Some Digi users unable to access this website


Update (31 October 2014): This site now seems to be accessible via Digi.

Several Digi users have complained to me they are unable to access this site for some reason since yesterday morning. They have no problems accessing other websites.

This site is accessible to others on different ISPs. But it is inaccessible to some Digi users. About half a dozen people from around the country have told me they are having problems.

I tried to call Digi Customer Service to find out what the problem was. But getting through to a human being from Digi was a real challenge after pressing all those numbers, waiting (wait-time of up to 10 minutes because of some service outage yesterday in Miri etc, I was told), and getting disconnected a few times.

Finally I got through to a technical assistance staff and he said this site was fine on his laptop and phone, but as we spoke he said it disappeared after trying a second time and then came back, or something like that.

I was in touch over Twitter last night with @DiGi_Telco and told them the problem. But I haven’t heard from them since.

So I am not sure what is going on. Digi?

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YTL Communications Sdn Bhd was fined RM2.4 million for failing to provide all 10,000 schools with the 1BestariNet e-learning project.

Callum Chen

The latest AG report indicated that that
1) the Internet connection to 4,176 users of the RM663 million 1BestariNet project was delayed by between 12 and 439 days, with no time extension or fines levied.
2) 89.1% of the 46 schools surveyed and 70.3% of the 491 feedback received by the schools found that 1BestariNet coverage does not encompass the entire schools’ compound.

This is a failure of Education Ministry or a waste of public fund with no benefits to the students?


Anil should not embed too many video link or FB pages as my mobile phone will get hung easily when accessing your blog.


Accessing this website right now using Digi broadband. No issues.

Eng Hock can do a good service to readers to get feedbacks on the best internet package (how about a polling ?). Sometimes different telco offerings may be good in KL but not in Penang (vice versa).

If fellow readers can share then it will be great. Some say XOX is exclusively good for Penang. How about uMobile ?

robert chuah

It happened to me also. I find it annoying to talk to Digi staff also


The modern phone service everywhere is apalling – in every type of organisation including emergency services, globally. Even as these organisations accumulate ever more certifications for “quality”.