Parliament deferred again…

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This is unbelievable that Parliament once again has to be deferred. If this goes on, how long more can we call ourselves a parliamentary democracy while keeping a straight face?

Aliran has responded to this. Check out the statement.

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3 Aug 2021 2.57pm

Even as oppositions we are yet to see anything positive or any intelligent ideas from them. Only good at creating chaotic situations like the lawan protest march or the useless march towards the parliament when it is closed while the vaccination programme for the covid-19 pandemic is in full swing. The SOP is in place to minimize the spread of the covid-19 pandemic and the opposition does just the opposite. What are they thinking! (Part 2)

3 Aug 2021 2.56pm

What in the world were the opposition people thinking. The Parliament is closed, for whatever reason it maybe. it is closed. The government people are not going to be there neither are will be dewan speaker. So, what are the opposition people going to do in the parliament. The government, regardless of whether they came through front door or back door or through the roof as claimed by the opposition and their followers, are now the government of the day. You don’t see them squabbling day in and day out like what the PH did when they were given the… Read more »

3 Aug 2021 9.32am

From blue-eyed boy to ‘government’s puppet’

D-G of health Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah has drawn the ire of politicians and doctors for recommending the closure of Parliament for 2 weeks following an outbreak of Covid-19 in the House.

The decision, which prompted more than 100 MPs to stage a march on Parliament yesterday, was perceived to have been based on politics rather than science. As the government had been due to answer some hard questions in yesterday’s sitting, the shutting down of the House appeared too convenient for many’s liking.

4 Aug 2021 7.36pm
Reply to  luca

” From blue-eyed boy to ‘government’s puppet “

Not really. That’s one person’s view. Here is another. ——-


Wednesday, 04 Aug 2021

CRITICISMS have been levelled against the director-general of Health Tan Sri Dr. Noor Hisham Abdullah on social media over two matters over which he has no direct control – STEVE RHODES , Kuala Lumpur.

3 Aug 2021 3.00pm

People want to go back to their normal lives as early as possible. The covid-19 pandemic is actually an ‘enemy’ of the nation. It has ‘attacked’ or impacted practically all aspects of our normal lives. So, the opposition should get its people together and work with or cooperate with the government of the day to minimize or completely eradicate the covid-19 pandemic altogether as quick as possible. You do not need the Parliament building or all the 200 plus MPs to do that. (Part 3)