Malaysia to raise “billions” of dollars from bonds


Some little-publicised news locally: Malaysia may sell bonds soon in its first major foreign debt offering in eight years.

These could be 10-year dollar-denominated bonds.

The offering will be in the region of “billions” of dollars, Bloomberg reported a government official as saying.

Check out the trend of Malaysia’s external debt stock here.

Malaysia’s international reserves stood at RM314 billion at the end of April 2010. Gross external debt was RM265 billion at the end of 2009.

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Gerakan K

O, So what ??? Even your idol country, the US has issue bonds like no tomorrow. Trillion dollar count. Record breaking budget deficit. No issues in opposition states ??? OK, how about: 1) FDI dropping in Penang ??? 2) alleged corruption amounting to RM100,000 monthly in Selangor (@ Kapar MP (Selangor) gives Selangor MB 72 hours to sack corrupt officials)( 3) PORR revival ??? 4) PICC project ??? 5) Botanic garden excellent management ??? 6) Local election “sandiwara” ??? 7) lies regarding to LGE went to jail ??? (thanks Iron for this. Otherwise people like O will spread it endlessly)… Read more »


Gerakan K, That is the problem with frontline people like you in the Penang State Opposition. Issues listed by you can be used to devastating effects if you carry it out to the people, not here, because the people here are educated people and they know what is a spin and what is not. FDI dropped in Penang? Where is your proof? It is expected to gross 4.2 billion and we are just into the second quarter. Can you please furnish the the FDIs for the past ten years? The PR had did well considering the weak economic situation in… Read more »


Your entire argument is lame, and you know that.

It’s like pointing to a terminal (4th stage) cancer patient and say “Look, I am still healthier than that guy” when you are on the 2nd stage cancer level.

Wanna compare? Compare with whoever is performing better, not those who are worse than us.

But then, Gerakan K, what can I expect from people like you who worship UMNO?


The problem is the Opposition in Penang like the impotent Gerakan ,the MCA and the irrelevant MIC still does not realize the implications and the needs to issue bonds. And one commenter had been raising the question of his hawker food by 20 and 30 cents which will according to him will have a serious impact on the next GE. How laughable? And UMNO Baru led by Azhar was reported to have caused a stir by raising the May 13th issue. How empty headed and stupid those blokes in the Opposition are, and they talk of strategising for the next… Read more »

Gerakan K

Stop worshiping Singapore !!!

The tiny island already stretched to maximum !!!

Malaysia just showed its 1% potential. Ask opposition leaders to work with the government for the betterment of Malaysia. Always oppose for the sake of opposing has done no good for this country. Demolish the speaker corner now !!!


Gerakan K, I agree with you that Opposition leaders need to work with the State Governments. Tell Azhar that, they should work harder to win the hearts of the Rakyat, with performance, actions, not words and intimidations! Certainly not threats of another May 13. Those won’t work anymore! Opposition leaders like Azhar and Toyo should do good if they follow Gerakan K’s advise not to oppose for the sake of opposing. That is not the duty of a responsible opposition! Be responsible, and really, the good governance of the PR leaves no issues for the BN to oppose, or they… Read more »


Gerakan K,

There you go again with your senseless comparison.

Just how can you compare the economy of the world’s largest economy, an economic superpower, a true superpower in every sense of the word?

Malaysia’s GDP is not 1% of USA, and my God, had you made the comparison with Myanmar, it would have been more appropriate, but, instead you chose USA.

Way out bro, way out!


Dear dear Anil, This isn’t going to be the FIRST time in eight years Malaysia sells bonds to foreign investors. Malaysia has been selling bonds to foreigners under various names — Petronas, Telekom Malaysia (now Axiata), TNB, and so on. Check with Tokyo, Anil, if you don’t believe me. See how much “Samurai Bonds” are circulating under the name of Petronas, TNB and Telekom Malaysia. TENS OF BILLIONS (of USD, but in denomination of Japanese yen “¥“) And do not be fooled in to thinking that the proceeds of those bonds are being used by the GLCs. No. It’s the… Read more »

Chauncey Gardener

From a purely commercial point of view, it is actually a good time to issue bonds as interest rates are low if denominated in USD or EUR. And if this was to refinance higher coupon bonds issued earlier, than it may result in some savings in debt servicing.


Wake up people! You may still enjoy your plate of nasi lemak, char koay teow or nasi kandar today hence you think those who bring up matters concerning the dire future of the country are trouble makers! Out to make trouble for our present rulers whilst promoting the opposition. If you think that then I’m sorry for you and have nothing further to say! Get real and really look at the bigger picture of where the country is headed. THINK!!! With UMNO’s current political problems, do you think that they would even consider the GST if they had no choice… Read more »

Gerakan K

Tipu ! Tipu ! Tipu !

My favourite nasi lemak still selling for RM2.50 with chicken part + egg + cucumber + peanut + ikan bilis + gracious sambal sauce + polystyrene box + plastic bag

No need for big picture. It is just politician tactics to bad mouth the government. Are you Tony Pua fans ???

No worry at all as our 1Malaysia PM will take care for us. Petronas is there. PNB is there. EPF is there. Plus there is new oil field in Malaysia.

In another word, god bless Malaysia !!!

“Jom sertai BN”


Gerakan K,

Malaysia expected to be a nett oil importer by 2018 latest, need I tell you that, dude?

New oil fileds? Block L & M already Brunei’s property! Do not tell me you are not aware? There goes 320 billions. Ah… cannot blame you as you are from Gerakan and KTK, (he) is your boss. Same species, all kowtows politicians!

God Bless Malaysia, Save Malaysia from BN.

Selamatkan Malaysia!

Jom Sertai PAS, Gerakan K.