Novel protest outside Lynas’ Perth office


Stop Lynas campaigners have staged a creative protest outside the Perth office of the firm responsible for the construction of a rare earth refinery in Gebeng, Kuantan.

No smooth road to Gebeng: Protesters performed a skit in Perth depicting a van 'decorated' to represent Lynas Corp being blocked by a wall of protesters lying on the road
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The protest from noon to 2.00pm today local time was the second the group has held in Australia. The first was held in front of the Lynas headquarters in Sydney in early July.

Reports the campaign groups:

We managed to get more attention from the local Fremantle and Perth concern citizens and we were very grateful to have Fremantle Town Councillor Sam Wainwright and former WA Senator Jo Vallentine to join in to organise our campaign for this long week and take part in our great demonstration this afternoon.

Meanwhile, the Stop Lynas campaign has won a new ally in Australia, the Fremantle MP Adele Carles. She has called for the transport of rare earth ores through Fremantle to be halted immediately because of concerns about potential radioactivity, reports the The Western Australian.

Word of the strong resistance to the transport of the ores has also reached the website of the Australian Mining magazine. The site carried a news item titled, “Lynas face fierce opposition to rare earth export.”

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Good riddance Adele


According to Save Malaysia Stop Lynas (SMSL), Mahathir’s eldest son Mokhzani Mahathir, the CEO of Kencana Petroleum has a large stake in the Lynas rare earth refinery project. Kencana Torsco Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary of Kencana Petroleum that won lucrative contracts from Lynas Malaysia Sdn Bhd,and is involved the design, fabrication, lining, supply, installation, and commissioning of carbon steel and stainless steel tanks worth RM9.1 million for the project.


Is MB Adnan going to be responsible and accountable for the tons of waste by-product Thorium (half life of 14.05 billion years) in the rare earth processing?

Is he aware of the health hazards of Thorium to the residents?



Your article is a true and real example of ‘supports good causes and reveal truth’.

James Tee

‘supports good causes and reveal truth’ is a tagline used by one blogger (cakap tak serupa bikin) who has failed to deliver.

At least we see such quality in blogger Anil. Keep it up, Mr Anil.


A Big THANK YOU to the protesters for their noble act.


Now this is a good development. The grave dangers which Lynas’ plant in Kuantan will allegedly bring are being highlighted overseas, with perhaps better chances of getting the attention so needed.. More importantly, I am now wondering about the hope that Australia may take action to stop Lynas from exporting the ore mined there to Kuantan. Maybe their government may stop Lynas. Maybe their Parliament. Maybe some lawsuit ending with a judge stopping Lynas. If so, then perhaps Malaysians may not have to face the possibility of the Kuantan plant being stopped on our side, and then Malaysia has to… Read more »


Not necessary. If it could be proven that they had misrepresented the safety of the refinery then the government is not obliged to pay compensation.

As it is our government is more bent on supporting and (allegedly) covering up for lynas than to consider the health risks faced by the entire community.