Robber shot dead by guard at AmBank in Penang

The scene after the incident this morning

A man was shot dead by a security guard at the AmBank branch at Jalan Sungai Dua in Gelugor, Penang during an attempted robbery this morning, according to a police personnel at the scene.

Plain-clothes and uniformed police personnel were seen inside the bank and swarming the corridors outside after the incident.

It is believed to be the second incident in recent times in the area, according to locals near the scene.

About half an hour earlier, I had walked by the bank without noticing anything amiss outside.

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Many praises the guard but…… Not really a good idea when the bank robbers are using petrol. Firing a shotgun when the bank’s teller counter is drenched with flammable liquid was really a bad idea. Assuming the flash sparking from the gun barrel or any of the 9 steel pellets from the shotgun shell comes in contact with highly flammable material. All inside the bank would be Roast Pork ( Roast Kebab for those who insist on Halal version) instantly.. Having a gun also mean taking responsibility and common sense. All inside that bank should be thankful that a fire… Read more »

Eng Hock

A group of us were having roti canai at Pelita a few meters away then a big bang heard. Later many police cars came by.
Yes, the same place was robbed recently this year.
It should open closer to Mamak place with more human traffic like nearby Hong Leong.
Many surrounded the place with handphones up to snap athe beaten robber on the floor inside the bank.


Have you , Ist, never heard of this dead man tells no lie, end of the matter period.


The guard shoots to kill?

Phua Kai Lit

Very glad that you are safe, Mr Anil