How bad is Fukushima?


We can mention Chernobyl in the same breath now.

Green Action, Japan reports that a new analysis prepared for Greenpeace Germany by nuclear safety expert Dr Helmut Hirsch shows that by 23 March 2011, Japan’s nuclear crisis “has already released enough radioactivity to be ranked at Level 7 on the International Nuclear Event Scale (INES)”.

“This is the scale’s highest level, and equal to the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster,” says Green Action.

For the full press release published on the Nuclear Information and Resource Service website, see here (in pdf format).

I still remember those professors/experts from the UK trying to play down Fukushima in the first few days after the initial explosion even though our gut feeling told us the situation looked horrible after the first explosion. The nuclear establishment and the Japanese authorities too tried to present a positive spin of events in the days immediately after the disaster first hit the headlines.

Can you trust these so-called experts with links to the multi-billion dollar nuclear energy industry?

Do we still want to proceed with our own nuclear plans?

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najib manaukau

It is the huge amount of money involved in building a nuclear plant, needless to say the huge amount of ‘lobang’ involved too for those who are supporting for the plant to be built.
For sure the safety of the people will forever come last, if ever it comes !

Prem Das

There are certain things in life we can do but stand and watch. Let the Almighty do his job. Doubtless He has his reasons for everything that happens in this world. This year or the next we would see the world population hit 7 billion. All these disasters would just be an exercise in academics when water shortages,environmental degradation, famine takes on global proportions. Sympathetic as I am for the great tribulation facing this nation, I am ashamed to say, a not inconsiderable part of me, feel this is payback for all the cruelty they have shown to such beautiful… Read more »


It doesn’t matter how much you moan, you’re going to get nuclear:

TNB have seen the ‘green light’.


I just thought I’d read the ‘fear of radioactivity’ page before I went to sleep. Their ‘proof’ that a barrel of toxic waste is more dangerous than a barrel of radioactive waste is a document that should be read and read again by anybody who cares what kind of person is in control of their environment.

LC Teh

…If 2/3s of our voters are still dumb enough to vote for BN again…


When dealing with nukes if encountered with damages and not put under control or the problem, it will always have a high risk of radiation getting into the atmosphere and sea.The abandoned Chernobyl was a good example. The damaged Fukishima is so unsettling to the local population with the increase of radiation found in foods, water and te atmosphere. Most advanced countries are having second thought whether to upgrade their existing plants or find other sources for their energy needs….perhaps, only with the … brains from UMNO who still plan to go ahead with their plan to build nuke plants… Read more »