Federal Court blow for High Chaparral villagers


1640: The High Chaparral villagers have lost their application for a stay of execution and leave for re-trial.

They will now have to go back and explore their options.

1030: It’s crunch time at the Federal Court for the High Chaparral villagers, who are staring at the prospect of eviction.

Dalbinder is providing live coverage here.

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I think we should not look at the Hich Chapparral case with a rascist slant as what Waytha, who himself is racist, accused Lim Guan Eng as such (Star dated 1/7/09). As law abiding citizens, let the law take it’s course, and not take to the streets, as what Hindraf’s trade mark is, and shouting unrealistic demands. This High Chaparral case was an unresolved legacy from the previous BN Government, and using a Pakatan election promise as a leverage to demand for redress, is just not it. I think the residents in Kg Pala should explore other options like altenative… Read more »


Dear Anil, Today in the August house, the half baked Deputy Defence Minister Datuk Dr Abdul Latif Ahmad claim it will ONLY cost the rakyat 50 million to maintain the additional Watania Forces. There is an hidden agenda to this and this looks like the National Service format. I am wondering how on earth can he Just say 50 million at this time of recession. We have not felt the full impact yet but there are strong sentiments prevailing at this time. Leaving alone recession, has he done a in depth study of the additional forces. Maybe he is trying… Read more »

Pretty Obvious

This is what happen when we do not get our politicians to account for their actions.

They think they can destroy other people’s homes and walk away with their profits.

Pretty Obvious

This is what happen when we do not seek accountability from our politicians. They think they get get away with it.

Dr. No

The state govt. must intervene and do all it can to stop THIS STUPID SO CALLED DEVELOPMENT.of this Heritage site. CM Lim
Guan Eng at all cost must stop tHis rubbish and unfair grab of land from helpless Rakyat. I know, in the end all will go well. MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!!!!!!!


To all intents and purposes things have become so polarized on this planet – not just this country – it now appears that the super-rich and morally challenged elite are waging all-out war against the poor and disenfranchised masses! This is what happens when Mammonism rules, disguised as every other instititionalized religion.


MSM the star has reported…MP tony pua KICKED OUT OF PARLIAMENT…..most of the tourists and international travellers inside flights normally glance through this paper often….they will be surprised to see this sort of below the belt language from a responcible daily…shame on this paper…star is exposing malaysia controlled media`s level of intellegence