Poll: Should sports betting be legalised?


Town councils in Selangor and now the Penang state government are opposed to the move to legalise sports betting. Here’s your chance to have your say.

Political hot potato: Anti-sports betting protest in Bachok today Source: Harakah Daily

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Betting should be legalised because to avoid underground or black betting. Allah created human with BRAIN AND TEMPTATION besides HEAVEN AND HELL. If (some) Muslims think that AllAH do not know the negative things on earth , they are wrong. Brother, nothing Allah creates 100 % for humans, we have to work for it. Let ALLAH manage his power towards the world and we humans manage ourselves to keep peace and happiness.


We should ban credit card since it put so many people in debt. Can you imagine a person with RM40K credit card debt with banks? When boy friend is in debt, girl friend will become prostitute too and it will not be good for society. We should ban credit card too, what do you think?

Jocob Stanton

In my opinion sports betting is not that bad and it can be a profitable hobby in terms of money. Sports betting can help you making money but you must know how to make a proper balance between your passion and madness.


UMNO (appears to have) legalised corruption by calling it “commission” as in .. (the) submarines.

Does that reduce or increase corruption in this country?


Sports betting is fun if u know how to draw a line between entertainment and stupidity. If u do not know how to control the urge of gambling and bet more than u can afford, it’s ur stupidity that matter, it does not matter whether sports betting is legalized or not. Punters can always bet through underground bookies using credit line. Remember most people owe money to ah long bcos they gamble through illegal channels. They bet using credit line given and if they lost and can’t repay, ah long will b introduced to them. Whereas for legal sports betting,… Read more »


In Malaysia, all gaming activities turn HUGE profits for cronies – in this case, sports betting will benefit just one crony. NO, WE SHLD NOT LEGALISE SPORTS BETTING! If this country wants more gaming activities, only on ONE CONDITION – ALL PROFITS GO to helping the poor, handicapped, underprivileged rakyat. Otherwise, NO, NO, NO, NO!


sport betting shouldn’t be legalised , why
ok as u know alot of betting is involve even it is not legalised thru the internet thru bookie , well if we legalised then the bookie will dont have income once no income they will do other bisnes like drug prostituion robbery


Gerakan K Utter rubbish that LGE kow tow, like other says they work as a team in PR and please note that. PAS did better than UMNO nowadays. But I like to reiterate and concur with Aneel, we must given a choice ie legalized football betting but it is up to individual to discipline to play or not to play. Are we saying that once football betting legalized, all Malaysian will start queuing and place a bet. It sounds crazy. Enough of discussion no point as at the end of the day you decide what u want to do with… Read more »

Gerakan K

Illegal bookmakers in Penang and Selangor surely will flourish or growth in massive percentage if no legal sports betting allowed.

I wonder why the state government allows this to happen. Any benefit to state government ??? Do not reply this question, just think for yourself. Anyway if you reply the scissors will cut it because the scissors SAYANG the R.P.K. (ask O if you do not know what is R.P.K.)

Phua Kai Lit

Allow gambling but control it very, very strictly. (Just like prostitution in certain W. European countries where it is legal). Also, public policy should actively discourage it, while keeping it legal. On balance, gambling is bad for society. It’s recognised as a mental disorder by the psychiatrists (compulsive gambling). The odds of the gambler winning against the “house” (such as the casino)is low. It hurts poor people and their dependent family members. Don’t forget the Ah Longs who lend money to compulsive gamblers and then terrorise the gamblers and their innocent family members for repayment. Compulsive gamblers may also turn… Read more »

Anthony Tan

Gerakan K, You are really a “Batu Api”. I have great respect for Party Gerakan when it was under the leadership of Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu because he did not have to Kowtow to UMNO as he knows how to play ball with them. When KTK took over as CM in Penang he kowtowed to UMNO in Penang, do you all agree? KTK was a mere puppet and (he was) squeezed by UNMO Penang. Since DAP took control of Penang, UMNO Penang is not living in the comfort zone any more.I think now people in Penang knows DAP is… Read more »

Gerakan K

PAS is very experience party that do not do thing in hurry. They have won the first battle, ie no gambling in PR states.

