Journalist upset with The Star


An ex-Star journalist who wrote an article on the rape of Penan females is upset with her former paper for apologising to a timber company over her article. She claims the daily had failed to consult her about the apology.

The Star’s apology can be found here. The timber firm then withdrew its defamation case.

On top of the apology, The Star has to publish a full-page feature highlighting the timber firm’s corporate social responsibility efforts, according to Malaysiakini.

Journalist Hilary Chiew had written the report about the rape incidents ‘Against their will’ in 2008 but says The Star did not consult her when making its decision to apologise to the timber firm over the report. “I have never, at any point in time, been informed nor consulted about the negotiations for the out-of-court settlement,” Chiew was reported as saying in Malaysiakini.

The timber firm is denying it was in any way linked to the incidents of rape of Penan females and did not have any operations in the vicinity.

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Don Anamalai

I stopped reading The Star 3 years ago.
Trust me, you do not miss anything when you have and

Chua Chua Chua

The Star belongs to MCA. What does she expect?


The employee journalist was reporting the truth and any deviations or lies must be consulted and not swept under the carpet.

Gerakan K

First time in history the employers need employees approval for doing anything. Funny isn’t it ???


Totally agree. Do help educate your MPs.
Rakyat = Employer.

Andrew I

hahahahahahahahahaha,batuk,batuk,hahahahahahaha. I don’t think that’s what he meant. Reminds me of that song: you say it best when you say nothing at all.


Even in something as clear as statutory rape, there is so much obfuscation and variation.

“Laws are only words… that change on society’s whim and are interpreted differently… by politicians, lawyers, judges and policemen… Anyone who believes that all laws are applied equally despite race, religion or economic status is a fool.” – John Miller, 1991


I dont understand why she feels she needs to be consulted – if the Star was found guilty, would Ms Chiew be paying the damages?
Maybe if she is one of the defendants in the suit, the timber company can refile and proceed against her – and she may get her day in court.
Ironically,i note that u have omitted mentioning the name of the timber company – are u afraid of being sued too , Anil?

syiok syiok

Dear Readers
Save the money don’t buy The Star (RM1.20 on weekday can buy you a Kopi-0 with loose change & RM1.50 on weekends can buy you a packet of decent Nasi Lemak).

Just read The Star if you need from the internet BUT better op for for more transparent and environmentally sustainable news !

Mac Davis

I do not read that propaganda paper as I do not want to be upset by the lies. Also better spend my precious money on something more worthwhile.

Anyway I have made up my mind to pilih Ubah.
So no need for Jocelyn Tan and wong chun Wai to tell me otherwise.

Andrew I

Yeah, read it online. Just skip anything by batman and batgirl and porn stars.


on 2 weekends not buying the Star I can save up RM6 to watch a GSC movie on Wednesday for RM6 at Queensbay Mall – a better deal – more entertaining than skewed news !

comserviceAndrew I

@ wrestlemania, good idea. New Bond film will be out soon. I hear it doesn’t feature any MCA members or Lotus cars.