Fukushima: Possible damage in pressure control chamber


Japan is battling to avoid a wider nuclear catastrophe after fresh explosions today at the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant may have damaged the suppression (pressure control) chamber in reactor no 2.

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Green Action of Japan reports:

Status of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Unit 2

Updated 2011/03/15 08:09

NISA is reporting the status of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Unit 2

At 6:10 am this morning, TEPCO reported that there was an explosive sound from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Unit 2. This explosion might have caused damage in the suppression chamber (pressure control chamber)(*).

(*)Suppression chamber (pressure control chamber):
A facility that lowers the pressure of the reactor pressure vessel in case steam is not properly delivered to the turbine (due to its cessation) by leading steam to and cooling the suppression chamber through a venting tube.
The Emergency Core Cooling System uses water in this chamber as well.

Report from the chief cabinet secretary (quoted by Japan Atomic Industrial Forum):
Fire broke at unit-4 nuclear power plant. Unit-4 was out of service at the time earthquake occurred. It is presumed that the fuels stored in the spent fuel pit were heated by itself and hydrogen was generated from these fuels and explosion occurred. It is also presumed that radioactive nuclides are released to the environment directly through the broken building. We are trying to put fire to make things stable.

11:53 (Japan time, one hour ahead of Malaysia time)

Wind is <0-10m/h NE in the east coast of Ibaragi (in the south of Fukushima). (Fukushima figures are not available because of the quake damage).

11:00 Fukushima Update

Cabinet Secretary Edano reports elevated radiation readings:
30milliSv/h (yes, 30,000 microSv per hour) near Unit-2 and 100milliSv/h (100,000 uSv) near Unit-4 of Fukushima-I (=Daiichi). – Press conference at PM’s Office, 11:15am Tokyo time (+900)

10:15 Spent Fuel—Fukushima Update

NHK has now reported that the spent fuel pool at Fukushima Daiichi (Unit 3) does not have a roof over it since yesterday’s explosion.

There is no electric source, and there is a possibility that it has lost cooling ability. There is steam around the roof top. The connection between this and the other is unknown.

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15 Mar 2011 5.29pm

Every passing day should be a better day as far as the reactors are concerned since they have already been shut down. The heat generated are supposed to be residual heat (from residual fission activity).

Whatever, the reason, we can find Murphy’s law playing havoc with those brave Japanese who are trying hard to cool the reactors at the power station.

Who would have imagined that the most serious nuclear contamination to date came not from those still hot reactors but from the fire that raged through the stored fuels at the cooled reactor no. 4.

15 Mar 2011 3.29pm

Now there are more excuses of the Pekmoh’s regime to build more dams in Swak.

Andrew I
15 Mar 2011 3.48pm
Reply to  FenceSitter

Sad, but true.

15 Mar 2011 4.03pm
Reply to  FenceSitter

Well, there is something called “induced seismicity”:
Although I’m guessing it would be difficult to bring an incontrovertible claim for damages.

Andrew I
15 Mar 2011 1.48pm

Where’s the Malaysian ultraman, Gerakan K?

15 Mar 2011 2.35pm
Reply to  Andrew I

“Where’s the Malaysian ultraman, Gerakan K?”
Where’s the nuclear gambling Minister, Peter Chin Fah Kiu?

Andrew I
15 Mar 2011 3.03pm
Reply to  Sean

Probably suiting up somewhere.

15 Mar 2011 3.00pm
Reply to  Andrew I

The general attitude of Japanese Gomen is not to create panic among the helpless citizens. That’s why we don’t see gory pictures of tsunami victims, as if they were taken away in Rapture! The situation is grave and overwhelming by the minutes to the civil defence to respond adequately. But what the Gomen should not do is create false assurance which will later on develop into utter chaos when the citizens decide to take things in their own hands. After all lives are more important than false reputation of Gomen to save face. Get international rescuers by the thousands (China… Read more »

Andrew I
15 Mar 2011 5.22pm
Reply to  Andrew I

Correction: Ow-ta man. The error is regretted.