Penang Hill Railway kaput … again


Here we go again. Says a lot about the RM73m ‘upgrading’ work, doesn’t it?

At 11.45am today, Penang Hill Corporation discovered a failure of an electronic component in the power supply module in one of the coaches. Three Engineers from Garaventa AG Switzerland have been here to help PHC maintain the coaches for the past couple of weeks are now attending to the problem.

The Engineers are working hard to get the coach running by tomorrow.

Dato’ Lee Kah Choon

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Ric Francis

Here we go again this morning on start up guess what train carriage would not work again, What fool would believe Penang as a real lemon of a carriage, plus engineers that have no clue on how to fix the electrical problem.What this space for more problems

Feringghi Boy

Penang Gomen can restore the faith in Penang Hill by engaging bomoh or sinseh to chase away the barang naik evils !

Then for goodess sake get our own penangite Hannah T to promote Penang Hill. Just pose outside the main gate and sooner or later you get her Japanese fans to fly over ! May be Hollywood Michael bay can get Hannah T to make a cameo in Transformers 4 where Bumblebee appears in Bukit Bendera ?

This is Marketing 101 we never get to learn in our apex U.


Well, I am sure LGE is going to blame the BN again for this mess… Typical DAP outlook. Blame everyone else…

Feringghi Boy

of course blame with facts and figures just like what we get to see in Jerejak fiasco that even Hock None seldom shows up in Botanic Garden these days to answer the public !

Lucia Lai

but this project was carried out by BN so of course BN is to be blamed! it is not a state project.


Ng Yen Yen ‘cleverly’ passed this responsibility to LGE on launching day.
‘Cleverly’ washed her hand with Dettol X-Tra Kleen as ‘cleverly’ as Pontius Pilate…


Satu Lagi Projek in Penang carries with it a load of problems for CM LGE to untangle, to explain to public, to incur money to modify (tin train) for solutions. This Penang Hill Railway super-costly upgrade really costs Penang in many ways: Penangites’ taxes splurged on useless ‘fridge train’ that can’t climb a hill. It may become a problem by the tons as in Proton (let us see). Bad reputation from frequent breakdown at the most popular tourist spot. Heritage value robbed from Penang if fast ride is any good excuse for such “Speedy Gonzales” even a stray dog can… Read more »


another …. low standard overpriced project from MCA…


The tourism Minister was visiting a new school and entered a class. She try to impressed the students of her teaching ability….. a lesson on the circulation of the blood. Trying to make the matter clearer, she said, ‘Now, class, if I stood on my head, the blood, as you know, would run into it, and I would turn red in the face.’
‘Yes,’ the class said.
‘Then why is it that while I am standing upright in the ordinary position the blood doesn’t run into my feet?’
A little fellow shouted, ‘Cause your feet ain’t empty.’

Gerakan K

Bad omen for LGE administration. His entire team should wake up.

Ric Francis

Lets be fair about this the fault does not lie with the Administration team, they got the work carrying out the servceing of this rebuilt system. Problem is the way the contractor built it. Why give a rebuild to a so called contractor with no experience with this type of railway


The 3 Engineers from Garaventa AG Switzerland could have been from Mongolia. In the same vein as you suspect of the so called contractor of tin trains.
And we Penangites have to fork out expensive expatriate consulation fees for these 3 so called engineers for the unfathomable fiasco.
Should we test it with 3 stray dogs once the SLP problem is corrected?


Malaysian muda luoa!
Each time the Penang Hill train breakdown, it reinforce all our reasoning why we didn’t vote for a gomen that was not transparent or efficient or accountable!


Bad Omen because of somebody else questionable intention for this questionable investment initiative, not a Penang Gomen initiative (the wider public should better know this fact for a fact).

Bad Omen because a stray dog can stop this super-expensive tin train on its track.

Bad Omen because it will be a SLP project with Problems By The Tons.

These speak volume of the kind of investment Penangites can get from the Feds.

If a stray dog can point its paw to a sick problem, we need no tourism minister to do a classic act of “tail wagging the dog”.


BN could have bought a 2nd-hand train from China!


dooms day people……….

tan, tanjung bungah

Hi everyone,

Shocking! These coaches and mechanical parts are brand new and in less than 1.5 months, hill railway service had been disrupted 3 times already!

It now looks like a RM73 million fiasco! What has the Ministry of Tourism to say about these 3 sad episodes?

Such bad publicity for tourism for Malaysia, especially following the introduction new biometric identification system fiasco at various entry points to Malaysia, particularly the ones at Johor causeway and the Second Link! Many bus loads of tourists coming to M’sia via Johor have given up visiting the country!

Ong Eu Soon

Shocking? Surprise? No lah! You guy probably didn’t read Anil blog on The first attempt to build the Funicular railway failed because it tried to go all the way up. Subsequently after modified the design to 2 stages, only then the train be able to last. LGE has refused to listen to critics when he was told about the flaw in the design. But this stupid no brainer think BN is more capable, he chose to deal with the devil. Now he has to pay the price. One Penang hill he already kaput, he want to make Penang International… Read more »

Gerakan out of BN?

LGE has fallen into BN’s Tap ?
No wonder TSK coming back to contest at Bukit Bendera ?
Create local issues then TSK can come in to solve problem with big federal budgets ?
Gerakan is making a “Mickey” out of DAP ?

fellow voters, let’s be wise and have clear mind to read the chess game of barang naik regime !!!

Ong Eu Soon

LGe chose to go into the trap as he only want development. The train broke down again last night, made it the 4th breakdown in 2 months. Now the train faces the problem of coming down too fast, has to pull the break all the way. The 10 time faster speed is now remain only a dream to the delight of those who want the train to go slow, so that the tourist can enjoy the scenery. Now the train has to go slow when go up and pull the break to slow down when descending from the hill. How… Read more »


If it is intended for high speed, why not build a roller coaster ride?
No need to brake mah!

Gerakan K

Don’t worry, got warranty mah, correct ???


Warranty for Problems By The Tons?