Let them play golf


We are told that the government is introducing a Goods and Services Tax (GST) to broaden its tax base. Low-income Malaysians and migrant workers will soon have to pay this indirect form of taxation on consumption whereas previously they were exempted from tax.

Obviously, the government is operating under tight budgetary constraints – and these have even affected essential services such as education. Check out the impact here and here.

Ordinary Malaysians are feeling the pinch as the government tries to narrow its yawning fiscal deficit.

One wonders what these low-income folks will make of Najib’s announcement of the immediate abolition of import duty on all golf buggies. The cost of a golf buggy will now drop to RM23,000 from RM34,000. No doubt they will be comforted to know that green trimmers and lawnmowers will now be cheaper as well.

The move is expected to benefit some 200 golf courses in the country. What a caring government.

While low-income folks will soon have to pay GST, corporations and better off Malaysians could soon end up paying lower direct taxes (corporate and income tax). No prizes for predicting the impact this will have on income disparities.

People first, performance now. It’s just par for the course.

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Yeah, they can play golf and main kaki tiga.

For us normal folks, we have to play catch up in terms of cost of living

Gerakan K

We can play commenting online, just like playing in this blog.


Those who play golf are among some of the highest income tax payers in this country.

What is wrong with giving tax relief sometimes to the games of the well to do?
Occasionally, the country ought to reward these people.

Anyway, they are infinitely better than those who pay no tax but clamour for more handouts and subsidies.

As we communists or what ?

Gerakan K

Eh ???

GST = pro-Chinese policy ??? (Since many people believe the Chinese in Malaysia constituted the majority of the tax payers)

Ahmad Syafiq

Mahathir once admitted that Chinese paid 90% of the whole taxes in Malaysia. They may not be the majority, but somehow, they paid the most tax. Try figure that one out. Then you’ll understand why many people are against GST.

Kay Pee Cee

Why abolish import duty on all golf buggies thereby stifling the development and marketing of locally made golf buggies?. I understand that locally made golf buggies are quite of high standard and quality.A better strategy would be to provide financial and tax incentives for the local makers of the golf buggies.


Don’t you know it yet, Anil?

The Malaysian Military is one of the very lucky ones !

All over the world Military Personnel can NOT play golf while they are on duty.

Not so in Malaysia.

In Malaysia, military personnels, especially those with high ranks, can go play golf WHILE THEY ARE STILL ON DUTY !!!

No wonder the import tax on golf equipment has been abolished !

Hooray to our Generals and Colonels !!!


Yeah !

Some opposition MPs produced some pictures of military Generals and Colonels playing golf in some PRIVATE GOLF CLUBS.

And when this matter reaches the press, they went to ask the Defense Department.

The Defense Minister then clarified the matter — saying, yes, those Generals and Colonels were TECHNICALLY ON DUTY at the time they were playing golf, but it is normal, because the Malaysian military allow them to do so !


The Malays have a saying, ‘Anak kera disusui, anak di rumah mati kelaparan’. I think this is what it’s going to come down to with this PM & the GST. The household earning for the average Malaysian has not increased much over the years. They are already struggling to cope with the escalating costs of basic necessities. Many are not even in the taxable income group. The priority is to help them cope better and help the country, by looking at those industries they work in and then find ways to shore up their skills & therefore, their income. Yet,… Read more »


Najib has been delaying telling us his NEM. It is delayed again till June. If it is so good and every body support it, he should be crowing… in the morning. Looks like we are going to be screwed again.


Typo error: should read “Benefactors”


Anil – jo makes some good points about economic benefits which calls for a response from you.

Also golf courses are required to be self sufficient in water….i.e. the lakes and ponds are supposed to store enough water for all their needs. If drawn from public sources, rates for water are punitive.

Cheers – joe

jo taharin

tks jo.if we quantify our arguments and fair in our judgement,we will find solution in trying to better the world…usually it is WILLINGNESS TO WORK.


Gerakan K

Hahaha, you are a real joker.
How the govt of the day manages our money…ooops! my money…bloating their
blooming wallets, in case you are too … blind to see or, are you one of those beneficiaries?

Gerakan K


don’t talk openly OK. Keep the secret to yourself. Otherwise all contractors will get angry. By the way nothing wrong to get government projects.


Are we screwed or are we screwed…???


Even as a fervent capitalist, free marketeer and golfer, I have to agree with you, this is dumb. Does reducing golf cart taxes even help golf courses when most of the cost is actually maintenance of the greens? I personally have no problem and like walking the courses which I do most of the time in the US!

This is a sure sign that Najib is desperate for any sort of publicity and spin and don’t have his priorities screwed on right.

Phua Kai Lit

Not forgetting the impact of golf courses on the environment … and the vast amounts of water needed for golf courses.


Guess who’s not getting my vote in the next GE? But then again, since I was old enough to vote, I never voted for morons.


Najib must be truly caring; maybe he intends to park his Rosmah at the golf course more often. Poor woman she struggles even to walk!


