From People Power to Pedal Power


There has been a lot of talk about people boycotting the petrol pumps – you can see this being circulated via email. Only snag is how long can people sustain this?

So it’s time for pedal power! Hey, if Paris can do it, why not KL, Penang, Ipoh, Johor Bharu, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu? It will do wonders to turn our cities greener and quieter. We need not follow the business model in Paris. All we need to do is press our state governments to come up with dedicated cycle lanes, shaded by trees to keep off the blazing sun. 

Check this out:

Paris Embraces Plan to Become City of Bikes

Washington Post Foreign Service
Saturday, March 24, 2007; Page A10

PARIS, March 23 — Paris is for lovers — lovers of food and art and wine, lovers of the romantic sort and, starting this summer, lovers of bicycles.

On July 15, the day after Bastille Day, Parisians will wake up to discover thousands of low-cost rental bikes at hundreds of high-tech bicycle stations scattered throughout the city, an ambitious program to cut traffic, reduce pollution, improve parking and enhance the city’s image as a greener, quieter, more relaxed place. Read more

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This guy can Pedal and Watch TV at the same time. Cool Video!

Here is a link:


Charlie Brown

Anil If I cycled anywhere in Kuching, I would be a dead man before long – simply run over by the huge trucks and other 4WD that plow the streets and main roads here like it was a F1 Racetrack. I have tried it before and gave up after 3 weeks of dodging death. What was that about cycle lanes? You actually think our politicians (including from the ranks of the opposition) have the required grey matter to think that concept through? Just listen to Penang CM talk about the Second Bridge. You think he understands Cycle Lanes or even… Read more »


Bike lanes to promote cycling around Penang’s urban towns? Thats a good idea, provided emissions standards in Malaysia are actually enforced. Nobody’s gonna take it up if smokey buses, trucks, and cars are still rolling around. When I lived in the States, we had bike lanes around campus and along the roadsides for those who wished to cycle about. Even the buses had special racks in front for two bicycles. That way, you could BOTH bus and bike. In San Jose, the VTA commuter train (like our own KTM Komuter) has a special carriage where you can hang your bike.… Read more »

Moaz Yusuf Ahmad

Ah the bicycle proposal is a wonderful one… If you could just get the government to build roads that are bicycle friendly, rather than expressways with traffic lights. In any case, the role of the car in our society is going to have to change. Im all for non-motorized transport but Im not confident that I could use it safely here. What about other alternatives? 3-wheel motorcycles and tuk-tuks would be cheaper and use less petrol than even the smallest car, and still give you the capacity to carry people or cargo. The company MOFAZ is working on building these… Read more »

Sqaure One

I was in Guangzhou,China last year and they have this electric bicycles like everywhere. It saves fuel, dunno about the battery life though. It is so silent that you wont know that it’s coming up behind you. Why dont we look into this mode of transport? The topspeed is probably not very fast, so quite safe.When the battery power runs out, you can pedal on …………….


i’ve heard that back in the days people use to pedal from air itam to georgetown or to school. of course, with the cars and huge cars on the roads these days, no parents would risk their children’s lives, unless they’d bought insurance and crossed over to the dark side. the island is in a mess, as homes are far away from school, and some parents insist on their children attending the very same school they attended despite having a school in their neighbourhood. bicycling is possible in tree lined areas like jalan kelawei or the st george’s stretch at… Read more »


If employers would provide shower facilities , cycling would work. I cycle to work at least 5 times in a month. I once managed 4 times in a week. My trip to work covers a distance of 16 Km. no problems.


A bit too ambitious for our weather, I’m afraid.

Besides, we have not fully implemented Bus & Taxi Lanes in KL, JB, Ipoh & Penang, so where’s the space for Bicycle Lanes?

Also, our public parks are for plating and replanting, and then re-replanting and more re-planting and paving and re-paving over dastardly weeds like gree, green grass. So, there’s no space or time that can be allocated for healthy activities, like Cycling!


claytonnarcis – the climate will start to cool down when u change to pedal power.

rajraman – 1. change the location of your home 2. Change your customer 3. change your attitude

khensthoth – just wait awhile. u need to pedal 1st !

10q sir.


sure i’m all for pedal power but it is not feasible for busy people in busy town.

if it’s for relaxation, exercise, visiting friends, fine but how can one pedal a bicycle to work when one need to carry lots of things e.g. suitcase, notebook, files and so on. or for shoppping… not enough place to put our bought goods! i am not driving a car but riding a motorcycle and already i find problem in transporting things to and fro work, so imagine with a bicycle, worst still.


Most of the countries that have citizens using bicycles habitually has cool to cold climate. Wouldn’t it be much logical to have high fuel efficiency vehicles, including electrical motorcycles, or at least a hybrid?

raj raman666

sorry anil,i love to support this but cant
1.i stay in some remote jungle hills.

2. My customer stay in far reach gated community because the amount of robberies/high crime thanks to our enforcement officer.(now Kuala Lumpur/Selangor most houses sell with gated with unacceptable price but still sold)

rajraman.thinking to buy motorbike but scared label as mat rempit.


If the climate was a little cooler here, i’m sure a lot of citizen will resort to pedal power.