Clock ticks on talks as eviction deadline looms


Penang state government reps and Kg Buah Pala villagers are resuming closed-door negotiations at 9.00pm today.

They are racing against time to find a resolution to the crisis as a 2 August eviction deadline looms.

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It is sad the honest folks at Kg Buah Pala has been misled time and again by you know who.

Why can’t they see that the state is helping them? Are they so blind or just noobs?


Yeah but the wrong party. However, there are plenty of guillible Malaysians around. Guess why even Kinabatangan MP can be elected into the Parliment.
Oooooi, where the hell is Darshan Singh? …..Darshan should thank god… that he’s dealing with Penang State government.
Back in Singapore, such fella would be tossed…


KG.Buah Pala villigers.Don’t lost hope.Do not move until all of you taken care.If need be let the Federal Gov. PDRM/Court put you all in the lokap. The grand father/mother, farther/mother/sister, son/daughter,grand son/daughter,great grand son/dauhhter,cow/goat/dog/cat/chicken and what ever. Let the whole world know that this is 1MALAYSIA.


mic wants to buy back the land with 3.2m wo , true ???


V knew tat BN wud have bulldozed d village tat is why v have voted 4 Pakatan DAP. Now d villagers r still fighting 4 their homes. Wat a pity, Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi. GOD SAVE D VILLAGERS.


I heard Hindraf (could be) making this into a race issue. I believe the issue here is this – I hear tomorrow of an announcement of Hindraf. I am sure Human Rights Party will push this into an Indian issue. Look and see.


High Chaparral the days numbered As the light begins to dim The villagers fear for the worst The decades old village It will be gone like others before You can’t fight When you don’t listen When state wants to discuss You want outsiders to meddle The court has ruled There will be ground to evict Time is running out now You don’t have much time To play the way you want PR government Find ways to stop the act Use the power vested in the state To find a quick solution to the problem So much is at stake The… Read more »


This is how deep seated the problem is, even with a PR state gormen, BN are ruling de facto alledgedly through covert means


Kg.B.Pala folks should make a trip to Najib’s residence to request him to help. He was willing to help Saiful[Sodomy] to get a scholarship for unknown studies but the villagers have a genuine problem,so he should help out.Their land was (grabbed while under the watch of) his men and he,as their chief can ‘correct’ this…


I agree with Dr Pang HC.

Dr. Pang HC

A lot of time was wasted when the villagers were waging war against the Penang state government.

A BN state government would have bulldozed them over without any form of negotiation.

Now they are racing against time, can anyone be faulted? (besides Koh Tsu Koon)