Is the worst over for the Malaysian economy?


Najib says the Malaysian economy is out of the woods and we are poised to do better this year. From what you see around you, do you agree?

A bunch of bananas in Penang is now RM1 more expensive, char koay teow and roti canai servings have shrunk, and many workers have lost out on increments over the last couple of years. Stress levels have soared as workers have to work longer hours to cover for those retrenched and not replaced. And now we have the spectre of GST looming over us.

The GDP figures did not do as badly as anticipated last year because of the pump priming and fiscal stimulus packages.

Over 113,000 projects worth RM17 billion under two stimulus packages are being pushed through. So far, the govern­ment has paid out RM14 billion of public funds for these projects.

But can such pump priming be sustained?

What about confidence in the political leadership?

What do you think?

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With the legalised robbery going on and on never endingly how can the worst be over?

With the worst types of leaders running amok over us by abusing all the rules of law the worst is yet to come I think. Sigh!! If only I had migrated when I was younger.


If you thought you can cut cost by ordering plain water/air suam/chinese tea at some coffee shops then you are wrong.

Generally it cost you around 40cents in Klang town,it used to be free !!

Next time around you may have to pay for the air that you breath in Bolih Land.

Alice in the wonderland.


Prices for everything have increased. There are more to come. We are worst off than before. SO, how can things be better? It is not even April 1st yet.



It is meaningless to generalize Malaysia economy as good or bad. Generally we are heading to positive direction, so our PM opinion was correct.

Greatest joke of the day man!


Najib is talking through his nose. He has no financial expertise neither he has really qualified wizards of economists to support his statement. The whole team of so called financial experts are a laughing stock of the nation. The GDP is the lowest in the region and that itself is a reflection of how good the economy is faring compared to our neighbours. Ask the layman in the street how he feels about the Malaysia, he will probably spit in your face.


Sooner your RM1.00 will not be able to buy that packet of bee hoon mee. very soon


I tell u all…..
So damn funny…

Feeling so low & worried about the future & economy. All … that’s been given for the world to see. So much unhappiness. Suddenly………, we are “making money”!!

Where did that came from? How was it analysed????? My pocket is telling another story la.

Just like Lat to make us laugh!


Well, 14 billion out of 17 billion paid out. I wonder how Q1 result will turn out. They kept quiet when the quarterly report is negative and try to spin it dry.

telur dua

Yes, if you believe Najib. No, if you think he is bs-ing.

He lacks credibility. So, I’ll go with the latter.


Yes Najib said Malaysia is out of the wood but the people will be still in that wood. He will squeeze you dry and high until you cannot breathe. Mark my word. You can bet there will be no more subsidies and you start paying to get him out of that wood. You will be left hapless and half dead because government hospital will soon be privatized. You will be paying more for your transport and petrol because toll and petrol will increase. Your eyes will become blurred by less brighter bulb because you wanted to cut down electricity bill… Read more »


It is funny,nobody wrote against me for the blasphemy that was published against Malaysians. Maybe this is the problem, we know the problem but we would rather deal with it a cyber world rather than address the issues in the playground. Nobody want’s to admit but in cyberworld we are endless with our knowledge. Gosh, don’t we have a long way to go.


Today Ramunia joined the rank of PN 17. Its share prices dropped 50% from 40cent to 20 cents. It registered a loss of 50 millions. So is Compugate with a loss of 90 millions and Patimas 11 millions. So many you can name of. Yes blue chip, TM, Maybank, Air Asia, MAS etc registered an increase in profit not because of better businesses but through lower operating cost and earning from hedging. Do you call this out of the wood. Yes I am getting out of this wood (share market), because the more holding power you have, Najib economic policy… Read more »


always have doubt when some figures are reported ok


Also depends on what happens overseas. The US owes the world trillions but continues to borrow and print money. The Yanks think they can defy gravity. I’m betting they can’t. Rosy days ahead? I don’t think so.


“It is meaningless to generalize…”
“Generally we are heading to positive…”
Do you read your own comments?

Gerakan K

It is meaningless to generalize Malaysia economy as good or bad. Generally we are heading to positive direction, so our PM opinion was correct.


