Murum Dam blockade: Penan arrested


ALERT from SAVE Rivers: Ngang Buling, a Penan from Murum was arrested by police at the Murum Dam blockade at 10.10am today. There were around 300 protesters at the blockade site this morning.

Photo emerging from activists
Photo emerging from activists

Upon the arrest, all the other protesters asked to be arrested as well. A police officer fired a shot in the air to stop the people’s action, said SAVE Rivers.

Three cars carrying some protestors are heading for Belaga, where the arrested Ngang Buling has been brought by police.

Is there no end to the greed of those responsible for building these dams which are responsible for the displacement of these natives?

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Orang Bunian & 2 Keris

Illegals (in Sabah) tak arrest.
Legal citizens who cinta environment, arrested.
Otak udang kering tak guna lansung.
Apa ini???