Fukushima: It’s a nuclear meltdown


Finally. Japanese officials have admitted that one of the reactors at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi power plant was indeed struck by a nuclear meltdown.

The top five feet of the 13ft-long fuel rods in the core had been exposed and have melted down.

Significant amounts of radioactive material have been released into the sea. Samples of seaweed, a part of the Japanese diet, have been found with excessive radiation.

See the full report in the Telegraph.

In contrast, many of the corporate media are still avoiding the ‘M’ (meltdown) word, probably to avoid worsening public opinion against nuclear energy.

After all, the nuclear energy industry is big business.

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14 May 2011 11.19am

We cannot even disclose the cause of the collapse stadium in Trengganu, now how can i believe that the government here is capable of building and maintaining a nuclear plant?

16 May 2011 12.15pm
Reply to  ramli

The stadium collapse is an act of God. Case closed.

14 May 2011 9.01am

For any public utility project to start with, it has to be big budget with all the excess bells and whistles. It has to have big news publicity to carry out loud the names of those for political mileage. Never mind that it might bring bad repercussions, bad reviews and bad investment choice. Never mind that the chances of loss of lives and destruction of environment are mere flips of coins. Never mind that the foolish loss of opportunity cost for better, cleaner and safer energy alternatives is easily distracted in the … confusion and misinformation by MSM. Never mind… Read more »

14 May 2011 7.40am

Even the Japanese medias avoided the “meltdown” word .
They reported it as “exposed” instead of meltdown.
1.5 to 1.7 meters of the fuel rods were exposed inside Number 1.
Last week , Naoto kan made his decision to close the Hamaoka reactors which is located within Shizuoka Prefecture.
Effective immediately , Japan is going big into solar, wind and other natural renewable energy.
But the bn govt still insisting to have nuke. Not one but two nuke reactors.
During badawi’s time millions are poured into Biomas or bio fuel thingy. All evaporated i presume.

14 May 2011 12.17am

They’re going to compensate the Japanese people with their own money and the long-term cost to Tepco will be far less than the long-term loss to the Japanese people. That cost should be reflected in the price of riskily-generated nuclear power. The power generators must be forced to insure the public – internationally – against catastrophic failure. That’s the only way we’re going to get an accurate price for electricity generated by nuclear power. Let’s mark it up to RM20 per KWh (subject to an insurance policy which will pay out trillions of dollars in compensation per fault), and then… Read more »

14 May 2011 2.05pm
Reply to  Sean

actually the government of Japan is helping tepco to compensate the victims. tepco cannot manage it financially. source: bloomberg

14 May 2011 4.29pm
Reply to  statistician

By ‘their own money’ I meant ‘the money of the people of Japan’. The government isn’t a separate corporation – the money they spend is the people’s money. They may have planned to spend it on more research institutes, more railways, extended national parks etc, but all those things will now be lost to the people because the money will be used to cover the ‘compensation’ from Tepco. It’s like your bank admitting it made a mistake and sending you RM100 as a conciliatory gesture, only for you to later discover that it deducted the money from your deposit account.… Read more »

14 May 2011 12.06am

[Germany to close all nuclear plants]

When someone with top expertise made such decision, we better pay attention. This German chancellor, Angela Merkel, is a physics graduate and has a doctorate thesis on quantum chemistry. Furthermore, her husband is a quantum chemist professor. Yet, she decided to close all nuclear reactors.

Of course nuclear tech is no where near the complexity of stuffing DNA up donkey ass. lol

14 May 2011 1.24am
Reply to  hasilox

Germany action are going to make lots of nation poltickus unhappy, especially France, a nuclear technology export country.

14 May 2011 2.03pm
Reply to  hasilox

Switzerland, Paraguy, Itali, Brasil, Germany, England, Australia, Amerika, India are amonjg those tapping on Solar Energy. Even Japan herself! These nations are not as lucky as our darling Malaysia who has 365.5days of stunning sunshine(barr the occasional rains).

I wonder on the insistence to put up the nuclear plants. So as to:-
a. (dubious) tabletop deals?
b. image building as ” we are developed, can manage nuclear”?
c. no other activities that is impressive under the ETP?

Malaysia has tons of sunny and cloudless days. But masters still said NUCLEAR bagui!

My rooftop is Solar-panelled.