Nuclear energy: Muhyiddin adamant


Is Muhyiddin for real? With an unfolding nuclear nightmare sparking fear in Japan and nervousness across the region, the Deputy PM says that the BN-led administration is capable of handling the government’s nuclear energy ambitions.

You just have to throw your hands up in despair. Here’s another poll to express what you think. The previous poll on this blog on 28 May 2010 saw 85 per cent saying ‘No’ to the plants:

[poll id=”64″]

The Japanese with all their technological know-how and decades of experience with nuclear power plants are battling to prevent a huge catastrophe.

And here we are, with zero experience in nuclear energy, and Muhyiddin thinks the BN-government can handle its nuclear ambitions better than Japan can.

This could potentially become a major election issue.

Meanwhile, Japanese Cabinet Secretary Edano said this evening that the temperature of the remaining water in the spent fuel pools of Unit-5 and Unit-6 is rising. There is no cooling system functioning under the blackout, the anti-nuclear Green Action campaign group reports him as saying.

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Le Abeile

The DPM and those who support him should take a trip to Japan to do a case study. This is the best time to do their case study.

George Seow

I bet the DPM or his loved ones are not planning to stay any where near the nuclear power plant.
If we cannot secure the safekeeping of jet engines, or ensure that our submarines can dive, or the roof of our newly built stadium would not collapse, what guarantees do we have for the long-term safety of a nuclear power plant?

Penang Voter

To those who say Nuclear Plants must be build are UMNOPUTRAS who are just waiting for fallouts.

This Muhyiddin is one dumb … With what is happening, he still wants to go ahead.


That’s the kind of … mentality we have of our leaders – just bulldoze what ever $$$$ project there is for sake of …(?) Their short sightedness is not of their national concern…

The short end of the deal will fall on us ‘senang lupa’ to pick up the painful pieces left of any catastrophe of nuke power adventurism at our own backyard…


I fully support Muhyidiot’s advocacy for a nuclear power plant in Malaysia. May I suggest we build it right next to Putra Jaya. If it is going to be safe for us ordinary rakyat, it should also be safe for them Yang Berhormats.


Cant you see the reasoning?
PM – Supportive of the Australian Lynas project in Pahang
DPM – Supportive of the French/Euro Nuclear Plants.

One cant have all of the cake, We must share as in “Lu tolong gua,gua tolong” you motto.
One for you , One for me
Lets milk the cow while we can.
Chances are, we wont be the Govt after 2020
So, ….. the Rakyat for all I care!!!!

Richie Hee

After submarine, BN nak ‘Naik Taraf’ sikit to nuclear …


I suggest you should release 3 mile island accident in your blog


India is now having second thought building new Nuke plants and upgrading the existing with better safety measure. Japan known for her high standard in technology have asked the world community for help…if we will to have Nuclear plants in Malaysia and leave them to the Ketuanan UMNO… to manage, we need to constantly (pray) for … mercy!

Richie Hee

Very soon UiTM (with its mushrooming campuses) will offer degree in ‘Pembinaan & Kawalan Logi Nuklear’ for the thousands of SPM straight A’s to apply. Our country is blessed with many good students, good professors (at least can ‘talk’ on Astro Awani) and DPM Prihatin, sure Boleh by 2020!!!!


PR should declare their stand openly that the PR is against such proposition and includes this in their agenda and manifesto.
A leaking nuke reactor is not something that be contain locally and the damages cannot be heal in weeks or months.And we have yet to include risk in transporting depleted uranium going in and out.
Even hardcore umno supporters will get cold feet.


I too would be interested to see a PR statement to this effect. I have my doubts that a PR federal government would not do exactly the same things they complain about while in Opposition. A clear stand against nuclear is not that difficult for Pakatan Rakyat to take. It is in line with what ASEAN formerly aspired to (nuclear free), it’s in line with any current understanding of “sustainable” (because until they’ve credibly solved the problems of decommissioning and decontamination, nuclear now is a debt on future generations) and in Malaysia it is in line with what any person… Read more »


Judging from the way those “satu lagi project kerajaan..” were implemented, I have zero faith on the dpm assurances.


