Kg Buah Pala villagers spend night in darkness


Kampung Buah Pala villagers have been thrown back into the Dark Ages after electricity was disconnected in most of the houses still standing, many of them partially damaged.

Photos by Anil

Small groups of dejected and subdued villagers and other visitors sat huddled in quiet conversation along the lane under the glare of street lights.

Several houses still standing used candles to illuminate their partly broken homes. A stray dog trotted aimlessly along the lane.

Meanwhile, 12 households lodged a police report at the Jelutong police station tonight claiming that the developer had no right to commence demolition of their homes as the Federal Court order only granted them vacant possession and not the right to demolish, according to a village spokesperson.

A few of the villagers have not given up hope of moving to an alternative site to set up a cultural village.

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Where on earth are the NGO’s, kemen. kebajikan, welfare bodies, suhakam?


Anil is not the instigator, its Hindraf (allegedly) for financial reasons, they (allegedly) have an agreement with the villagers to get part of the compensation….

agreed. Anil is one of the instigators


And i suppose if one of those candles causes a fire, that too will be LGE’s fault!!!

bullock cart

greedy and arrogant will end up in mess

Wong Ka Wai

Kepada penduduk Kg Buah Pala,

sila jangan teruskan usaha yang sia-sia. Terimalah pampasan rumah teres dua tingkat dengan RM8000 segera sebelum pemaju berhenti memberikannya.

Laporan polis adalah tidak berguna kerana jika ada tindakan susulan selepas laporan polis adalah tindakan mahkamah juga. Ingat, kamu sudah kalah dalam tindakan undang-undang 2 kali. Jangan membazirkan tenaga, harapan dan wang dengan sia-sia.

Sila dengar kepada nasihat umum yang tidak mempunyai kepentingan dalam kes ini.