For Yasmin


Yasmin, dressed in white, appears like an angel towards the end of this clip as she sits down to commune in silent reverie with the boy whose house has been demolished…

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This is beautiful. I’m from singapore but am a great fan of Yasmin, her films and advertstories, and a keen follower of malaysian politics. I think she is a great soul whose spirit extends beyond national boundaries, and definitely one that fills in the void in my country.


I miss Yasmin so much now……

Phua Kai Lit

Dear Anil and other Progressive Friends

Sorry to go off topic.

Can I bring your attention to this inspiring article on the late Senator Edward Kennedy?


Semoga roh allahyarhamah dicucuri rahmat.


The rakyat rant & raved…..

Yet they are still buying luxury homes “around” the world lah………!!!!

“They don’t really care about us…!!!”


I wish I knew Yasmin personally. Never bothered or paid much attention to her movies or her work. After her passing, I guess all that hype made her saint in every Malaysia’s eyes.

God Bless Her Soul

people power

This is the truth and reality. Such low comments, such lost of words, everyone is dumbfounded for the individual hypocrisy that lies beneath themselves as we have seen in Kg Buah Pala issue, only for themselves as oppose to the goodwill of the community and the so called society that we hope to create. Viva Malaysia, the fools that we continue to be to be manipulated primarily in our subjective terms. 52 years has forsaken us what is another 100 years for the perception created for what fit’s one’s own agenda. Malaysia is just a standby and a stepping stone,… Read more »


Excellent effort from Linus Chung. The simplicity of his approach immediately touches the heart. And so timely, too, in view of all that’s been happening around Kg Buah Pala. “My father built this house with his own hands…” and that’s why Rama is happy to live in it. Outwardly it looks like a hovel, but the love that dwells within transform it into a heavenly abode.


Yasmin will be, to my generation, what P.Ramlee was to my father’s generation.

A film-maker that was way ahead of their time.

Morning Dew

When a child sees his dream house through the eyes of greed of their fathers then our education system had failed our next generation.

Through the innocence and purity of a child could rama see his dream house as the house he is staying in. Only through his love for his father could he see his dream house as an expression of love of his father.

A society imbued with greed and materialism will see rama as foolish. Society need more such foolishness.


That reminds me. Look at the news report below in The Star. The Kg Buah Pala folks have got a great deal after discussion with UMNO and the developer completed. This seems to be better that what the Penang State Government arranged. Anil, this is what happens when a small community has too many leaders who each have a mind of their own and impose too many conditions, as though they can achieve miracles. And Sugumaran is teling taht he does not know what was the outcome of the talks? Wonder why he was nto informed, when the two parties… Read more »


Some ignorant people seem to be so captivated and mersmerized with this ‘double story house’,thingy.Do this justice seeking citizens think that,those villagers of Kg Buah Pala are so gullible and fools to trust and take the words of the developer and the Penang DAP govt on face value?Do they remember the pre March 2008 elections promises made to those poor villagers by PR and the personal promises which came from the very mouth of Anwar Ibrahim?Why hoodwink those poor people now?Why cant the state govt or the developer,give all full details of the double story house`purpotedly’ worth RM500,000?How if they… Read more »

Samuel Goh Kim Eng


Touching scenes that show local reality
Yet there’s more than sympathy with empathy
Let’s hope and pray for more human sanity
So that the poor and needy will be free from pity

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 270809
Thur. 27th Aug. 2009.

johanssm / khun Pana

This short clip truly captured and reflects Malaysia’s Merdeka .
Fifty years of nothing.

Kg Buah Pala , still wants bn?


Feeling… and feel like crying and what a feeling. Malaysian leaders especially the ruling elites must watch this but I know they don’t bother…!!!


So sad to see this video. Whilst some are not having even a place to live nor food to eat, there are some, in fact many, who never worked hard at all nor inherited anything but are buying multi million pound homes in London despite having gaji only 2 or 3 thousand ringgit.

We are the only country in the world where some earn small money but can buy luxury homes in Mayfair, St John’s Wood, Knightsbridge in London.


Rama’s mother would be delighted to receive a double storey terrace house, wouldn’t she?

Michael Chua

I love this anil…RIP Yasmin…you are True 1Malaysia spirit…

lim seng

Good piece of work. Much better than Ho Yuhang’s “Potong Saga”, which is predictable and trite. This one by Linus Chung is simple, touching and meaningful.