Fukushima plant “clearly a lost site”


France’s Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) has expressed its views on the consequences of the Fukushima disaster, reports Green Action Japan.

André-Claude Lacoste, President of ASN (France’s Nuclear Safety Authority) expressed his views on the implications and consequences of the Fukushima disaster on Wednesday 30 March 2011, in front of the Parliamentary Office for the Assessment of Scientific and Technological Options.

On contaminated land:
“Depending on the level of contamination, the management of these territories will be extremely difficult for years to come, if not for decades.”

On the stabilisation of the reactor site and beyond:
“If there are orders of magnitude that I would like to share with you, they are the following: the return to a more or less acceptable level of safety on-site is a question of weeks, and, no doubt, of months. The management of the contamination outside the plant – the plant clearly is a lost site – beyond, around the plant, it is a question of years if not of decades.”

Transcript by EnerWebWatch, translation by Mycle Schneider

Has the radiation reached the United States? You might want to keep a close eye on the Radiation Network’s volunteer monitoring using Geiger Counters here. You can see a couple of the readings hoving at the top end of the 5-60 background radiation level.

Is the Malaysian government monitoring radiation levels around the country so that we can all be assured that the levels are no higher than the usual background radiation level?

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jalil din,

a troll hibernates if need be. Gerakan K will be back, no worries. But Gerakan in Penang?


A troll needs time to be fed with rubbish and nonsense and lies before he trolls back into this blog to spew these unpalatable inexplicables on to us. Just rubbish him off!


Malaysia may have its fair share of tragedy in Kuantan following the decision to have rare-earth processing activities there.

Jalil Din

Wonder why Gerakan K is silent on this issue.


Actually I thought it is a non-issue until that infamous MB Adnan Yaakop gave his assurance… (does) BN have ‘udang disebalik batu’ in this rare earth processing plant(?)


He is trying to get a world renown pathologist to justify having nuclear power in our backyard. No reasonable hard facts life threatening evidence like that in Japan can overturn his pathologist’s seemingly harden conclusion based on the suicidal tendencies of our BeEnded leaders in Projek Satu Lagi Putrajaya.

Pinang Boy

The Aussies did not want such plant in their backyard, so this aussie firm came to Malaysia in the name of foreign investment.

A disaster waiting to happen?

The Aussies will not make Kuantan their 2nd home, definitely.

Ahmad Sobri

Satu lagi projek BN…

Jangan lupa, radioaktif bawa padah!


Read this to understand what the bn cronies are trying to reap from rare earth:



‘Stop Lynas, Save Malaysia’ was formed in March amidst growing fears of potential radiation poisoning from the plant’s operations, which detractors claim is bound to happen.



Anil should make Lynas a headline issue in his site, as it concerns all of us.


Fukushima will eventually be the grave yard for the damaged nuke plants. Already one of the damaged plants is oozing out radiation passing the contained 30km zone…what is most disturbing is the authority has yet to find the source responsible for the leak, let alone having a solution!….even a complete shut down, the plant will take years to cool down. Japan with her high technology know how was unable to get on top over of the current problem faced by in Fukushima…. Malaysia with UMNO brains similar of that MP Bung, is proposing to go Nuclear for her energy needs… Read more »