaran added that the villagers, whose backs are against the wall after yesterday’s display of force and arrests, will be holding a meeting among themselves tomorrow night. Few outsiders – especially those who have never stepped foot in the village – understand what it is like for them to lose their village.

The villagers, still emotionally recovering from the traumatic experience yesterday, want the loopholes in the compensation offer to be removed and a proposal that spells things out clearly.

Leaving politics aside, to me, it’s not unreasonable to ask for something concrete; there have been too many previous cases of villagers and pioneers who were offered and promised all sorts of things to entice them to leave – only to find themselves stranded later because they had nothing legally enforceable.

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Yepp, have to get something in writing that can be backed up in a court of law and which must be honored by whoever takes over the project.


wong ka wai,jangan shiok sendiri! .bila saya baca komen anda,saya rasa bahawa anda pandai “spin” macam gasing .saya mengundi dap pada masa GE-12 lepas,tapi tak perlu saya menulis atau mempertahankan diri saya.dan saya tahu antares ialah anak bangsa malaysia sejati.

What do you really want?

Dear Anil, I have always admired your fair reporting on all issues and an ardent fan of yours without doubt, but, this time, I think you are sorely misled by the Sugumaran, guy! Firstly, before getting ourselves embroiled in a matter that is today no longer an issue to most Penangnites of all races, except, Sukumaran. Just what do they really want? They are twisting and turning at every opportunity to screw or to fish for more sympathy, from the everyone who bothers to listen to them. To those who had accepted the deal brokered by the State Government in… Read more »


Anil .. can you stop posting the buah pala .. bored adi .. this will never ending story .. in legal means they are squatters .. please be fair .. .. we pay for our land , cost of building tax , loan intrest and whatever u named it for us to own a home .. these villagers .. stay there claimed is their land and until now there is no black and white proof .. means they are squatter .. accept it .. there are many more cases in malaysia .. what is so special about these villagers ..… Read more »


I see people pointing fingers here and there, what’s the fuss? Easy lah….since BN/UMNO keep chanting 1Malaysia, People First, cut some land from Pulau Burung and give it to KBP residents lah…fertile land somemore, can plant banana, can plant coconut, can plant durian….they will be grateful and when the plants bear fruit, they give back some to MIC, UMNO, Koh Tsu Koon to show their gratitude.


Again NO MORE NEGOTIATION BY THE STATE GOVERNMENT. Whether the developer want to pay them nothing, peanuts, an attap house, a double storey or a bungalow is no more our concern any more. Lest they be evicted and their house demolish is also no more the concern of the government and Pakatan as they have been offered a good deal before. Whether they want to vote Pakatan or not in the next election is up to them. THE GOVERNMENT, DAP & PAKATAN MUST NOT BE THREATENED BY THESE FEW PEOPLE LIKE sugu & steven WHO HAVE BEEN USED BY MIC… Read more »


Well said Tommy (Sept 7th 10.50am) I will relate you my story. When our houses were torn down at K.Lumpur Jln. Cheras 3 1/2 miles (ooposite KFC Tmn. Pertama, Cheras), during the early 80’s to make way for a ‘white elephant’ bicycle velodrome development, we don’t get much help like what the KBP residents had. There is no Lim Guan Eng, no state govt asistance and obviously the BN don’t give a …. We were asked to moved to adjacent wooden long-houses which was being ‘kelam-kabut’ built one two months earlier near a dumpsite behind the current KL Badminton Stadium… Read more »


What is not yours is not yours… Compensation??? What compensation???? A bunch of greedy I******!!!! You want to vote for BN go ahead> Nobody bothers anymore.


Steven & Sugu want something concrete. Let me tell him about me. I paid 10,000 deposit for a 74,000 flat. The loan was approved. All loan and housing agreement were signed. The project was abandoned. Now I don`t have the house and I still have to service the loan. Kg Buah Pala agreement was sealed through the intervention of the Penang government and Chief Minister department. What more do they want. REMEMBER they are squatters and they have no say at all whatsoever. UMNO and MIC are causing trouble and Sugu and Steven (appear to be) part of it. The… Read more »


Poor!Suffering! Do you know if you save RM250,000 in the bank, the bank consider you a high net worth individual! These folks are going to get a double storey house worth RM500K thru the efforts of LGE/PAKATAN and they are laughing NOT JUST all the way to the bank BUT at us the general public at large for being hoodwink by THEM!

Remember. they were just SQUATTERS legally true and through!


Well said Wong Ka Wai!!

Dino, do you know that when the majority of the chinese have their houses torn down to make way for development what and how much do they get?? Go ask around and you will be wiser!! Mostly only RM20K and one small two room apartment built by the developer.
And what the residents of KBP want?? Go and figure out if you are smart!!

Wong Ka Wai

Sekarang Antares dan Dino boleh senyap.

13 penghuni Kg Buah Pala memang pencetus masalah. Sudah minta RM300000 pampasan bagi setiap rumah yang diroboh.

Mereka ini sengaja hendak buat kecoh dan bertujuan bagi memburukkan nama parti DAP serta Kerajaan Pulau Pinang.