Let’s send DPM to Japan to see for himself. Send him to as near as possible to the site. Let’s start a fund to sponsor him, no need to spend gomen money. Lawatan sambil belajar

Bako Boy

The release of the Bibles points to the Sarawak State Elections and the General Elections too. As I’ve commented in one of my earlier postings to one of Malaysian insider’s article: This is all a sandiwara. The whole sketch is to portray that the BN government is a fair government and is willing to discuss issues at a round table. A posting like mine will receive a standard reply by the government: “If we don’t release the Bibles, the people will say that we are not fair; and when we release them they say that it’s all a ploy to… Read more »


Boy, you know what? Now, they are agreeable to release the Malay Bibles, and the stupid Rakyat will say afterall BN is fair, we will still vote for BN, that is how BN rules for 53 years purely because we have too many bodoh Rakyat in this land !!!

Susah la, i think we will stuck for another century, by then, am gone, really who cares?


Create a problem, then be the ‘timely’ Superman solution provider. Then the people will love U!
Who has not learnt about this?
Don’t know? Go learn from the CIA or KGB.


Does he have vested interest in this thing?…


loji nuklear sudah dipesan…
loji nuklear di kenalpasti
pastinya loji nuklear… sekarang jualan murah
org kata untung rakyat malaysia…
terima kasih kerajaan malaysia


Terima kasih anil. after your edit, saya pun tak faham apa saya tulis tadi…haha. 🙂




Even Chancelor Merkel is reversing Germany’s stance on the nuclear plants. Our DPM must have a good conversation with FLOM to ‘plan this development properly’ & ‘discuss alternative green energy’ in view of the climate changes.


Yes – Even Switzerland is putting their nuclear plan into their attics. They are halting those WIP-nuclear plants to RELOOK and REINFORCE for all possible risks before proceeding. Fukushima reactor No. 4 is now on fire (Bloomberg-live). Listen to the pain/damages that the Japanese victims are facing now. Now 30km radius from the plants are being evacuated. No food, no drinking water, no petrol to run away from the burning smoking hell. Put yourself in their shoes. GET RID of BN. They cannot think further than their personal needs. We have more than enough natural resources to produce electricity. All… Read more »

cslee 012-3329630

Just imagine we have the high court roof or ceiling leaking, the Gong Badak stadium roof collapse, PutraJaya hospital leaking without any quake, typhoon or hurricane or any other natural phenomena take place and here we have an idiot proposing for the nuclear energy plant to go ahead, imagine what can become to IMalaysia when the unexpected were to happen. He will be the first to fly off to safe haven.

Ong Eu Soon

Muhyiddin is adamant because like Hishamuddin, he believe UMNO no longer need the votes of Malaysians. BN can win in any election without the support of Malaysians. So make sure that we fulfilled his dream by voting BN out, only then we can have our good night sleep without the worry of nuclear disaster.


Mubarak uses the police forces on the citizens killing them just to protect his power. I guess “somebody” can expose the radiations to the citizens if the majority support of the citizens goes NOT to them. I never think that it is impossible….


They probably wouldnt be seen anywhere near the” proposed site”.The pin does not prick them,they dont feel the pain.


Shiiiiiiiiiih Anil,

Do not expose UMNO … they need an excuse…. UMNO DPM, where are you going to get the nuclear scientists and engineers to manage the reactors…Mara college?


Dearest BN, why do we need nuclear power when we have more than enough power from Bakun and our endless hydroelectricity (we have so many big rivers).How are we gonna to manage a nuclear power plant when in most of our public premises toilets we can’t even manage clean.We also cannot manage residents security fear otherwise why do think all residents in whole country put up guardhouse for what,for fun?Pls reveal in details your contigency plans that you said you have put in place.We just can’t trust your words like that…”we have considered all safety aspects”.Pls remember Japan has the… Read more »


Solution is simple. Vote them out.

