Protest outside Penang State Assembly


Some 70 people staged a noisy protest outside the Penang State Assembly at about 11.00am.

They were protesting about the Komtar traders’ complaints and the state’ government’s acquisition of land in Balik Pulau. 

Some in the group of placard-bearing protesters shook the gates of the State Assembly and shouted at the men in suits standing inside the premises who had gathered for the Budget session. A handful of police were also present.

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For the few noisemakers…. I sympathise with you for losing all the lucrative contracts now that gerakan is powerless under the CAT system.

You may wnat to ‘earn your haram living’ by moving to BN-controlled states.

Charlie Oscar

Dear Anil,
“Penang state assembly speaker Abdul Halim Hussain has condemned the protest by various groups this morning as being in “contempt” of the House.”

Protest OUTSIDE the State Assembly by “Others” are considered in CONTEMPT of the House.
WOW…this is Democracy, CAT or MOUSE practised by the Pembangkang Rakyat (PR)!!!
Therefore, I AM NOW IN CONTEMPT of the HOUSE!!!


And the police is missing. Isn’t that great that the 70 people can even climb the door and no police is around.


… Wah total screwed junks will sell anything for money…

Gerakan K

If any protester = clown as proclaimed by supporters here,

then I fear that Malaysia will move backward 200 years if PR ever capture Putrajaya in next GE.


Have no fear. All rakyat will suffer more under the bn admin. We want change, we do not want wastage and corruption.


So a demo against Cheap Minister must be orchestrated by UMNO/BN and must be racial in nature and must be condemned but any demo against BN is OK and must be applauded ? What kind a twisted, warped logic is this ? DAP is clearly showing its .. claws by … destroying the homes of (certain groups) and driving away to the mainland or elsewhere. Penang is developing into an island for rich, politically well connected … under the rule of the dictatorial and racist regime of Chairman Lim. While the economy and FDI are heading South, the Cheap Minister… Read more »


If there is a protest, and if there is no action by the Police, then you know who they are and which parties they come from. Even kindy kids can tell you that except some pea sized brains dreamers! This is the kind of intimidations and lawlessness that they will continue to provoke as far as PR is in power as the police are not properly doing their job. After PRU 13, and PR in the second term of Governance, many in the police would have matured and will be able to see the truth and perform their duties accordinly.… Read more »


I am getting bored with no “Boycott” requests for so long. Who is the bearded clown on the hand-phone in the Malaysiakini pic? What business does he own? LETS START A BOYCOTT campaign.
Or the mercernary who was pick-up by the police. Lets BOYCOTT his business.
Or anyone else whom we could target?

Kamal B


What is your honest opinion on this?


“Expect the return of Gerakan in next GE”….honestly even retards , morons or mentally unstable people knows what has Gerakan did to Penang for the last 53 years+… one is that stupid to vote in Gerakan back in the next GE…..I can bet my life … on that

Gerakan K

OK, let’s talk about the issue of stupidity. Your statement: ———- no one is that stupid to vote in Gerakan back in the next GE ———- Notice the words “no one” DID any Penang DAP candidate in GE 12 won all available votes in any seat contested ??? What was the majority of votes won by LGE in GE 12 ??? 100.00% or 200.00% ??? LOL !!! Even your greatest of the great angel failed to obtain 100.00% majority !!! Want to talk “no one” again ??? Please lah, keep the “no one” in your dream, particularly the September 16… Read more »


the number of clowns not….. Very well sAid. I happened go pass by too.


70 have spoken but millions agreed to LGE. Buatlah teh tarik satu sekarang dan roti chennai kurang minyak,.


So the way UMNO/Gerakan behave, even if PR failed miserably to do anything, its clear voters should not vote BN. You want these kind of samseng to govern you? Die also won’t let them in.

Gerakan K

People have spoken !!!

People are frustrated by current administration.

Expect the return of Gerakan in next GE !!!


Gerakan K,
Bertaubatlah….It makes me sad to know we still have primitive people like you longing for the return of Gerakan….the party of clowns!!
By the way do you know about the new type of SEEDLESS Durian thats on sale at Chai Leng Park??
Its named after your beloved leader…Koh Tsu Khoon

Ostrich K

Seedless in hokkien also mean ‘bo lam par’!


To be more precise, the correct demeaning but double meaning of this particular Hokkien colloquialism normally spoken by the ruffians: seedless in Hokkien means ‘BO LAN HOOT!’ or in plain English – 1) a cowardice eunuch 2) without that manly thing.
Though ‘BO LAM PAR’ is very downright demeaning for a man to be branded so….


Gerakan, you’re acting like a clown. You know that don’t you?

Approving Authorities

I happened to drive by the venue at 10.45am. If the press photographers and curious on-lookers were excluded, I would estimate the number of clowns there not to be more than 40.

Kamal B

It is a typical ploy by umno. Just ignore it.

The komtar traders had been given notice to move to another floor to enable upgrading. These are ‘pasar-malam’ type of traders and they want no rental place to do their business. About time to evade them.


Obviously, an attempt to create chaotic situation that may lead to another racial (situation)…

UMNO’s strategy. Beware. BN / UMNO is all out.


The same faces(MalaysiaKini) ala the nasi kandar /roti canai trouble makers!!
The protest looks like being instigated after yesterday’s suspension of Azahar the ‘3 Line’ganster!!
As if during the Umno/Bn rule there was no land aquisition!
Didnt see any FRU water cannons?Just imagine if Hindraf were to protest!
Double standards ala 2Malaysia..


The 70+ (paid?) … protestors were unhappy because they failed to get the BUMI contracts in Penang. The 70% penang state contracts were awarded to real BUMI Malayus…

The Penang populations is 1,773,442. You can safely assumed that most Penangites are happy with LGE.