Fukushima meltdown’s grave consequences


They didn’t give you the real picture about the Fukushima meltdown from the start. Now our environment – the seas and the air – is being contaminated.

Brought to you by the wonders of boiling water (to generate steam to drive electricity turbines) using nuclear energy.

Helen Caldicott is an Australian physician, author, and anti-nuclear advocate.

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Turgid Trope

Let me play Devil’s Advocate, but it seems to me that every time I hear about Fukushima some ungodly new level of radiation is emanating from it…way above some “safe” level. And yet…no one has died or even seems to have gotten radiation poisoning. If anything, this is turning into a giant pro-nuclear advertisement, because all of these “sieverts” and megacuries of radiation have been spewing out for 2 months and yet…nothing seems to be really happening there. I don’t see any videos of people falling down dead in the streets…even the Fukushima 50….how many of them died? How much… Read more »


Without nuclear power, factories outside Japan cannot function because they depends parts from Japan. Many factories have to stop production because Japan is not supplying components to them. Why not supporters of non-nuclear helpp to pay the worker’s living expenses.

If no nuclear, then go and pump more oil and result in the oil explosition in BP’s Gulf of Mexico. Just look how many oil spill and affect marine life?

We need to conserve and use electricity and motorcar travelling wise in order to reduce the energy.consumption.


“Many factories have to stop production” is a kind of “reduce the energy.consumption”
If the future of energy is solar (I think it has to be), then the future of production – according to the map below which shows how much power is received on average from the sun – is Africa and the Middle East:


How nice would it be to live several thousand years and to see everything returning to the Cradle of Civilisation and the Cradle of Mankind?

Phua Kai Lit
semuanya OK kot

When nuclear energy was first exploited, the backers were so gung-ho that they even envisioned nuclear-powered vehicles. Nuclear waste was dumped anywhere you wouln’t notice, e.g. by Britain into the Irish channel. AFAIK, it was being dumped in the oceans up to the 1980s, as some of the countries using it are too small. Either that or you export it to one of the Big Brothers to reprocess into nuclear weapons. Changes came about because heroic activists took on and defeated the corrupted industrialists, administrators and even some judiciary. This is why we are asking for trouble in Malaysia. We… Read more »


I was in Beijing last month I encountered a very bad experience with my health. I thought it was flu, (which I very often get it when in China) but this time what I experienced was definitely different. The symptoms were very much like hay fever. nose blocked with bloody slime, sore throat with brownish mucus and my eyes were reddish and itchy. I cannot imagine myself getting hay fever in Beijing!..very unusual. I recovered after two weeks returning to Perth.

Isaac Ho

What happened recently in Fukushima is nothing short of a complete meltdown of those five nuclear reactors…an accident worse than Chennobly in Ukraine. The Jap government and Tepco have been lying as they are too ashamed to admit the truth of this world’s most serious nuclear “accident.” The people in Japan, East Asia and the rest of the world have been hoodwinked by the Japs working in cahoots with the Americans. The worse is yet to come. Don’t buy or consume any products from Japan right now….period.


This is such a self-aggravating disaster for Japan, it’s impossible to overestimate the impact. If Japan had been struck by an enormous earthquake and tsunami which had destroyed any other form of power generation, leaving the country devastated but instantly able to return to the worst-hit area to rebuild their lives, we would all be buying Japanese products in an effort to buoy up their economy and support Japanese people in the mammoth effort of cleaning up and starting anew. Even if it had been heavy oils that had been washed back out to see by the tsunami, the world… Read more »


Hiya… Epimenides… my browser is more clever than I am. That last post was me.

Ong Eu Soon

Green house effect seldom happen is the morning. But now when you wake up, you can feel the heat. If you look up at the sky just before rain, the sky is totally covered up by haze instead of clouds.

Ong Eu Soon

The meltdown of the nuclear has released ghosts from hell, in ancient word, 妖气冲天, disaster is imminent. No way to escape!

Ong Eu Soon

The radioactive is causing the worst kind of green house effect. By which thermal radiation from earth surface is absorbed by atmospheric greenhouse gases or radioactive, and is re-radiated back to earth in all directions. Since part of this re-radiation is back towards the surface, energy is transferred to the surface and the lower atmosphere. As a result, the temperature there is higher than it would be if direct heating by solar radiation were the only warming mechanism. That explain why the whether is so hot and stuffy.


Thanks Anil for this you tube video. It was so informative.

I now fear that the person(s) in charge of cooling the reactor might fall asleep after eating nasi lemak. What will happen then?


Are you confusing with Homer Simpsons?


There is nothing else humanly can be done in Fukushima…let it be a good lesson to countries contemplating putting up nuclear plants and their ability to control the fall out if disaster struck. Japan many nations think was qualified in technology and efficiency still ran into trouble, I wonder how our Ketuanan UMNO brains going to fare!


“Ketuanan UMNO brains”
I thought Malaysian nuclear was being championed by Peter Chin Fah Kiu? Since he isn’t a member of UMNO, what can possibly go wrong?

Ong Eu Soon

One strange phenomenal is that after rain, the house or the room is still remain hot. I have to turn on the air condition to cool it down.

Ong Eu Soon

Sign of flu always come with body aches, fever or chill (body chills not related to a cold environment).

Ong Eu Soon

I personally have suffered from this extreme sore throat since last Friday, the first sign is my kidney start to deteriorate at a rate that is too fast under normal circumstances. I am a physically strong and perfect healthy martial artist.I can take continuous throws from my opponent without problem if I can suffered from unknown cause after caught in the rain, no other human being can survive. My knowledge from the ancient medicine help me to recover. Even now I am still not fully recovered although I have stop my kidney from further deteriorating.

Ong Eu Soon

The radioactive contamination is already here, avoid the rain at all cost, the rain is highly contaminated with radioactive. When you suffered from extreme sore throat but no sign of flu, the likelihood is that you already affected by the radioactive rain. Normal rain will not caused kidney deterioration, but the current rains have this special effect.Only the radioactive from Fukushima can explain this strange phenomenal. If you take anti-biotic after having this strange symptom, your health will deteriorated even faster. Check your tongue for thick white fur and running nose, if you have extreme sore throat. No western medicine… Read more »

Andrew I

And what was it that one troll was accusing you of for suggesting a high likelihood of a meltdown, Anil?

Fear mongering, wasn’t it?