Then ha ha, you know what I mean. When they have the numbers, it is too late my friend. You will follow my step to Singapore.

used to be DAP fan

DAP you lost 1 voter for next GE..maybe 200 more”friends and family”.:D
many will follow………LGE wanna be goodie too shoes…hahaha….look at the ppl beside him. (A certain Tan sri)…. thats why they dont want legalised sports betting to come in to the state…..very smart….DAP……..

Gerakan K

Agree for the Tan Sri thing. You know lah LGE also human too. Who can resist … I’m too love it very much.

Secondly, you have supported my view that the chairman have to compromise in order to gain more muslim votes. OK hudud for DPM post, next ???


Gerakan K, Are you feeling ok? Sick? Please go see a doctor. Your health is important. Your prediction comes true Mr. Ang Tan? Have you ever predicted that sports betting will be ban? When and where? Chairman compromised? Malay majority state, surely, but when and how did he compromise? If he has indeed compromised, do you not think that it suits Gerakan’s agenda? A heaven sent political capital for Gerakan to exploit? I think the best Gerakan can do to capitalize on this matter is to stage protests in Chinese majority or Indian majority areas? Surely it will boost the… Read more »

Gerakan K

The alcohol ban suggestion reported in ASTRO AEC news at 10.30 pm. Can you understand Mandarin news or not ???

Gerakan K

Penang bans sports betting. See !!! My prediction comes true. Our freedom being policed by the extremists. Too bad, one of the leisure activity being kill off. That cheap cheap chairman finally has compromised … just because to attract more muslim votes. Since muslims now are the majority in Penang, he has applied the “malay majority principle”. All chinese and indian must wakeup now !!! Now that cheap cheap chairman has given the “betis” to PAS. Let’s see when the PAS will ask for “paha”. Based on news report, some folks in PAS already ask for alcohol ban. What next… Read more »

Dr. Pang HC

The solution is to go after the illegal bookies raking in millions of undeclared ringgit each day.

Sentence them to death if that’s the only solution.


Sport betting is not only a Muslim issue it is a society issue for everyone. I am not for it but if majority of the rakyat is against it than it should not be approved. Eveyone knows why the license was approved and that is why this is wrong. Why now? This show how corrupt our government is.

telur dua

Legalise or not, sports betting will continue.

The Gomen is looking at it as additional revenue, but the people see it as a source of social problems.

The way out is to call a referendum, but I think BN will do no such thing.


SPORTS BETTING should not be legalised.
It has more negative impacts than positive ones.
In that aspect we should not venture into it.

We should not rationalize it by comparing it to other betting schemes.
Lets take it one at a time. We start by saying NO to Sports Betting.


Football betting MUST never be legalized in the country! The social cost to society and in particular the youths is just too high. Please understand that football betting unlike 4d, Toto, 1+3D is totally different. While there is only 1 draw per day for these numbers draw, you can bet 24 hours per day 7 days a week on football betting. A full month’s salary can be lost even before you venture home after pay day. And it is not just betting on the results of the game, there are just too many mechanics of the game that it is… Read more »

Gerakan K

Bravo PAS !!!

You have won the war !!! No sports betting in Penang !!!

Now the rocket will follow what you wanted to do. No problem, go ahead with hudud next.

From my observation, gambling is part chinese culture. Most chinese in Penang agree with the Chairman decision meh ??? How about chinese in this blog ???


Gerakan K, It is an affirmative action by PR led Government against a potential social tragedy. It is not a matter of rocket following what you do, more so, it is a cooperation among political members of equal strength. We cooperate with all political parties on the basis of equal strength, even with UMNO. Not like in BN where there is only UMNO Baru and the rest are irrelevant and just there to make up the numbers! If you love football betting so much, just take a leisurely drive to Parit Buntar, Perak, which was once a PR state, but… Read more »

Tan Cai Tee

Hello , please speak for yourself only as GAMBLING is not a Chinese culture , OK ?