Gerakan K This tax GST is meant to screw ordinary folks who are already struggling to make both ends meet. On the other hand, it lower the taxes for those earning in the higher brackets and business to claim back on the GST. In case you are too ignorant to understand, I suggest you ask some of your Aussie friends how this tax was implemented and who benefited the most from it. This is almost and indirect way to take from the poor and giving it to the rich (in the form of reducing their personal taxes)…too hard for you… Read more »

Gerakan K

Let everyone contributed to our nation. Oops, to my nation. The real concern here is how the government of the day manages our public money.

Ahmad Syafiq

Wow, since when did you say public money? I thought you said “Thank the BN gov’t” the other day. So, now you know the money comes from us, the rakyat. Thus, they screw our money, we’ll kick them out. Simple as that. Besides, we already lost billions of our public money anyway for enriching cronies and wasteful projects.

Thus, I am determined to give PR a chance to helm the federal gov’t for once. Let’s see how they handle the rakyats’ money. If they screw it as well, we’ll vote them out again.

Gerakan K

BN Government is the decision maker to spend the money. Do you ever fight with your boss / account department that bank in your salary ??? I guess no one will do that unless wanted to invite unnecessary delay of getting the salary.

Ahmad Syafiq

Eh, that’s our salary ok?! You think the bosses have the right to withhold one’s salary aa? It’s morally and ethically wrong to withhold one’s salary.

Say I’m your boss, and I withhold your salary for no specific reason. Of course you’ll sue me right?

Gerakan K

Of course you can fight, but no bonus in year end and you can forget about any promotion / pay increase in the future.

Be practical in this practical world.


Nice title Anil – that’s a hole in one! 😀


hmm! How can more workers in the golf courses help alaysia be a high income country? It just create jobs for more imported cheap labour. Would any of our 50,000 unemployed graduates want a job there?

jo taharin

our graduates will benefit greatly.you will learn from selling memberships(commission!)to learning about the game.you get to play after hours and maybe master the game.you meet senior decision makers and
business owners there.you learn and you never stop.

at the end of the day,reform is about the betterment
of your ownself.start at a golf course.it is from there that you can be all that you can be.

Habib RAK

Yet another sucidal policy by Najib to grant tax exemption for golf buggies. These are the people who will not even feel it if the import duty were to be increased further and yet Najib abolishes it! He is out to screw the ordinary people.


Yes and lets (vote) him out in the next GE this uncaring PM

jo taharin

m no najib fan but that is not well meaning.business is about sales minus cost of goods sold.any reduction of cogs will assist towards growth of any
industry.it encourages for better delivery of service
and bring more opportunity for the nation’s job

suicidal policies are if they tax 300 percent for
the buggies.then the fees will be exorbitant and
no one will play golf here and therefore no golf
courses,no jobs,no tourist dollar,no businessman
here as they will choose those with golf courses..

Gerakan K

Hello blog owner,

your bias statement:
“While low-income folks will soon have to pay GST…”

GST for everyone.

jo taharin

dear anil, i support dsai and pakatan and golf is a great game.cheaper buggies means cheaper rental of buggy which means cheaper cost to play golf which means more koreans n japanese will pour money to train and play here.they can train here for 6mths during fall winter and early spring.that is a lot of hospitality jobs for us local. more exposure to the game will inspire our kids to play and maybe a vijay or tiger to rise from here. a US Open champion from Malaysia will put Malaysia in the sporting nation that is watched by 1 billion… Read more »


Ha!Ha!Well done Najib your government is truly caring.


Well well our PM Najib is ecnouraging all of you to play golf. Gerakan K, PM is asking you to play a round of golf too. How about that. You could improve your handicap drastically. So sorry we can`t join you. With the GST & escalating cost of living looming over our head, food on our table is more important. Maybe PM Najib thought that the golf ball are special eggs that could make us full. Sorry we could see through that Mr. PM. Najib

Gerakan K

No problem Yang,

you can play football, badminton…


We DO remember what happened to the frivolous Marie Antoinette and her husband, no? Not that modern day Malaysians will resort to the physical harm that befell the two, but still, there is the fall from power… I too shook my head at that somehow Najib’s givernment deemed it necessary and proper to remove the tax on golf buggies and such. At a time when the long-suffering rakyat are facing the dreaded GST, and possibly toll and TNB rate hikes. And a whole lot of issues like the Ketuanan-fanning Perkasa gang, the lop-sided police action against Pakatan, Syariah caning of… Read more »


I love your title. It has a Marie Antoinette ring to it,’ Qu’ils mangent de la brioche.’ 🙂


No Golf courses how to discuss “private black money business ventures”…which cater for Elite Politicians mainly indulged in…always followed by a 19th hole for these keen golfers.

Golfing is big time business in Bolehland….

Gerakan K

You must watch too many conspiracy movie.


Is this to cheer up the Johor MB?…