10 reasons why it cannot be business as usual


The Malaysian economy has entered a critical phase. Integrated into the global trading system as part of an export-led economy and driven by foreign direct investment, the economy today is feeling the effects of a global slowdown.

Compounding the problem are other structural weaknesses in the BN government’s economic model that tell us that it simply cannot be business as usual for much longer.

Unfortunately, the mainstream economic framework does not have an integrated world-view that encompasses a broad range of inter-connected issues. The framework does not look at how economic policy is contributing to widening income inequalities, indebtedness (individual and national), the weakening position of labour, sustainable development and climate change.

This cover story in the last issue of Aliran Monthly is not meant to be an indepth analysis. Rather it brings together some of the fundamental issues affecting us all and calls for them to be adequately integrated into mainstream economic planning. Full article.

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Good to note that Pua Khein-Seng, the 38-year-old Malaysian entrepreneur who invented the pen drive and runs Taiwan-listed Phison Electronics Corp, is setting up a Malaysian branch of his business that will work closely with Silterra Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Malaysia’s premier wafer fabrication plant in Kulim.



Najib’s ‘blue ocean strategy’ should encourage talented overseas Malaysian to set up business here. So that local youngters can emulate their success!


DUMNO has been running the same business over and over again especially rent seeking. There is no structural changes and what kind of training given to the rakayat? Wants bumis to be professional but importing millions of chip coolies for its plantation and third world industries. Just look at Korea and China, Gila (Gillard) governemnt are importing a few thousand workers to work in the gas industries and importing fabricated works. What kind of assistance DUMNO has given to local SME and Contractors bidding for overseas jobs?

najib manaukau

Without doubt Malaysia will be next in the line to become the first nation in Asia to join Iceland, Greece, Italy, Spain and others to become insolvent and bankrupt. Especially at the rate the country’s leaders are stashing the wealth of the nation abroad and yet their supporters are still in their illusion that they can afford to continue supporting the way Umno is going about it, Just imagine with the kind of remunerations these morons are getting, how can their spouses afford the luxury they are living in. It (may)come from ill gotten gains !


Government excessive spending = excessive bond issuance. And what happens to country that issue tons of bonds? They PRINT MORE MONEY. And oversupply of money equal to inflation. And if government money printing went out of hand, it will cause super-inflation. And that’s what happens to Zimbabwe. So called hot money that cause inflation is ultimate bull…. Without excessive supply of money , there will be NOT ENOUGH money to exchange hand to rock the boat. So the real reason behind Asian economy crisis is due to various country money printing machine went frenzy. So history going to repeat itself?… Read more »

Gerakan K

Yeah, the sky is falling down, London bridges are falling, and whatnot are falling down ??? But I still enjoying steady NICE incomes, teh tarik, ASTRO, BPL, AOD, bak kut teh, cendol, ABC and my favourite pop corns !!! And the STAR newspaper recruitment section still going strong with lots of positions waiting for you !!! Siapa tipu siapa sekarang ??? Well, the sky is falling down. And hopefully Anwar is not falling down due to court case. Because without anwar, BN is so lonely and Anwar may boost my stamina & determination to campaign, print and send out BN… Read more »

Aminah Sobri

Selamat Pagi GK
You like BPL so pasti you support QPR becoz ada MAS dan lebih lebih lagi many bully behavior like Joey Barton can be learnt to do demonstrations like in front of Komtar ?

Selamatkanlah Malaysia !


Malaysia has ben cultivating a ‘gravy train culture’ of leeching from Satu Lagi Projek(s), selective licensing approval, business interference with mandatory 30% corporate ownership (by a particular race) & lackadaisical attitude towards education & manpower development by way of filling ‘essential’ quotas & positions with ‘half-past-six’, both in public & private sectors. Since the early 70’s, education has been manipulated to favor one culture, one race at the expense of the others while bringing down the standard of Malaysian education & workforce competitiveness thro’ the decades. Our leaders then were dreaming of Bahasa Melayu in the Greater Asean Pacific region,… Read more »


Malaysia economy is dictated not on merit (what you know) but more on connection (who you know eg cronies) hence long term the flaws begin to take its toll.