White smoke from Fukushima unit 3


White smoke is being emitted from reactor no. 3 of the Fukushima I nuclear power plant. This is a ‘live’ news reel from Japan.

Green Action of Japan provides a transcript of the live coverage earlier this morning:

Sattelite live: TEPCO reports about the various fire trucks arrived at the front gate (around 8am)

We cannot see from which building the flames are rising up.
We are looking at it from an angle, so it is difficult to know from which reactor it is coming from.
Probably between Units 3 and 4. The best we can say it is “around Unit 3.” That’s the maximum estimate we can make, our very best.

Media:”It can only be the spent fuel pool or the reactor.”

TEPCO: We cannot deny the possibility.

We don’t know what is happening. I don’t want to conjecture. We want to go back as quickly as possible to gather information.

“There is a possibility that this white smoke is steam, but don’t know.

Tepco employees: “At present we cannot go outside so we cannot confirm where this white smoke is coming from.

It does look like steam.

(Satellite still going on.)

There is a possibility that the water in the spent nuclear fuel pool of Unit 4 has boiled off.

(Narrative continues)

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16 Mar 2011 12.53pm

We can only pray the melt down of the rods are avoidable and the reinforced stainless steel casing holds! The remaining 50 personals supervise and monitoring the damaged plant have abandoned the plant and left the site…let us hope things will not get out of hands!
Perhaps, our learned Mudhyuddin have some tips to offer the Japanese……