Germany dumps nuclear energy


Germany will close all its nuclear power plants by 2022 while Scotland is aiming for 100 per cent of its energy needs from renewable sources. And Malaysia is still thinking about nuclear energy?

This is an excerpt of a report by Tony Paterson of the Independent:

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative-led coalition announced plans yesterday to close all Germany’s atomic power plants by 2022, in a move that put the seal on a dramatic policy U-turn in the immediate aftermath of Japan’s Fukushima nuclear disaster.

The decision – which makes Germany the biggest industrial power to completely renounce atomic power as an energy source – will include a planned 10 per cent reduction in electricity consumption and a doubling of renewable energy sources to 35 per cent by 2020.
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Announcing the move Chancellor Merkel, who only nine months ago put forward plans to extend the use of nuclear power, declared: “Our energy system has to fundamentally change and can be fundamentally changed. We want electricity to be safer and, at the same time, reliable and economical.”

Meanwhile, the Scottish government is already committed to generating the equivalent of 100 per cent of Scotland’s own electricity needs from renewable sources by 2020. See this report from the Herald Sun.

And Malaysia is still thinking about nuclear energy instead of doing more research into renewable energy?

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Steven Lee

The discovery of a rabbit born with no ears close to the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear plant has triggered new concerns across Japan about the radiation that has been released into the atmosphere since March 11.

Do you want your children to be born without ears?
Say no to nuclear!


BN goons believe Malaysia can handle any potential nuclear meltdown confidently in the future while Germany can’t. Malaysia as an advance nation can handle whatever possible mishap taking place in nuclear technology with its latest technical knowledge and pool of skillful domestic talents, they can’t see nuclear energy generation can possibly pose any threat to the country and its people. LOL!

no need

you see, Our doctor made young freshies with no experiance to join umno when our tunku rejected the idea. so, here’s the results.. we have stupid … running our country, making the people even more fulllish.


foolish nevermind in the public eyes as long as their pockets are FULLish ?

Jay Banks

If any American politician told this the world would not believe him a word and consider this a smart political move, rather than a considered energy policy. People are always talking about the importance of renewable resources but nobody really tries to do anything about it. I believe a country like Germany could set an example for the rest of the world.


uncle anil
is your blog under hidden suivellance by barang naik cyber troopers ?
every time my friends and i enter your blog, a nuisance script in the background causing our computer to halt (scrip running) . Can u help to solve this otherwise we will have no choice but to visit other bloggers whose sites are less problematic. thks.


4 Sure-To-Die Mentality of Barang Naik Bunch of Clowns for ‘Anything’s Good for Rakyat’ SLP projects: Satu Lagi Projek = more money for my deep pockets. The bigger the gravy train, the better and the earlier my voluntary retirement date. Satu Lagi Projek = don’t have to be environment friendly as along as there’s Kang Tau. No need to carefully study project viability and safety (why work hard or be responsible at work), just think of gravy train money already on the way to Swiss bank account. Practice The Law of Attraction at work (anyway buta (free) gaji is paid… Read more »


Remember you have to pay 6% service tax if you are using pre-paid mobile cards. Barang Naik everywhere! Roti also up 10 sen now.

Mana rakyat didahulukan bila semua pencapaian barang naik?…


this is before the coming ?% GST tax ?
Rakyat betul betul dipinggirkan !!!


can someone start compiling local issues (in pdf format for circulation) for next rally cry ?

the day tunglang’s father in law rally with him is the day we start to see light from dark tunnel ?


tunglang’s regularly engaging anil’s blog from psychology point of view could be due to his frustrations not able to convert his “gerkhin” father in law ???


Japan is going big , really big into harnessing wind power and solar technology R&D.
Normally this segment is excel by the Scandinavians .
If we have a minister with some brain left in his head , Malaysia should take advantage and tag along the Japanese.
Wind turbine looks easy on the surface but it is actually complex gears ratio inside the turbine , efficient power storage for unused electricity is complex science as well. Maybe proton should look into the gear system of wind turbines instead of churning out substandard vehicles.


Sorry need to clarify. I wrote in the year 2030 is giving a few years to dismantle the plants and etc, etc…


…..not until 2030!! By then, there maybe a change of govt and thinking, everything will be back to square on. In any case, what difference will be to Germany when her nearby neighboring countries almost all have nuclear plants. Since we cannot stop countries from having nuclear plants, it may be wise to improve on the technology precisely to upgrade the plants and better control of leakages.
One thing for sure if Bolehland introduce nuclear plants, God helps us all!!


Come on Anil, if don’t build, how to make money?

Every level, money is to be made. Even if you get the contract to clean the jamban of the nuclear plant also, you can retire for life lah.


Building the means to destroy humanity also AOK?
What kind of SORDID mentality is this for worshipping money over precious life!

Life is not about retiring early unless you are not passionate about living a full life with a God-given / anointed purpose or find no useful / meaningful purpose in life.


Don’t understand sarcasm? Go and take some English lessons.

Gerakan K

I will not believe they will dump nuclear energy until they really do so. Remember 16 September project ??? Remember Kg Buah Pala ??? Remember local election ???


Western nations have more integrity than local UMNO BN politicians. September 16 although not a success will be an inspiration to succeed. Kg Buah Pala is the success of PR LGE that no one even BN UMNO can emulate, being the first in the whole country to be compensated with a double storey house worth 750,000/-. Local election have been promised but thwarted by an incompetent and corrupt govt from BN UMNO who wanted their cronies to benefit.

Gerakan K

Western nations have more integrity than local UMNO BN politicians ???

Then how about WMD ??? You must be happy about Iraq invasion, right ???


Over pickled gherkin, this.

telur dua

What others discard we embrace. Stupidity can’t even begin to describe it.


Malaysia is always. I repeat , is always a few decades behind in everything, what the first world is dumping Malaysia is picking up. That is why Malaysia is still in the third world, who is running the country ?


Bolehland is taking a step back to go nuclear?

We must ask where is the electricity from the Bakun Dam?
Where’s the ROI? Doktor on the house care to explain?

Damned that we are paying higher electricity?

semuanya OK kot

It is not accidental. Two rounds of change (the second to correct the first) are more profitable than one. And where else would the capitalists of the West sell obsolete technology?


They’re going to buy all their nuclear-generated electricity from France.


With the west and developed nations dumping nuclear energy, nuclear contractors and manufacturers have no where else to go except the developing countries such as Malaysia..

People in Malaysia are protesting and how else can these manufacturers contractors come in. Yes, by enriching cronies…….. Its so simple….

You protest so what, your health deteriorate, pose a danger so what. As long as it enrich me and my cronies ……………

What should we do with this UMNO & BN government under Najib. Yes kick them out next GE