Who is subsidising whom?


The government says it wants to remove subsidies. But what about the subsidies enjoyed by the super-rich corporate elites and their corporations – soft loans, incentives, ever lower corporate tax rates, lop-sided concessions, pioneer status tax breaks, capital allowances, tax deductions, etc?

Check out this fz.com article:
How the middle class is subsidising the corporate elites and why it has to stop

And is it only the middle-class subsidising the wealthy? What about the essential products and services produced by monopolies – which the lower-income group have to buy?

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semuanya OK kot

Subsidising or exploiting? It is the same in “advanced” Europe and USA where millions of families are hungry and homeless in the cold despite the TV propaganda. Stop taking the TV, news and ratings businesses at face value. They are part of the scam and must do what their masters order. Ditto for the banks, “intelligence” agencies and enforcement agencies. Ditto for “right-wing” politicians, “left-wing” ones and “dictators.” All issue their sound bites on queue. USA-worshippers should be aware of a US Supreme Court ruling that (a) businesses are persons (b) money contibuted for elections is free speech (c) such… Read more »

Don Anamalai

I refer to this famous chinese-bashing words by Ali Rustam: “We can’t have casinos, 4D, Toto, gambling, lottery, massage parlours, ah long. These are all illegal. And the Chinese are the ones dabbling with all the illegal businesses,”

I am not sure if he is aware that Genting Group and Berjaya Group are paying tax (duit haram?) to the BN government.

He should instead question PM Najib who used RM100m in annual gambling profits for education:


Regardless of whether they pay taxes or not the facts as he has laid them out remain. The writer of that article you quote may be expressing facts albeit from a religious perspective. The BN is a secular government which allows you and me to indulge in those things that the Muslims (observant ones and orthodox) should not or may not.

In Australia they seize the proceeds of crime and tax it as income in the hands of the criminal. That does not mean that the government encourages or accepts as legitimate the commission of criminal offenses does it?


BN is a secular government?

I think you choose to bypass the sejarah according to Umno.
Mahathir has turned Malaysia from secular nation to an Islamic fundamentalist state in his 929 declaration. Go for your BTN refresher course.



World Spinning Record


Not funny. It was Dr M stopping the Kelantan’s hudud law passed by PAS in state assembly. It is a FACT that you can easily google.

Don Anamalai

Anil You should be aware by now that this letter by Siti Hajar to our 1Malaysia PM is trending hotly on cyberspace: http://www.beritaterkini.my/surat-siti-hajar-aladin-najib-razak http://wargamarhaen.blogspot.com/2013/09/surat-siti-hajar-aladin-kepada-najib.html Surat Siti Hajar Aladin Kepada Najib Razak (Perdana Menteri). Gaji Bersih RM2032 di KL? Simpanan RM213.40. Boleh Beli Rumah Apa? Beban atas kenaikan minyak amat dirasai pada golongan kami. ◾Gaji kasar : RM2300 (fresh graduate) ◾Gaji bersih : RM2032 (masih tidak layak menerima BR1M) ◾Kereta : RM 400 (Kawasan yang sukar mendapatkan public transport seperti di kawasan Damansara, maka kami memerlukan kereta) ◾Tol: RM1.60 x 2 kali sehari : RM 3.20 x 23 hari = RM73.60… Read more »


There is not a single country on the face of this earth that does not subsidize their major industries in one way or the other. It is the lifeblood of commerce. And commerce is the lifeblood of the revenue of government. The corporate elites as you refer to them as (without defining what such an opaque term means) are often the precious investments of risk takers who deserve the breaks they get from government. If such incentives which you complain of as being a sinister exercise of government are not forthcoming then you will have the case of capital flight… Read more »

Proud of you

Top class comment with brain turns on. You are so intelligent, non-partisan and your comment worth to be referenced from time to time.

Makahai U. Loser

New economic actions. Subsidy for everyone including the rich ones is simply unsustainable. The gain from subsidy reduction will be channeled to BR1M for low income group. In BN we trust.

aidil yunus

Malays can now BEEP with joy on top of , but GST will soomn wipe away their smile as most of them have never pay income tax.


Malays can invest in Amanah Saham Bumiputera 1 & 2, and get easy money of 8.8% return a year while shaking leg at home.

Makahai U. Loser

Of course, Malays always happy voting BN since merdeka. I urge you to retract the malays never pay taxes statement. It is simple untrue. I believe you is a chinese pretending to be a malay. What else you want to prove? BN vs PR? Please grow up and stop spreading lies.


To be more precise, most Malay never pay taxes

Hua Sai

We certainly need responsible bloggers like Anil to highlight this issue as the BN government is never transparent and continue to treat the citizens as ignorant and uneducated to believe in the spin tales of its mainstream media.

Well done, Anil.


Few days ago, Sin Chew reported that the international sugar price is RM1.80/kg. At retail price of RM2.50/kg, Malaysians are actually subsidising RM0.70/kg. It is unsure whether the people are subsidising the government or the owner of sugar manufacturer

najib manaukau

All the woes and scandals of this country , exposed daily will never come to a stop unless the coalition partners jump ship yesterday to the opposition. Thus leaving the Umno morons as the opposition and that is the only solution to all the problems that Malaysia is having. Do it now, it is better late than never, and remember whatever short comings you see in the opposition it will take sometime to address but a half loaf is always than the morons that is in Putrajaya !


I agree with the article.


What about the Cowgate loans? Horrendous, irresponsible and who in their right mind gave the nod to approve such a huge loan to a minister’s family? We want it back to our national coffer with full interests!

Hua Sai

I suspect Shahrizat’s husband is just a proxy working for the Umno eliteputera(?)
He will never be prosecuted … Now (do) you know why Shahrizat has be reelected as the Wanita chief(?)


… These fatcats not only keep their salaries but feed their entire families on freebies – free houses and utilities and free Patrol. Did anyone know that we have elected wimpies and beggars – till they die too the Rakyat have been paying; Not in few hundred ringgits but millions of Ringgit. we are their Bosses KICK them out..Pay for their own expenses from their pockets from today onwards. Ini semua salah (penggundi)… Now you see them laughing to the bank and living lavishly, on your money while you, who put them in Power still forge rivers and undevelopment as… Read more »

Chin Tann Kaw

Our local university ranking fell because Economics Faculty not able to explain this to the undergraduates. Supply vs Demand & Genie Coefficients impact local lecturers unable to impart his/her knowledge otherwise promotion opportunities limited.

To them, without subsidy Barang Naik can happen.

Hua Sai

With people like Ridhuan Tee in IPTA, how do you expect the ranking to go up?


The psy, k pops and even the dinner during the recently concluded election are all subsidized by us as proven by the audit report. If Barang Naik win, in name the sponsor may subsidize and they will get all the 1 Malaysia Prima contract but the house will be up another 10 or more per cent. In reality we will be the one subsidizing. Thats the reason for Goh outburst when LGE made a comment regarding the Prima 1M houses.