Drama at Kg Sg Terentang, Rawang


Update (8 Oct): The three arrested, Wan Han Ming and Rawang Adun Gan Pei Nei special assistants, Alex Gan and Kumaranm, spent the night in police custody and were brought to court today. Police were granted a further one day remand.

Update: Selayang Municipal Council officers arrived and ordered the work to be stopped as they said it violated council bylaws. TNB reportedly complied but it had already done some piling and erected a barbed wire barricade by then.

1505: TNB contractors are disregarding a Selangor state government order and going ahead with the construction of a structure. “This land is state land,” insists a furious Selangor exco member Elizabeth Wong, when contacted.

“Real corporate bullies. Refused to acknowledge local council stop work order, kata see you in court some more.”

Defiant contractors putting up a structure at 3.00pm

This is an apparent breach of an earlier agreement to postpone work until the Selangor government could reach a settlement with TNB regarding alternative routes for high tension cables. But TNB argues that as the Federal Court had ruled in its favour, it had the right to begin construction work.

I ask Wong why the contractors are so adamant about building now.

“Ask (Energy Minister) Peter Chin,” she replies. “This is what happens when we are held ransom by (corporate) monopolies e.g. energy, water, waste, now sewage.”

Rawang Adun Gan Pei Nee at the scene with police in the background

1449: “Wahliao, xxx tried to knock me down with his car,” Wong exclaims.

1424: Tweets from Wong earlier:

  1. State Secretary has called TNB to stand-down. Am on the way to Kg SgTerentang w Exco decision papers. about 1 hour ago
  2. 3 persons arrested thus far in Kg Sg Terentang about 1 hour ago
  3. TNB w hundred police forced their way into KgSgTerentang 2day to start work on high tension structures. State said hold, TNB ignored about 1 hour ago
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Such a high and mightly machinary… TNB working hand in glove with police to build structure. And of course, the court will grant them the opportunity. People’s right are bulldozed and they would even arrest people. Well done BN


Dear Anil, Did you or did you not receive any of my comments or part of it? if you havent, then it is alright, but if you have , but found it too hard hitting/malicious then you as manager/editor have every right to have it sensored/deleted or to totally reject posting (it) out. i have sms comments as long as this before, one about the taib mahmud’s saga… which you duly deleted remember? but thankfully you posted almost all of it. i personally think a line or two or just a bit more commenting the ills/corruption of the corrupted and… Read more »


……… it HAS been almost 2/3 hours since i arduously wrote and submitted my comments, but still my comments are not published.. ……….my guess is that my comments are too hard hitting, that it is TOO much for you to publish all and sundry… …..well, here again, i DARE you to put forth my comments in your comments blog in its entirety for all to read see so that they can judge what is going on day in day out, year in year, 52+ looooong years in actual fact, for us to ‘suffer’ in this despicable scenario; that we have… Read more »


…anilnetto, why my comments cannot appear…is it anything wrong on your web?…plerase let me know how my comments can get through……thank you


what do u expect from UMNO-controlled TNB?
typical of thuggish behaviour. Not the first neither the last from UMNO-controlled GLCs. These thugs think they are above the order of the Selangor Govt.
May be , the Selangor should impose a huge tariff on this thuggish TNB for all the sub-stations and pylon towers sitting on state land. Teach these UMNO-appointed CEOs a fair lesson.


Not many other news outlets (besides the Star) seem to have this story. Just noticed this one at the malaysianmirror:


Perhaps everyone will blame you for mentioning a similar problem at the 3 Gorges Dam?


A clear example of federal (high-handedness).