200 new buses for Penang, but…


Some RM100 million has been allocated for 200 new buses for Rapid Penang, which already has 150 buses.

The additional buses will slash the average waiting time from 25 minutes to 10 minutes and enable Rapid Penang to add 14 new routes to its existing 33. The target is to raise the daily passengers from 48,000 to 120,000.

Rapid Penang, funded by the Ministry Of Finance Incorporated, is a subsidiary of Syarikat Rangkaian Pengangkutan Integrasi Deras Sdn Bhd (Rapid KL).

From the grapevine, I understand that the 200 new buses for Rapid Penang have already been ordered: 100 buses are meant for Penang Island and 100 for Seberang Perai (mainland Penang).

According to a reliable source, the authorities in KL have already agreed to the 100 buses for the island, but there have been questions raised over the 100 buses for the mainland. Perhaps this reflects KL’s concern over how these new buses will affect the businesses of the existing “well-connected” private bus operators on the mainland.

I hope that the interests of the long-suffering public, the bus commuters, will prevail.

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Scomi gets the deal and free money. Yeah!!

Jeffrey Yong

If you drive pass the old road from Ipoh to KL , you see buses line up to the brink, yet still buy 200 , who is to gain?


There’s a DEAD RAT somewhere! YB LGE, please investigate, thanks.


Wonder if these will include the disabled friendly buses promised last time…… why oh why???

Sorry state

Seriously, it’s time for the state to take control of buses. It’s rather stupid to have companies ran from KL to ply the state and expecting the state to manage only bus routes? Tolong lar


Perhaps someone should investigate who are the people who are given the right to supply those buses. I understand there is little uniformity in the buses (many different models from different places brought in by various permit holders) that will unnecessarily increase maintenance costs in the future.


i suspected earlier on that this (could be) to benefit that … scomi company owned by you know who!!!! Can we put a stop to this purchase? YB LGE to cancel it, please!


What happened to the unused buses in Rawang?


Looks like scomi,smells like scomi… in bolehland semua boleh.