KTK: Your ‘favourite’ cyclist


If we really want to promote cycling and bicycle lanes, maybe what we need is a mascot.

For risking life and limb in the pursuit of cycling (and the PM), for his valiant attempt at cycling until a collision ended his adventure rather abruptly, the choice of mascot would be a no-brainer (no pun intended!).

Check him out at the ‘Let’s go to Penang’ website. He seems to be really going places – with the help of a photo-editor!

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The Gerakan assembly is like a circus in town.

First Lotus Tan asked its boh-hoot chief to step down, only to retract the threat the next day with a make-peace handshake.

Then the delegates said they will walk the talk and win back Penang.

Why talk big now on the eve of election?
Where is Gerakan in the last 3 years?

KTK will sacrifice himself once again for the sake of Umno?

Yaya BoboiBoy

Lotus Tan’s antics is the typical sandiwara learnt from MCA.
First attack to gain attention. Then withdraw to sayang sayang again. Rakyat is sick becoz no concrete action afterall just merely #@8&.


Lotus Tan has learnt from Curi-curi Ng that the best publicity is to generate controversy to tingkatkan prestasi in the eyes of their BN bosses. Why? Because it will deflect rakyat’s attention away from problems of the nation to indulge in such sandiwara.


If Koh “Backdoor” Tsu Koon had even 1gm of integrity in him, and truly wanted to do what was best for his mangled party and the long ill-led government, he would already have resigned from both the Gerakan presidency as well as the Dewan Senate post (which would mean his ministerial position as well). That may perhaps have gained him some milligram of respect. But no. Whether his skin is thicker than elephnat hide or whatever, he continues to hang on, and on, and on… And semalam, even his own party’s Wanita chief attacked him openly – with “ashamed”, “weak… Read more »


It is just simple. Why don’t these minions jump off the sinking ship? Let the ostrich (politica) eunuch steer the sinking ship to Fantasy Island or is it Penang Island for a one last port of call, if it ever will make it. It is just my commonsense if I want to stay alive or floating in Malaysian politics. Tis my tribute song to all the ‘Gelakans’, and oh! not to forget my Satu Lagi Mentaliti Gerakan K: Staying Alive Comes GE13 “You going nowhere”… How I wish tis 1970’s and we all can rock John Travolta’s Saturday Night Fever… Read more »


“Gerakan Wanita wants Tsu Koon to buck up or step aside”

– The Wanita Chief had to speak up because no one wants to be the ‘bad-guy’ , semua boh-hood …dah teloq kecut!
Gerakan is finished lah.

Andrew I

Well, we now know who’s wearing the pants in Gerakan now, don’t we?


I have spent time talking to KTK, and Datuk Dr Chin (ex-USM Prof). Both are extremely good in telling you “How It cannot be done”. Both think what they are doing is rocket science and only they are capable of doing it. Also found that these two Boh Hoods will never allow those who can do the job – encourage them to do it.
KTK shud stand against LGE in Penang. With full support (100%) from Postal Voters KTK does have a good chance to overthrow LGE

Syiok Syiok

Mr Bean finally found his challenger from the exPenangite very own boh hoot cyclist ….


Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!
Gelak, Gelakan should learn from ‘Gelak’ Supremo Mr Bean how to hang on to Barang Naiki for dear life comes this GE13!
Or crash like tomorrow’s Comet Elenin ala Nibiru!



Gerakan flers are asking KTK to step down.

In reality, the entire party should gulung tikar for good.


For once I agree with you Zack! Yes, the whole lot of them should go.


If there is a skin thickness contest, I will bet the house on KTK winning it. This guy really takes the cake.


Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha,Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha……..
Betol, betol Gelak, Gelakan!

Mr. Bean ah. Can you do it better?

Where is my Kopi-O kau kau?

Andrew I

Haha x infinitum.

This is an insult to Mr. Bean… and we know how he will respond. Like how he looks down on (khua suia) the tricar, he’ll show you what he can do on a unicycle.

Go, Bean, go.