Jika dilihat dari segi perundangan, pemaju tidak perlu membayar pampasan kerana tanah itu dibeli secara sah.


Anil, seems like the villagers flip-flopped again. earlier, was asking to refine the double storey house offer, now is asking for 300k compensation. Do you know what is the actual stand? what they actually want?


STAR ONLINE:Kg Buah Pala: 13 households want RM300,000 each compensation.

Well I hope they get it, and get on with their lives.
PLEASE BUY THE LAND. Don’t lease or rent.
I know making payments and servicing the loan is a pain, but it pays off in the long run.
In the interest of your children, BUY THE LAND.


We have had enough of KBP greedy lots’s nonsense; just send in the bulldozers and done it over with.


So when will MIC’s RM3.2 million already stashed in the bank be dished out to the villagers? Or will this segment of a Tamil movie starring the one and only Samy Vellu be pulled?

Is the deal a rehash of what was agreed upon earlier before it was rejected by the villagers and LGE washed his hands off this? If so, why the rejection in the first place and what made it a success the second time around?


If that is the case, it is just too bad. Common for the residents to flip and flop. Now they are doing this to the developer. What else? Trying to get Najib to crawl and beg and obtain brownie points?BN is finished here after MIC’s thuggery behavior…


BN regain back selongor? In dream!.. unless super duper dirty tactics used. Or.. If it’s not najib, then it might will be. However muhyidin still doubts.

KBP issue..
Being poor is no wrong.. but why did you all choose to be poor.

However.. being greedy is sooooo wrong.

you want bungalow ahh?

Wong Ka Wai

dino, awak ini suka dengar berita baik biarpun palsu. Jika dalam sesebuah negara atau organisasi mempunyai orang macam awak, saya boleh pasti bahawa negara atau organisasi itu akan musnah atau dikalahkan oleh pihak lawannya. Kawan sejati bukan hanya membodek, apabila tiba masanya nasihat berupa cucukan jarum harus diberikan supaya kawan anda yang sedang bermimpi itu sedar hakikat sebenar. Penduduk Kg Buah Pala sudah kalah dalam tindakan perundangan, juga kalah dalam aspek publisiti, tetapi diberi peluang bagi mendapat pampasan yang nilainya tinggi. Kebanyakkan penduduk sudah menerima hakikat ini dan justeru itu juga menerima pampasan yang diperjuangkan oleh Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang.… Read more »


Dear fellows, The strategy plan by Najib is using “good cop” & “bad cop” routine but on the larger scale on the state of Selangor itself. You see how the Federal government is sending conflicting signals to the population at large what it intent to do with this 1Malaysia. On one hand, you have the 1Malaysia call, asking for charging of the protestor by the PM, then you have the other hand defending the protestor by the Ministry of Interior. Then you have Police concluding the investigation and handing their report for AG to take action, but the AG then… Read more »


Holding politicians to their promises is dicey. When politicians want their vote they will promise you. Accept their promise at your risk! There are no angels in politics, whether PR or BN. But it seems that PR is being held to a far higher standard than BN. If BN politicians were the ones who promised to save KBP will they be held accountable? Will people will still be talking endlessly about election promises? Will the BN Chief Minister get involved? Those who continue to slam LGE and PR are welcome to vote BN and expect better treatment for TOL holders… Read more »


uncle buck the toothless ,if you have nothing positive to say about kampung buah pala folks,then don’t say anything .since, you are not in the shoes of these suffering people and refuse to look at things according to them. wong kai wai and sarah, thanks the heavens ,i don’t have friends like you guys.there are real people involved here,helpless people especially ,after the majority of the people in penang have turn their backs on them.since ,you guys have no sympathy for them ,then why bother commenting on a problem that lge supporters have considered a non-issue to them,and yet ,they… Read more »


Anil, Thanks for information on the completion date ( my oversight). Becomes more pertinent that details like the completion date is documented. Personally, that is just some of the many minimum details a rational person will require before committing. Just because the villagers rights had been compromised by the alleged land scam (alleged no less than by LGE), they just to accept anything put before them. BTW, I might be wrong but I believe the intial offer was d/s house with land area of 1200 sf instead of 1400 sf. Good points. The land area offered was 1,200 sq ft… Read more »


Shud hv done that earlier, instead of asking LGE goes back to Melaka, critizing PR, making noises, going here and there seeking help from useless people. Want concrete proposal, talk to LGE, Dr Rama, Rayer nicely and believe they will help you from the bottom of their hearts. Don’t let emotion and outsiders to ‘goreng’ you all anymore.

Ravi Vijaya

Anil, I agree with you that it’s not unreasonable for the villager’s to ask for for a more concrete offer. They were promised the entire village to themselves by various PR politicians who vowed never to let them down but the villager’s are now faced with a deafening silence from these same “champions of the people” today. They have been bitten once and are now twice shy. They are also being very realistic about it. I have seen how vague and deceptive the offer is and no one in their right minds would accept such an offer as an honourable… Read more »