Chernobyl, Three Mile Island warning


If Fukushima is not enough of a warning, those in the Malaysian government adamant about bringing nuclear power plants here should take another look at what happened at Chernobyl and Three Mile Island.

Pakatan too needs to clearly state its stand on nuclear energy so voters know exactly what they are in for.

This year is the 25th anniversary of Chernobyl, which is still pouring out radioactive gases after its sarcophagus cracked last year. They are still clearing up tons of radioactive material there. The cost of resettlement, cleanup and medical expense? US$235bn. Meanwhile, Fukushima has already emitted more radiation than Three Mile Island.

And let’s not forget our own experience with radioactive material at Bukit Merah:

How would we react if a problem arose at a nuclear power plant?

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fyi…stuxnet for iran end up in japan, among others…

What is your problem

… As long as you live, you will need to use electricity, and electricity don’t come from nowhere, it gotta come from some place – either burning fossil fuel or from nuclear fission.

The wind-power, the solar-power and the sea-tide power may be trendy, but they just do not measure up…

What is your problem

If you want to censor my message, Anil Netto, just do not put it up.

Stop censoring my message until it suits your agenda, Anil Netto.

Have you no shame, Anil Netto ???


This is Jimmy Carter, President of United States. A real nuclear engineer by training….Not that idiot…..Yes, if I had my chance, I would tied those idiots around the nuclear reactor. Give them a taste of radiation
The video presentation of Jimmy Carter


We should search other resources to produce power


Anil I think these Nuclear advocates should shut up and instead fly to Japan and become firefighters there. Japan needs fearless heroes like the Zero fighters.Stop criticising pack up and go who knows they may end up as famous as Mdm Curie (who died of cancer from her research hazards)

What is your problem

The good old “Shut the eff up” reply, I see.

But then, I am not surprised. Double-digit IQ folks don’t have nothing inside anyway.


You deserve it very much indeed!
Nobody likes problem!


I bet with every hair in my body that this clown would not dare. I heard that 35 out of 50 brave Fukushima sacrificed……One sad story


I have finally found this online……Broadcast to the rest of all Malaysia….We must educate & reeducate every Malaysians including those idoits

What is your problem

Anil Netto,

If nuclear jargon makes your head aches, I found a link that will ease your headache somewhat —

It is in plain English.


Dear Anil. The latest statement by Tokyo Eelectric Power now suggests a situation worse than Three Miles or even Chernobyl. They are now talking about the possibility of reaching critical mass. What that means is a possibility of an atomic explosion.


LBJ, This one I got to correct….It won’t be an atomic explosion but it would be a meltdown of the reactor….Imagine you have a boiling kettle with water……What happen if all water evaporated, then the part of the kettle would be burnt as well. The problem is the nuclear rod would be exposed with radiation dust blowing in all direction Once it’s airborne, it can hit anyway depending where the wind blows. Hence one clown suggest is ok to build the nuclear…..Judging with the collapse of Terengganu, that clown would be a dead clown when the meltdown happens. I can… Read more »

What is your problem

Fear mongering again?


If there is a slightest leak in peninsula Malaysia , where can we hide?
Those ‘jamban-tan” … and our monsoon drain are not nuke bunkers.
China is a vast country with ample desert and deserted land to store their depleted uranium far away from their population.
Do we ship our depleted uranium to Sarawak’s vast jungle?
The umno govt don’t have a complete plan at the moment …
Safe or unsafe , do put it on hold.
Malaysia have to discuss such plan with the rest of her neigbours namely asean.


Question: If your big boss responsible for all this mess was in comfort far away from this crisis… waiting to be updated, would you bother to send him any information? “Yukiya Amano, the director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), has said he plans to fly to Japan on Thursday to get further information about the situation at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. “The BBC’s Kerry Skyring says Mr Amano is under pressure to demonstrate his agency is informed and able to communicate a clear picture of what is happening. “At daily press briefings he has been unable… Read more »

What is your problem, Anil?

After I read many of your article finally I found what is your problem, Anil Netto. You don’t know anything but yet you pretend you know everything. Like, for instance, this Nuclear Power thing. Do you have a degree in Nuclear Physics, Anil Netto? If so, please tell us more about Nuclear Power Plant. If not, no matter how many youtube propaganda movies you show us, it’s no use. Because those of us who know what we are talking about know that you do not know anything. But I will give you a break, Anil Netto, I will give you… Read more »


You dont need to be a physicist to understand the dangers of nuclear fallout. Japan one of the Giants of Asia is down on its knees with just four – 4 damaged reactors.

And China the other Giant is recoiling and putting all Nuclear plans on hold!

Even half-educated donkeys will tell you that Nations with Nuclear Power have nothing to shout about from now on- they will eventually destroy themselves.

