Plans for nuclear power plants?


A group of NGOs has warned that the government is going ahead with plans to build two nuclear power plants. A final decision on the location of the plants will be made in 2014 – the point of no return.

Where will they be located? The NGOs say they have learned that seven potential sites have been identified:

  • five coastal sites, one each in Kedah, Perak and Terengganu and two in Johor.
  • two inland sites, near Tasik Temenggor, Perak, and Tasik Kenyir, Terengganu.

Why are we thinking of nuclear plants when there is so much reserve capacity? Why not safer forms of renewable energy? Is it because nuclear power plant involve big money and mega contracts for the chosen concessionaire?

See the full NGO statement on the Aliran website.

Meanwhile, Energy Minister Peter Chin claims he is in the dark.
theSun reports:

On a claim that the government had identified seven potential locations for nuclear plants in the country, Chin said he had heard nothing of it.

“I have received no report on this, and I don’t know where this news comes from.

“There has, of course, been no progress into this because what progress could there be,” he said.

If that’s the case, the government must categorically state that it will not build nuclear power plants. But will it?

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Nuclear power plants must be sited near to where there is plentiful water. Penin. Malaysia is a very tiny country & we definitely don’t need any nuclear power plants in our front/backyard. BTW, if you all have watched Inconvenient Truth by that dumbo algore, do you know this battlecry of “global warming” is to promote so-called clean “nukleer energy’? That’s right, call this a conspiracy theory if u like but politicians who push HARD for nuclear pp are believed to be given HUGE kickbacks. We must go on the streets and protest “no nuclear power plants”. They wl give us… Read more »


Watch this and ask yourself yourself why do we want BN to destroy us?


unless BN can say this nuclear fuel can provide cheaper option for car owners otherwise better support Pakatan for cheaper imported cars !
20% of domestic debt is due to car financing – present car prices are rediculously high !!!!!

Car tax cut good for the public, say economists


Potential sites: Tasik Temenggor, Perak, and Tasik Kenyir, Terengganu.

Barang Naiki, you must be hare-brained, environment foolish.
These 2 sites are environment sensitive areas & considered near to / as National Parks. In case of a nuclear-leak disaster, the people of Perak will die from drinking tap water & all wildlife & people in rural Terengganu areas toxicated to death.
Gila Duit, Gila Otak kah?

tan tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, Japan, a first world country with expertise in engineering and scientific know-how, is contemplating closing down its nuclear reactors, and yet, Malaysia is thinking of setting-up nuclear power plant!! “Is it because nuclear power plant involve big money and mega contracts for the chosen concessionaire?” is most appropriate for the Federal Govt to address! If this is not the case, then the Federal Govt should come up with an open statement that it is not looking to setting-up any nuclear power plant in Malaysia!! There are alternatives to nuclear power energy! Moreover, is Malaysia’s engineering expertise comparable to… Read more »

Gerakan K

Aiyoyo, tan, Japan got earthquake mah, so risks are there. But the Japanese gomen is just doing PR jobs. They never intent to stop using nuclear power. Who wants to pay more for electricity bill. Nuclear power is much much cheaper.

Malaysia is even better for nuclear power plants because Malaysia is without history of damaging earthquake.


Nuclear Malaysia??? Something for Malaysians to think about in promoting nuclear power plant.

Fukushima – Local Children Unwitting (And Unwilling) Radioactive Guinea Pigs.

Penang Voter

How come did not see any in Pekan since it is declared ‘So Safe’?

Gerakan K

If low class China labours can do it, I cannot see why we cannot do it. Nuclear power is one of the greenest renewable energy. Why suddenly changing the tune ??? Oh I see, because it is BN idea. So, it must be opposed no matter what.

Sze Tho

Remember Fukushima and Chernoblyl?

Go back to school GK.


Dear Sir

In a duly elected government, the leaders are elected by the people and thus ARE SUPPOSE to bow to the wishes of the people who elected them.

If the present leaders chooses to proceed with nuclear power, then the opposite is true.

New Zealand has been nuclear free for the last 2 decades because their leaders heeded the wishes of the people.

Thus and to ensure that Malaysia REMAINS nuclear free, WE THE CITIZENS NEEDS TO ENSURE that the present leader/s who advocate for the same be remove at the Ballot Box!


Don’t panic, people.

This will use 100% proton technology, second to none! Absolutely no outflow of fund. What more, it’s endorsed and supported by msia’s most brainy lot, perkosa! lol

Phua Kai Lit

Be prepared to be bombarded with pro-Lynas propaganda that says that the thorium from the Lynas wastes can be used to power the nuclear reactors


come to think of it, if we succeed to block this in malaysia, we’d still be screwed if our neighbours in ASEAN decide to go nuclear.

radioactive contamination is a transboundary issue.

no nuke, death by neighbours,
go nuke, death by own hands, and maybe some $ in pocket 🙂

ASEAN must be nuke free. no ifs, no buts.


jamban tak boleh jaga but building power plants !!!

The Rakyat is paying a huge price for the BN government yet so many amongst us are still in deep sleep !!!

Malaysia Boleh !!! OneCareMalaysia Boleh !!!


This can happen in Bolehland