Electricity bills rise by 12-17 per cent …


… for those whose previous monthly electricity bills ranged from RM120-RM200. The percentage increase will be more than 17 per cent for those whose monthly bills were higher than RM200 under the old tariff structure.

That’s because, while the domestic tariffs for the first 300kWh remain unchanged (RM0.218/kWh and RM0.334/kWh), TNB has come up with a hefty 29 per cent hike in tariff for the 100kWh threshold immediately above that (from RM0.40 previously to RM0.516 now).

Funnily enough, if you consume more than 900kWh, the increase in the uppermost threshold is only about 26 per cent (from RM0.454 to RM0.571).

While it is important to conserve electricity and find renewable sources of energy, we also seem to be paying the price for all those years of huge profits for the independent power producers under lopsided concession agreements – which were at the expense of TNB. That was under Mahathir’s privatisation policy.

Still, let’s not forget that TNB posted a profit before tax of RM5.9bn for its last financial year.

Now you see why the attention of the public has to be diverted by all sorts of antics?

Calculate how the new electricity tariffs will affect you.


( 1 JUNE 2011)


(1 JANUARY 2014)

1. Tariff A – Domestic Tariff
For the first 200 kWh (1 – 200 kWh) per month 21.80 sen/kWh 21.80 sen/kWh
For the next 100 kWh (201 – 300 kWh) per month 33.40 sen/kWh 33.40 sen/kWh
For the next 100 kWh (301 – 400 kWh) per month 40.00 sen/kWh  

51.60 sen/kWh

For the first 100kWh (401 – 500 kWh) per month 40.20 sen/kWh
For the next 100 kWh (501 – 600 kWh) per month 41.60 sen/kWh
For the next 100 kWh (601 – 700 kWh) per month 42.60 sen/kWh  

54.60 sen/kWh

For the next 100 kWh (701 – 800 kWh) per month 43.70 sen/kWh
For the next 100 kWh (801 – 900 kWh) per month 45.30 sen/kWh
For the next kWh (901 kWh onwards) per month 45.40 sen/kWh 57.10 sen/kWh
The minimum monthly charge is RM3.00
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Don Anamalai

The Association of Water and Energy Research (Awer) predicts a further hike in electricity tariffs, by 24 to 39 percent within 18 months from now.

Dyana: Adakah keuntungan RM4.6 bilion TNB tak mencukupi?


Now malaysia is facing water crisis.
Perhaps one day Malaysia has to buy the Newater technology from Singapore?


Hello OWC

Actually McDonald’s meals in Malaysia are not cheap, considering it is nothing more than junk food.

Better support local hawkers!


Why should we rejoice when NST proudly reported that McDonald’s Big Mac in Malaysia is the 3rd cheapest in the world?

It is junk food!
Also, Vegetarians, Vegans, Buddhists and Hindus do not take beef.

Anyway, do malays eat Big Mac everyday?


Correction to ” Non of the IPPs are not losing money.”
it should read as ” Non of the IPPs are losing money “


The govt together with Petronas are using the world’s oil&gas prices (such as LPG) as excuse. TNB is just passing the hat to end users. That are what i can comprehend from the news and statements from the many blur ministers. The national oil co and Tnb are controlled by govt. Private power plants (IPP ) are fully or at least partially supported and protected by the govt as well. Non of the IPPs are not losing money. Proven that the TNB is able to generate lower energy cost than the IPPs. And aren’t Malaysia selling electricity to Thailand, Singapore… Read more »


We should be thankful that our BN ministers and their spouses are advising us to shop for cheap stuff.
Somehow they are urging us to shop at Mydin…


Wonder why Umno folks is helping to promote Mydin?


Mydin is the major supplier of 1Msia products for KD1M – a monopoly business ???