Gerakan K

Oh young boy,

please go to nearest 4D betting shop and count with your both hands and legs. Notice how many chinese buyers there. No need to dispute my observation. This is well known fact.

By the way, no one force you to place a bet. I wonder why PAS so “sibuk hal-hal bagi orang-orang bukan islam”

With the rocket kowtowing to PAS, I’m so sure hudud dream will come true for you, especially after Anwar case being finalized.

Tan, do you support hudud ??? Do you support PAS ??? There are potong-potong you know or not ???


Gerakan K, You are ok? Are you feeling well? I really hope you are. What rocket kowtowing to PAS? We work on equal strength, not like in UMNO Baru/BN. Infact, DAP is the strongest in terms of representation in Parliament, but, it had never bullied the other partners in PR. In the true spirits of brotherhood in PR, Rocket, PAS and Keadilan work as one. What do you mean again? PAS poking its nose into other’s business? Just how can you make such an irresponsible remark? PAS protects the Rakyat against misrule, like in the wake of the Kallimah Allah… Read more »

Gerakan K

Malaysia need to change slogan after this. Malaysia truly Arab ???

PAS for muslim…


Hidup PAS!! Hidup PAS!! Yes…I love Hudud!!! Potong Potong good for…


Gerakan K,

Are you living in Malaysia?

Didn’t you know that Malays and Muslims are not allowed to bet 4D. That being the case, of course you will see majority of buyers are Chinese.

Does this apply gambling is Chinese culture?

Cow urines on the grass, the grass is wet.
The grass is wet does not necessary mean it was the cow that makes it wet.

Gerakan K

Bingo !!!

You have answered the main point !!!

Your statement:

Didn’t you know that Malays and Muslims are not allowed to bet 4D


Why PAS object gambling when it is none of muslims business ??? Very oppressive indeed !!!

Tan Cai Tee

Following your logic ,since most of the drug addicts in Malaysia are Malay, so you want to say drug abuse is a Malay culture ?


Sure all immoral things will be legalised in coming future as long as tax can be collected by our incompetence government. U know the government is so dammed poor now after wasted and corrupted lots of rakyat’ monies!


gambling already legal in malaysia not like prostitutian or drug misuse.Toto,magnum and horse racing then why can,t football betting.Illegal betting dominate Malaysia so legal sport betting definitely can.


I agree with Aneel. This isn’t a morality issue. People have the freedom to choose what they want to do. Whether their religion or individual moral beliefs permit them or not, is a separate issue. It’s a personal choice. There are going to be negative social problems that come with it, but no worse that what already exists with current modes of legalised gambling and illegal gambling. Isn’t it better to legalise and regulate rather than ban entirely and leave the illegal rings unregulated? Because let’s face it, it’s going to happen whether it is legalised or not. And what… Read more »


The main issue here is not Sport betting should or not be allowed. The question is the sudden approval of Sport betting license being given to VT by Najib/UMNO in a dark manner. For example, if you were to apply for liquor license the law requires you to place public notification/cooling period for any complaint, etc b4 approval. The issue is sensitive to Muslims and many others as well. Why can’t Najib get public opinion first. Why he need public input to do away with subsidies now for instance? VT is a … big question-mark character associated with Lingam’s …… Read more »


My answer is a Yes as well as a No. Yes, make it legal but a big NO to Vincent Tan getting the sole license. Why should the license goes to Vincent Tan. I concurs with WandererAUS that it should be a rakyat company. Should prostitution be legal as well? Yes , make it legal. If we can have political prostitution and it is perfectly legal. So why not sex prostitution? This is nothing to do with moral. Let me make it simple. If the churches are keeping the “illegal bribe” money and claims it to be a blessing. How… Read more »


I share Aneel’s view that governments ought to keep their noses out of people’s business – as far as possible, so long as there is no seriously deleterious impact on the community at large. Gambling and betting are age-old habits, just like prostitution, hunting and fishing. I personally detest any form of betting, gambling, and hunting (and I don’t even fish) – but far worse than all these silly indulgences is unsolicited interference from the state. The more laws we pass, the less true justice will exist!