The Nuclear plants at their doorstep are the Time Bombs that will be exploded by Mother nature or their enemies in event of War.


yeah, yeah, yeah….

[China needs to build at least 200 Nuclear Power Plant, and about 150 of them will be based on the “nuclear pebble bed reactor” design.]

it’s so safe that China made a U-turn and suspended approvals for the proposed nuclear power plants to conduct a more comprehensive safety check of atomic plants following Japan’s nuclear crisis. Ref:

Maybe the Chinese govt.needs to shut-up & needs to refer to you too… afterall, what do they know about nuclear power plants, rite?


and I don’t know what nuclear degree/s that you may have, but I don’t see you advising the Japanese govt on how to solve their current problem either….

ppl with smart brains like yours should be at the front line in Japan helping them, instead of having problems with Anil’s blogging….

or is it that you’re afraid of some little harmless radiation….


Why should I or anyone advise the Japanese?

They bought Honeywell, one of the few makers of nuclear power plant and thought they know everything – just like Anil Netto….

The world needs you

you should be in Japan right now… the world including your family absolutely needs you!

The world needs you

Then again… why do I have the nasty feeling that you will be the first to run … hmm, i wonder which corner of the earth will you run to…


Let me revert the question back to you again…..How much do you know about nuclear energy?

We need to have a rerun on China Syndrome…..

P.S. Hey you, if you can’t understand what the hell in the China Syndrome….I suggest that you take a hike…..By the way, the script writer is an engineer by training. The film was shown days before the Real Three Mile Island Accident Incident happened


What is your problem

China Syndrome?

Do you even know what it is?

Please stop trying to impress me with your puny knowledge you glean from the Net.


Perhaps, you should watch the movie…..Then, you explain to me

I have broken the rule not to engage an idoit


What is your … problem?, What is your problem.
You seem to be barking madly everywhere, my dear problem.
Go check your aura to see if it’s muddied red and left only 1 inch!
Problem alone by itself speaks no solution!


He is mad. Ignore him. Perhaps, we should send him to Japan to be next to that nuclear reactor


Nuclear pebble bed reactor is not the answer. A terrorist attack on any nuclear plant can result in catastrophic, irreversible or very long-term effects on human survival as well as ecosystem viabilty and functions. Incompetency (superabundant in Malaysia) can be equally catastrophic… . Further, there is NO known/proven safe long-term disposal of nuclear wastes anywhere in the world. Where is Malaysia storing its new nuclear wastes? In its porous chalk mountain range caves? Or porous friedable laterite soil? Or ship them via pirates/terrorists-infested waters to elsewhere? FYI, Malaysia doesn’t even know how to dispose of antique research machines containing radioactive… Read more »

What is your problem

A “terrorist attack” on anything would be disastrous.

Plus, this is not America Syarikat.

Nobody hates Malaysia.

What is your problem

Missed a portion of your message.

If you do a thorough read-through regarding the pebble-bed design you would know that there will be NO nuclear waste.

Unlike the conventional nuclear power plant, the pebble-bed design re-uses the radioactive by-products to generate more by-products, and then re-use them, an endless looping process, essentially becoming a super-efficient power-generating plant.


“an endless looping process, essentially becoming a super-efficient”
Ahh. One never forgets the time one first discovers perpetual motion – happy memories!


“solar and wind” Got wind meh? If Malaysia’s got wind, why does everybody need fans? I usually post links to maps of the world showing usable wind distribution in response to people saying “we can use wind”, but I’m hoping to get away with it this time. The maps all show Malaysia as having practically none. I’ll find the links again, if anyone is interested. You can go outside now while it’s dark and collect your own statistics, if you like. There just isn’t any wind (for power generation) here. Solar is tricky because of its low energy density. Dedicating… Read more »


Fans are needed because you are indoors at near sea level on the west coast 😉 Seriously now. People in Europe also need fans in their homes during summer but the high industrial wind turbines outdoors still rotate! Have you never been to the coastal areas in the East Coast? It can be pretty windy in the coastal and offshore areas. High Wind turbines are also done offshore, if you care to look at the current ‘wind parks’ around the world. Why laugh off or thumb down a potential energy (to contribute to the mixed energy policy) that has not… Read more »

Benedict Naisekun

All Patriotic Malaysians will agree with you. Those who disagree ARE DIRTY GREEDY Politicians!


This is called “Karma”


How would we react if a nuke problem arose? I’ll tell you how step-by-step:

1) First deny.
2) Make u turn by admitting it’s a small problem.
3) Blame god.
4) Make another u-turn by denying again.
5) Tell people to shut up. National security. Threaten with OSA, ISA.
6) Blame opposition for politicizing the issue.
7) Tell newspapers to downplay this news.
8) Oh look… national car sales went up 4%. Let’s celebrate.
9) What nuclear problem?