1Sarawak blackout: Kuching, other towns plunged into darkness


No, not another post-election rally, but a major power failure in many parts of the state.

Cars in Kuching crawl after traffic lights fail

Two Kuching residents have confirmed with me that their areas have been hit by a power shortage, about an hour ago.

One of them, blog reader JJ, said he heard that the whole state including Dalat near Sibu had been affected.

“Massive traffic jams all over Kuching,” he added. “Shops all quickly closing. It’s windy and heavy rain has just started.”

“A friend in Miri just confirmed there is no current there either. Fixed telephone lines are also dead.”

The other resident, Abang Benet, said most of Kuching has been plunged into darkness. “I don’t know how come two blocks of shops have lights on.”

“This blackout does not mean we need more dams. What we need is better equipment, more competent staff and less corruption in Sarawak,” he added quickly.

Other towns and areas affected include Sibu, Bintulu, Matang and Samarahan.

Batu Lintang Adun See Chee How said in a Facebook update: “Power interruption currently affecting the whole of Sarawak, and the Sesco technical people are trying to identify and rectify the problem (unknown to the hotline operator).

“This is the answer I got, after many attempts to call the hotline and being put to hold on for some time. A not-so-nice sentence repeated over the machine to share: We appreciate your patience …”

Sarawak actually had a power surplus even without the Bakun Dam, but the state has big plans to build many new dams to feed energy-hungry companies (some of them not the most environmentally friendly) looking for cheap electricity.

Chief Minister Taib Mahmud’s family-owned Cahaya Mata Sarawak is a major supplier of cement and other construction material.

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28 Jun 2013 12.07pm

TNB can give discount tp this month bill to sarawakians ???
If not, can ask for it ?

28 Jun 2013 2.07am

Ask Taib Mahmud, what happend? Rent collectors not happy?

Anak Kuching
Anak Kuching
28 Jun 2013 12.33am

As usual we will soon be told that a mosquito tripped the switch on the main grid line resulting in the state-wide blackout. Sesco engineers were trying to trap the mosquito but gave up and then decided to restore power in stages. Some parts of Kuching were affected up until a few minutes passed midnight. As usual no one will take responsibility and we can expect the usual apology from SESCO. I believe a year ago they promised that such blackouts will never again occur. Will be interesting to see if the foreign CEO’s head will now be on the… Read more »

More dams @ GK vision
More dams @ GK vision
27 Jun 2013 10.45pm

Don’t place any hope in touch and go politician.

Anil, see. Sarawak need more dams.

27 Jun 2013 7.49pm

where is our selected DAP doing? …still enjoy … in the darkness? ….