The roughly 12% increase in electricity tariff actually does not contribute much to the overall increase in the price of goods. The increase is due to the cheap minister who swapped land prices at RM1,300 per sq ft when property prices is currently from RM30 – 200 – 600 per sq ft depending on the location. Who would want to base his sale or rental of property below the prices of RM1,300 psf.Eg: The rental of a row of shop houses in Trengannu Road was increased by almost 100% from 5k to 10k per month. Would not the coffee shop… Read more »


The spiral effect of many costs/prices of things was not so rampant in the past, not even during the years after the abolishment of Rent Control Act. Now with the “No Money, No Talk Syndrome” in Komtar overdrive, who cares but up his price indiscriminately.
Rentals in Terengganu Road were not in the higher tiers compared to inner-city George Town. Now anything goes. How to set up a business dependent on walk-in customers? Unless Jeff Ooi has some alternative answers to online B2C business solutions (for walk-ins).

Rich Daddy

Honestly those with electricity bills ranged from RM120-RM200 = they are using air-con’d = the group that deserve no subsidy. And TNB should even charging more because they are wasting energy and contributing to environmental problems !!!

Guna kipas lah brother. Sure the bill never exceed RM80 !!!


Rich daddy, i guna kipas saja but some houses are really stuffy how do you expect them not to use aircon?


Come on man, you want to enjoy so you pay. It cannot be like your cheap minister enjoying the Merc 300L using our money. That`s bad.


Kee, why not the Komtar Tower don’t run aircon for a while to show Melakan accountant’s prudent spending of state coffer?
Only, then I will believe the prudent MercS300Lansi addiction.


mana ellsse and LGE critics? quiet at the western front, eh?



can we have alternatives? cant shop for electricity elsewhere, aint it UMNOputra? how big is your mansion, Nancy?


Nance got kopi-o kau at RM12 for 6 and considered harga tak naik ????
May be she was treated with 3-in-1 type whereby a packet costs ~35 sen only and she wasn’t aware of that ?


with electricity tariff incresase, we have to cut down monthly indulgence like street food to compensate for the incresae ? eg less char hor fun from the street and more home cook meals ?


What i can say is vote la Barang Naik beramai-ramai.

Isnt it good BN govt, Brim Brim… free dinner every night… free t-shirts… lucky draws… HK stars and psy to entertain, 1caremalaysia, i surely will vote for this 1carekangkungmalaysia comes every 5 year !!!

najib manaukau

Don’t forget to include your Astro and then the 6% GST at the end of all these comes 2015 ! And if you think these new taxes are bad you should consider yourself very luck if Malaysians are still able to pay in a position to pay all their bills. You may be one of those be involved in the austerity drive just like those in Greece and if you want to know what is it like to be affected just ask the Greeks ! … I am just letting you know the consequences of austerity, therefore very quickly have… Read more »


Yes have a foreign account and Singapore is a good choice which I recommend. Do it now …

Phua Kai Lit

Kalau harga turn, kita mesti puji kerajaan.

Kalau harga naik, apa nak buat ??
“Slap” orang lain atau “slap” muka sendiri?? (Semua bukan jenayah !)


Nilai Ranggit Malaysia dijangka kekal rendah:


RM is low so is our prices of food and goods and its good for export


There is also an increase of the tax from 1% previously to 1.6%.
After the jumlah below you will see Kumpulan Wang Tenaga Boleh Baharu (1.6%). I enquired with Tenaga Nasional Bhd and they say this is govt tax. Double increase. tariff and tax for electricity.


ya 33% of solar goes to a newbie with 2 paid up capital, no?


Here is the main problem – TNB had complained for the longest time it needed to increase tariff because of rising fuel cost that it gets passed with especially when coal prices were soaring and it was increasing its coal-powered plants. The problem is ALL fuel prices have been falling ESPECIALLY THERMAL COAL.. So what happened to those complain and why now the huge increase if fuel prices is falling? The other thing to remember is those IPPs their contract were pretty much like highways where the interest rate projections have been way off and their cost much lower than… Read more »