Jerit campaign cyclist arrested near Kulim


Just received word that one of the 45 Jerit cyclists on the way from Alor Star to KL via Penang has been arrested in the small village of Merbau Pulas near Kulim this evening.

According to Sungai Siput MP Jeyakumar Devaraj, Ruben was detained for distributing leaflets which did not indicate the Jerit office address. Leaflets are supposed to bear the publisher’s name and address. The Jerit leaflets only displayed the Jerit website address, the Jerit email, and the Jerit office phone number.

But the Jerit website shows the Jerit office address.

Jeyakumar is now at the Sungai Karangan police station near Kulim, where he is negotiating with the officers.

The cyclists are due to submit a memorandum to Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng on 6 December.

Another team of cyclists is making its way up from the south. They are due to converge on Parliament on 18 December to hand in a memorandum with six demands to Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi and Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim.

The six demands are:

  • A minimum wage
  • The repeal of oppressive laws such as the ISA
  • An end to the privatisation of public utilities.
  • Price controls for essential items
  • The return of local council elections
  • Decent, affordable homes for the people
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Suresh Chand
Suresh Chand
5 Dec 2008 5.08pm

Can we have a common letter of protest for everyone to sign?

5 Dec 2008 2.20pm

I personally believe there are still huge numbers of good/reasonable police in the force. Not all are bad eggs. Some times, they have no choice as they are at the mercy of those holding the political power.

5 Dec 2008 12.03pm

i think there are just too many jokers around us… and it’s fruitless to do anything… the whole jurisdiction system and polis force (have to get rid of corruption).

Dato' Bendara
Dato' Bendara
5 Dec 2008 1.40am

Hahaha..jerit…hahaaahhaa..funny…funny…no so!!

Dalbinder Singh Gill
Dalbinder Singh Gill
4 Dec 2008 11.43pm

arrested for just planning to cycle, come on la , look at cycling as something healthy la…

4 Dec 2008 10.46pm

Poor PDRM! Every move they make to protect their bosses is making them look worse and worse in the public eye – if I were a cop I’d trade in my blue uniform for a chef’s apron & set up a Ramly Burger franchise outside my house…

4 Dec 2008 9.55pm

Come on, don’t there have better reasons to arrest? Farish Noor’s books were confiscated for the same reason; no address! What is next?