Nazri’s ‘free advice’ to Guan Eng


Minister in the PM’s Department Nazri Aziz has given some free advice to Guan Eng – don’t pay too much attention to the views of NGOs and environmentalists.

Let me try and guess why he’s giving this advice at this point.

Could this have something to do with mega projects in the pipeline for Penang? And the local groups that have been vocal against the social, environmental, traffic and hydrological impact of some of these projects?

NGOs and environmentalists are always calling for independent impact assessments by recognised experts to ensure that development is sustainable and won’t adversely affect local communities.

Now that Umno-friendly GLCs (or the listed companies that they have an interest or stake in) are showing interest in certain mega projects in Penang …

Ah, seen in this light, is this why Nazri is suddenly so ‘concerned’ about Penang and volunteering ‘free advice’ to Guan Eng?

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Bunga Raya

Just forwarding an interesting piece from Forestexplorer:

An interesting comment by an Indian national to M. There is a few paragraphs on the unsustainable development of our natural environment destroyed by Mamakkuty. Read on….

December 21, 2011

Last week, Dr Mahathir gave a speech in India which stirred one Indian activist to retort in an open letter to the doctor.


WW2 history lesson #1: The Nazis didn’t listen to people elected Winston Churchill at the beach of Dunkirk.
So how can our intelligent and fair-minded CM LGE
not listen to us Penangites at the beach of Penang?

Bitter lessons are better learnt than so-called free pro-advice of the pride and foolish.


Nazri should instead advise Komtar Ghani to stop being a menace to our civil society!

Hussein ABU Hassan

Nasri advises Guan Eng.

Later ABU will advise Nasri & gang members to abandon the sinking ship due to corrupted holes that cannot be patched up. Betul seronok nanti.

any future live feeds on ABU’s now smoking hot events on the way ?????

Andrew I

Nat Geo is currently running a series about the end of the world and it covers all those annoying things that we all don’t want to think about, like global warming, hyper inflation, famine, self sufficiency, nuclear holocaust i.e. basically stuff we leave to Hollywood so that we can get through that extra large pop corn and coke without feeling any remorse. For some people in some countries, raising awareness that these scenarios are real possibilities constitutes fear mongering… fear that certain khang tau might not materialize, which will put another long planned, dream Will/Kate wedding at risk. So, if… Read more »


Middle of 2011, LGE had proposed a 2% Super Assessment on all houses above MYR1 million. This money is to be used to help Low Cost Housing for the Poor in Penang. That somehow disappeared, and no more talk.
Wonder if he was asked by the developers not to introduce it. This only hits speculators, and has mimimal impact on House owners with a 2% increase in their Annual Assessment,
So, looks like LGE just listens to the Big Businesses and Developers, so Nazri – your advise comes a bit too late I think

Sze Tho

Every proposal has its pros and cons. Whilst it is intended to benefit he lower income groups, have all other repercussions been considered….? Before you accuse Lim of only listening to big business / developers have you gotten all the facts? You have a right to an opinion but let’s be fair and get the facts right before opening your mouth. Talk is cheap ….this applies to all .


Maybe Nazri has a point.LGE as the CM should do what he thinks is right for the state,and shouldn’t pay any attention to the GLC’s and NGO’s.But he should have to at least listen and talk to the enviromentalists.Do as what Nazri advices,as one day he might have to eat back his words.

b nawawi

why has he been spending so muchntime in Pg ?? Oh yes he is the man who will solve all of LGEs problem with Federal to get the tunnel n roads pushed through

TQ Nazri