Diplomat who described Penan plight as “petty” asked to resign


The Malaysian High Commissioner to the UK has come under criticism for his remarks that the Penan issue is trivial.

Zakaria Sulong provoked the ire of environmentalists and indigenous rights campaigners when he described the plight of the Penan in the same breath as other “petty issues like animals in zoos”.

Much of the Penan’s traditional rainforests homeland has been degraded and they are still struggling for their native customary rights to their land to be upheld.

But Zakaria was quoted as saying their plight was “petty”.

His remarks were publishing in a report in the Borneo Post

Many non-government organisations (NGOs) in the United Kingdom who are said to be championing the cause of Malaysia including Sarawak have hidden and personal agendas, says the Malaysian High Commissioner to the UK – Datuk Seri Zakaria Sulong.

“What we do is collect reports on all the good and bad things written or said about the country and send them back to Malaysia. Issues range from politics to petty issues like animals in zoos and the Penans in Sarawak.

His comments provoked a stern rebuke from the Swiss-based Bruno Manser Fund, which called on Zakaria to resign.

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Spoken in the spirit of Ketuanan Melayu.


Something is very wrong in Malaysia when
an abused feline attracted more attention than the plight of the Penans and Orang Asli.


look out for ..”Resign as Malaysian high commissioner to uk” on facebook and make it viral.


Massive clearing of pristine rainforest, disruption of eco-system, raping of Penan girls, denying the rights to ancestral lands and pocketing of massive profits from timber while the livelihood of the natives is left to hang in the sun – these are petty issues?
What kind of justice is this?
Even an Orang Utan, an animal can cry day & night for the Penans.

Gerakan K

Tiada pihak di Malaysia panggil si Z resign pun. Orang asing apa tau hal dalaman Malaysia ??? Jangan peduli permintaan orang asing yang blur-blur itu.



Gerakan K

Again, the foreigners don’t know a thing about Malaysia please keep quiet. Your blur-blur statement is so funny !!!

BN supported by the MAJORITY people of MALAYSIA. It’s MAJORITY. Face the FACT you blur-blur sotong !!!