Fukushima radiation “extremely high”: Japanese NGO


An independent reading of radiation levels near the Fukushima plant by a Japanese magazine editor and a group of journalists reveals a completely different picture from what is being reported in the mainstream media.

The Green Action group reports that yesterday five members of the Japan Visual Journalists Association (JVJA) and Ryuichi Hirokawa, editor-in-chief of the Days Japan magazine, arrived at Futaba Town where the Fukushima Daiichi reactors are located (the plants are located in both Okuma Town and Futaba Town) to undertake independent monitoring measurements.

Green Action is a Kyoto-based Japanese citizens organisation campaigning for an end to Japan’s plutonium programme. Read their report here.

Japanese officials, however, have played down the severity of the radiation levels though they have implemented a 20km evacuation zone.

And it has just been reported that nuclear fuel rods are now completely exposed in reactor no. 2.

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Your writing is alarmist and does not represent the FULL story. Like the media, why are you adding to some possibly negative news with an additional “it has just been reported that nuclear fuel rods are now completely exposed in reactor no. 2.”. What about the fact levels have fallen considerably since the initial explosions, or that water has successfully been used to in one reactor to fill the pools. Your kind of writing just creates panic – sorry to pick on you but it’s a classic example of unbalanced reporting the commercial media adhere to.

semuanya OK kot

When China developed its nuclear weapons, the West came out with a cartoon showing a Chinese-looking caveman in animal skins, shouldering a bomb. The message was that the “democratic” West was responsible and capable of handling such power, while “Red” China was not.

What we have in our beloved country are (those) with the thinking of bronze-age chieftans and witch-doctors, dabbling in matters they do not understand. This is taking place because the people are too stupid to control their SERVANTS.

“The problems that exist…today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them.” – Albert Einstein


Russia Today reports a fourth explosion?


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHiiJNcoQJg There’s always a chance the translation is inaccurate, but so far they’ve been portraying the maintenance of pressure in the reactor vessels as a sign that things are not so bad as they appear. The report that “pressure has reduced from 3 atmospheres to 1 atmosphere” means ‘there is no sign that the pressure vessel is intact’. Where is Peter Chin and some reassurance from our meteorologists / marine hydrologists that Malaysia is not at risk from any wind-borne / sea-borne fallout? I believe (due to prevailing currents) that the risk is close to zero, but it is his… Read more »


No more nukes?!!… you will deprive the corrupted …. elites and cronies their cash cows….safety, do you think they care a damn?
Gerakan K, what say you?


At this juncture of the problems facing Japan with their damaged Nuclear plants, things are still looking bleak. The Japanese have still not found a solution!….imagine … Malaysia face with this problem if they opted for Nuclear reactors for our electricity needs. In Japan, a very disciplined and patriotic country, they do not trust their govt fully….gosh, if in Malaysia, there will be no solution, UMNO (may) lie through their teeth!

Valerie Mapstone Ackerman

No more nukes!


It seems ALL governments have learnt the art of information misinformation. Why do they treat their people as children? Let the people have the information so they can make the best decision for themselves. Many years from now, we will be watching it on “Nat Geographic-Seconds from disaster” and wonder why this ever had to happen. Why does it seem that the people always bear the COST and the BRUNT of the disaster or decisions made. Why Why??


One this world’s greatest nations is at its knees not because of war but because of a natural disaster…. Malaysia must heed this warning…we are at the edge of this very very active ring…Malaysia’s Japan may not be that far away after all… If the 2004 earthquake hit even 100 miles north of its epicenter off Acheh..the entire West Coast including Langkawi, Penang, Lumut, Bagan Datok, Kuala Sepetang, Tanjong Karang, Kuala Selangor, Klang, Port Dickson, Malacca, Muar could be looking like Sendai…… I dont think building a future down this coast is a good idea…. Knowing the limitations of our… Read more »


We comfortably thought that the Tsunami 2004 is the last one for us. How sure can we be? A few months after 2004, there was a Christian group that had simultaneous visions among its church members of the worst impending tsunami hitting Penang in the future. What one member ‘saw’ from the Youth Park hill (the one overlooking the Indian Temple) was flooding that reached up to the Waterfall Hotel, which means a tsunami level of at least 30 feet! And the entire George Town was under sea water. The approximate time of happening was 6 to 7 evening. The… Read more »




I think Malaysia should reconsider….no no…let me rephrase that..
MALAYSIA MUST NOT consider using a nuclear powerplant anymore. If we have a full scale meltdown…malaysia is a goner.

Please stick with Hydropower, Solar Power, LNG, Coal, Geothermal.

I’m not gonna wake up and have a full scale panic attack. Its not worth the risk. Think about your children, your nation’s plea.


Naa, never trust the government’s report. Any government, to be exact.

Gerakan K

Japanese NGO ala anilnetto.com style ???


No Gerakan K, it’s japanese msm ala msian msm style. Didn’t you also not notice very little is shown of the victims? Just mostly clips of the devastation, pictures of mangled cars, boats, houses, but where are the people?

Andrew I

Tell you what, why don’t you lead a group of msm journalists there and give us a truer picture?

Andrew I

Then we can ” kill two birds with one stone” – proving you are right and the NGO wrong and the msm proving that they are fact-based.


Whatever the eventual outcome of these “lame reactors”…it is bad news. The Japanese govt was prepared to opt for desperate move filing the reactors with salt water meant they were prepared to abandon the plants just to avoid a catastrophe. So far, the core is well intact and not affected, that is a small consolation!
Berita Harian, you still have a stomach for your distasteful cartoon?….