Penang for Japan charity drive


For latest information on the charity drive,

have a look at the Pink Hibiscus Club. That’s the website for the Centre for Penang-Japanese Culture.

They are still looking for contributions for food for sale, items such as books, accessories, toys, vouchers, dresses – anything of interest and value for both sale and action.

They are also looking for volunteers for talks on nuclear energy, crisis management, energy consumption and conservation.

According to the website, all the donations will be channelled to the Consulate General of Japan in Penang Account. The Consulate will acknowledge all donations given.

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najib manaukau

I am sorry to disagree with you on this for a change. To begin with, Japan is supposed to be one of the richest nations on earth. They give away billions of dollars each year just to show they are very rich why donate your hard earn money to a nation that is ‘so rich’. I am tempted to say these triple incidents, though it may have come a little late, but it is better late than never, it is retribution for the massacre in Nanjing and all over South East Asia during their conquest of these places during the… Read more »