Gerakan K, What do you mean to generalize our economy? Either it is good or it is bad! If it had recovered, how? Which sector is the prime mover of our economy? We heard 113,000 projects, in which sector? You know, today, with the abuse of the MSM so obvious, it is difficult to know what is fact, and what is fiction. It is because of people like you, who makes us the laughing stock of the world. Honestly, Gerakan K, at one time, wherever we travelled, we are proud to be known as Malaysians. Today, different la. Last time,… Read more »


This is what you call DENIAL of basic facts.


Cars in ten of thousands and homes in millions. Who can really afford them? Who are those loaded and can afford such prices with their low earnings?


I never believe BN and what their politicians say…!!! I thought Ong Tee Keat was all right till i saw his ugliness of late in MCA… cakap tak serupa bikin… BN politicians are all like that… sigh ! sigh! sigh ! Whereas, Lim Guan Eng warned Pakatan politicians during a Chinese New Year Party that Pakatan will tolerate NO corruptions and it is a people’s striving party. Lim himself is a walking example !!! I think the people have to really buck up now, to vote BN out otherwise very soon, our future generations will be exported to Indonesia, Vietnam,… Read more »


Thanks Kee, Happy Cap Goh Meh to you too. No, I did not say I have plenty of USD, please correct me if I am wrong. I mean with plenty of USD we do not have to worry of not being able to migrate to another country. Just continue to make as much USD as possible, though many say it is worthless, but, the fact is the economy in US is too big to ignore, and you know, their military strength! Wanted to buy some Sing $$$ but read a report from Mathias Chang that this country’s currency is not… Read more »


Our GDP per Capita is one of the worst in comparison to other countries.

In 1985 a Mercedes 200 cost RM57,000 brand new. A fresh graduate earned about RM1000

Now, in 2010, a Mercedes E200 cost RM370,000 brand new. A fresh graduate earns about RM1500.

In 1970s, a bungalow in PJ or Bangsar cost about RM60,000. Now, its RM2 million, Bangsar about RM5 million.

But the fresh graduate in 2010 still earns more or less the same as the graduate of the past era.

The figures speak for themselves.

francis ngu

Worst is over ? Before one rushes off to buy Fool’s Gold, please go through a checklist, which should include among others:

1. Is there jobs growth or drop in unemployment among school leavers and graduates ?
2. Are incomes rising steadily in absolute terms?
3. Are real incomes rising or dropping?
4. Is consumer confidence rising steadily?
5. Are the banks reporting steady growth in loans?

etc. etc.

The PM very likely has a much better check-list than this, but perhaps none at all !

Non-economist, Kuching.


hidup PR


I’m hoping some positive developments – like Paypal allowing us to operate Ringgit accounts linked to local banks – will stir things up a bit on the e-commerce front. Now that the financial side has been made a bit easier, perhaps Pos Malaysia could do their bit to upgrade their information systems. I wrote an API for them this week (demo at which would allow local businesses to give shipping quotations more efficiently and reliably. Besides overseas parcel tracking, this is the last big infrastructure hurdle to overcome for e-shops. I want to set that up for Pos for… Read more »

Anthony Tan

Have you notice the 1Malaysia Ringgit today cannot take you very far now a days? Our Malysian brothers and sisters in Sabah and Sarawak are even worst as the prices of their daily essentials is 20-30% more. Our monetary value started on par with Brunei and Singapore – 1:1. Malaysia has better God gifted natural assets than the other two countries. Today, the two other countries are moving forward while BeEnd government are all the time talking about moving forward but selalu masuk wrong gear, gosten gear!. So after 50 over years of BeEnd financial management which way are we… Read more »


I can only say Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines are much more active in 2009! Malaysia? Well, business has dropped 50%, 2009 against 2008. Hopefully, it will pick up soon! Importers just do not know what to do and retailers are delaying payments! This does not point to a recovery in the real sense, as retail sentiments are the best way to judge whether the real economy has improved! But prices of properties had sky rocketed! Perhaps, the Rakyat had invested too much on properties and cars, and had monthly commitments to meet, besides the repayments for credit cards, therefore they… Read more »


Dont have to be experts in economic.
The aunties in the market place can tell you that nowaday
RM100 dont buy much things,Economic makes simple.

Anyway price up or not it does not affect the filthy rich cos people are paying for them.