NFC loan and MCA’s microcredit loans


Apart from the Sara loan scheme, two other loan schemes have been in the news – the NFC loan and the MCA’s microcredit loan scheme. 

Let’s take a look at the details.

Loan from the government for NFC signed in 2007 (The Star)

Total loan: RM250m

Repayment period: 20 years

Grace period for repayments: 3 years

(First drawdown: RM7m in January 2008; therefore, first repayment will be in 2012)

Interest payable: 2% p.a.

MCA’s microcredit scheme to help aspiring entrepreneurs (The Star)

Loan amount for each applicant: RM20000

Repayment period: 5 years

Interest payable: 7% p.a.

What can you say? Me, I think I should be in the ‘cow’ business.

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tjr@ arun consultants

wow..! rm40milions devide by rm 20,000 equal to 2000 aplicants only.
your web site said to download application form to apply online. But form not available. SEMUA SUDAH KASI APIS AH ????….!!!! HE. HE.. HEE.. HEEEE……


Why need to take loan? Just follow Rosmah’s advice. Some training reference can be found here.

Idon'tknow Malaysian

Dear Anil,

You should check out the banks’ micro-credit loans. Interests are at 2.5% per month or 30% per year. It is also endorsed and advertised by Bank Negara


That’s the very reason why MCA is becoming irrelevant, as it is a ‘sub-standard’ partner of the BN coalition. It is so evident for all to see.


of all schemes, none can challenge the RM3.35/hr get rich or get burnt scheme now very widespread in Penang as the authorities are keeping blind eyes towards them.
Not sure Anil is aware of that ?


RM3.35/hr cyber cafe aka Ah Long scheme under special protection (the raids are just cosmetic in nature)


You will have more AH LONGS on the streets……..

Andrew I

Wha, so short time to pay back. Somemore 7 pa sen intelest. Dey arways talk aabout satu mah-lai-si-ah. Ware got fair wan? Dis rady miss feed-a-rot, how kum intelest so lo wan? Kek say ngor.

charlie chan

the best business is the cows business as u can diversify in to properties etc