Andrew I

Well, everything else has been done. You’re not going to take this one away from us. We’ve waited so long for our turn, thanks to some people before us who took so long to go.

Umar rentaka

easy lah!

If something goes wrong the M… (may) write a book saying Anwar is responsible for the nuclear radiation….

Richie Hee


Can you please dig out old reports by Ekran that promises cheap power via submarine cable from the Bakun Dam to peninsular Malaysia?

What happen to the energy then?
Dissipate in the sea to warm the South China Sea?

Tun M forgot again?

Sarawakians should ask this question before their election as Bakun Dam was built at the expense of environment protection while no revenue was generated to benefit the Sarawak folks, especially those living in the rural areas.


Hahaha, That Muhyiddin really has a sense of humour. Do we trust the bulk of personnel manning a nuke plant if it materialize? Scary scary.


When we can’t safe guard our children from injuries caused by fire crackers, we adults are entertaining a far bigger explosion prone adventurism.
What the country now needs is not a head master to (discipline) these numb skull, itchy nuke-fingers of these unteachable ministers.
We need a real nightmare for them to be convinced.
By then, it will be too late!


It’s not about experience, know-how or expertise. It’s about a quick-rick, money-making scheme… Who cares if the country is blown to smithereens.


Yes, ada projek – … who cares whether it is safe…

Cant even take care of … leaking roofs, etc etc etc and they have the guts to tell you they are capable of nuclear plant, really tak tau malu !!!

Vote for BN in the next GE !!!


Ah Kee, Lu tau apa itu no 24 ke? Lu orang Penang, tolong beri sedikit maklumat boleh ke? Kee, please be the eyes and ears of the Rakyat and englighten us what this numbers is? Like the 1Malaysia NGO that no one wants to be responsible for, this numbers may also have significance in the politics of Penang. They come to Penang and like to eat “pau” from practically everywhere. Just is it true that exists such a number out to wreck the Pakatan Government in Penang? Who are behind it? Kepala pening la Ah Kee. Nowadays, even if you… Read more »

kamsari jais

Hello O

Maklumat terkini: kat Penang macam-macam ada. Banyak golongan nak sabotaj Pakatan. Dulu kasi kek hitam, sekarang kasi keranda pulak. Ini lebih dasyak dari goodie bags 1Malaysia!!!

Ini orang nak menyekat pembangunan Komtar. Dulu isu ‘Komtar Seng’ diperbesarkan. Sekarang giliran ‘NGO Sonsang’ yang berkelakuan sumbang berpakat dengan peniaga samseng Komtar nak ancam keamanan.

Baik kita terus bagi sonkongan pada Pakatan demi kemajuan negeri kita ini.


O, i dont know what is No.24. Sorry la. Ya, jais, i think BN … rascal … buat kecoh di Komtar. I have boycotted nasi kandar for a while now… my cousin too. Pakatan govt tried so hard to revive Komtar and yet BN … rascals … buat kecoh… Pakatan govt is trying so hard to save Rakyat’s hard earned money and yet Rakyat are still mata buta, look at all the recent by elections. Sometimes i really feel that if the people want to (suffer), let them la. By the way, Anil ah, why did you cut all my… Read more »

Kadir Sezairi

The cronies cannot wait to have ‘satu lagi projet dari BN’ as it will be a new frontier to milk quick cash although the thought of collapsed stadium roof and leaking water at the parliment have suggested that the local contractors are not up to the basic quality standards.

Let’s make it an election issue is dpm is till adamant/degil.

Robert Lim

Too dangerous. Those manning the reactor will be sleeping or thinking about getting their (additional) wives (or mistresses) and not concentrating on their work.

Also very dangerous, … someone (might) take under table money and either let thieves in or sell the plutonium and uranium to terrorist to build a bomb…